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Question: Discuss About The Predictors Of Applicant At Different Stages? Answer: Introduction The report provides an overview about the assessment selection procedure of the start-up enterprise for bringing the best staffs for the job. Selection assessment methods refer to the guide to implementation of formal assessment for building high-quality workforce. This method is usually implemented by the organization to accurately measure capability levels of the candidate against the levels of capability that is required for this role. In addition, it also helps to consistently administer as well as measure the performance of a candidate on their capabilities. Different assessment selection procedure is used by the human resource management of this organization to assess the personality, knowledge, attitude, adaptability, managerial and communication skills of the candidates (Bhoganadam Rao, 2014). This start-up company is going to adopt valuable assessment selection methods for recruiting managers and administrative officers in order to achieve success in the long term. This rep ort highlights on the skills needed as well as factors to be considered for the position of administrative officer and manager. The KASO requirement for each of these positions is also discussed in this study. Furthermore, the selection procedure for each of this position is also elucidated in this report. This report also focuses on the problems that might be envisaged while carrying out assessment and selection methods. In the last section, recommendation on the selection system is also given in this study. Selection criteria for manager positions Having experience in administering employees Demonstrated knowledge in developing as well as implementing policies Having strong communication as well as negotiation skills Good computer skills Experience to manage operations of company including incorporated associations, proper knowledge regarding compliance issues Demonstrated skills in time management Capability to create short term plans Selection criteria for administrative positions String administrative as well as interpersonal skills Knowledge of communication technology Well-developed skills in solving any kind of problems Ability to administer workloads within deadlines Tertiary qualifications such as technical certification degree Selection process for each position As the research station for the agribusiness is located in the remote area, the selection procedure for the position of manager and administrative officer will be taken through online mode. This recruitment procedure for these two positions is illustrated below: Online Advertisement for the position- The range of online advertisement options to be considered for these two positions are- on-line job boards and social media platforms for attracting talented and skilled candidates (Madera, 2012). Managing the application procedure- The application form of the candidates will be received through online mode. This will help to assess the suitability of candidate for this specific position (Kumari, 2012). Based on the education qualification and experience, the candidates form will be screened. Online selection test- Both preliminary and main test will be held for selecting the candidates through online mode. This will help to attract individuals with diverse nationality, minorities and ethnicity. The cut off marks of preliminary exam will be 40 out of 100. The candidates passing this test will be selected for the main test. Shortlisting of candidates-The candidates will be shortlisted for the main test based on the cut off marks attained in the preliminary exam. Moreover, based on the availability on number of total vacancies, the cut offs marks for the main examination will be decided. In addition, final merit list will be made based on the consolidated marks that is secured by these candidates. Assessment of candidates- The selection committee will be held for assessing the shortlisted candidates. The members of this committee will also assess the candidates based on the marks obtained by them in both preliminary and main exam. The cut off marks for the total test is 150 out of 300. If the candidate does not qualify this cut off marks although qualifying in all subjects, then these candidates will be eliminated. Personal interview- This interview process will help to weed out several applicants. The interview question will be prepared by the assessment committee, which will be asked to these shortlisted candidates. In addition, this interview will be taken over phone or vedio calling as the project is going to be developed in remote place (Dineen Williamson, 2012). If the candidates can answer 15 out 20 questions, they will be selected for the next round and others will be eliminated. Background analysis of the candidate- The candidates selected will be checked based on their past records. This will help to provide clear image of the character of the candidate. Furthermore, it will also help to eliminate those candidates who will not meet the above selection criteria. Physical test- The psychometric test of the selected candidates will also be held through online mode, which in turn will help to ascertain their mental and psychological capabilities. Final Selection- The candidates are finally selected after all this verification test. Assessment weight The assessment weight for selecting the candidates for these two positions is given as- 60% or 60 points to the online test and 40% to the interview. The total assessment weight should be equal to 100 points or 100%. For estimating the candidate score- Firstly, divide the score by total marks that is available for assignment Multiplying each score with its weight Summing up weighted score for obtaining the final marks. The online preliminary as well as main exam test and personal interview of candidates over phone are the two selection tools that have highest weightage. This is because the total marks obtained by the candidates through these selection tools will help to make right decision in eliminating candidates in these two stages and thereby hire the right personnel. Skills needed and factors to consider for the position of manager and administrative officer The given case study reflects that agriculture being the vital industry in India, the government of this nation has put in strategic plans to develop research institute in the Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh. Being the HR consultant of this project, the assessment- selection system for hiring managers and administrative officers has been developed depending on their skills and other factors (Highhouse, Doverspike Guion, 2015). The skills required for the position of the mangers are given below: Communication skill- The managers are required to have proper communication skills as they plays vital role in coordinating the project and assign task to the individual team member. As they also have the responsibility to understand the requirement of employees and stay in line of contact with their staff and clients, good communication skill is required for the mangers to be hired in this project. Team management ability- The managers required for this project must have the skill of administering as well as coordinating the team by delegating task, setting goals and resolving conflict. The managers must have team management ability as they are required to boost the morale of workers so that they contribute their best efforts in developing the research institute. Leadership skill-The managers to be hired must have the leadership skill so that they effectively handle the workers of this project (Lin, Hu Wu, 2014) Moreover, this skill is also needed as the managers will have to effectively assign responsibility to different workers of the project. This skill of the managers will help them to achieve the target within the specified time period. Decision making skill- Decisions are mainly classified as strategic, operational and regular. This skill is required as the managers hired will have to set various criteria while making judgment based on this decision. Managers with effective decision making skill will help in bringing together the workers to implement different solution regarding development of research institute. Administrative as well as financial skill- This skill is needed for the managers to be hired as they will set the budget relating to development of research institute and carry out other administrative works. However, this skill will increase the efficiency of the managers and achieve success in this project. Other factors to be considered while recruiting the managers for this project are their personality, attitude and work experience. Similarly, the skills needed for the position of administrative officers are given below: Planning skill- The administrative officer to be hired is required to have planning skills so that they can complete the project within the specified time limit. Moreover, this skill of administrative officer will also lead to proper utilization of resources. Organization skill- The role of administrative officer involves several paper works such as -sourcing, experimenting, accounting and filing (Schmitt, 2012). However, the administrative officer to be hired for this project is required to have organization skill so that they can handle the work effectively. Another vital requirement for this skill is efficiency in meeting the target setting. Technological skills- As the administrative officer operates with different technological tools for scheduling programs of this project, it is necessary for the individual to have proper technological skills (Miller Guo, 2013). However, this skill of administrative officer will lead to increase in total productivity of the work to be done for completing the project. Time management skill- This skill is required for this post so that the administrative officer helps in completing the project within the specified time limit. Interpersonal skills- As the role of the administrative officers is to build relationship with the individuals in various circumstances, it is necessary for them to have proper interpersonal skills (Ployhart Kim, 2014). In this case, the administrative officer must have this skill as they are required to reach across the various audiences. Moreover, this skill also helps in keeping good relationship with the staffs as well as manages their time in efficient way. Other factors to be considered for the position of administrative officer are- written as well as verbal communication skills, capability to support external as well as internal stakeholders, management skills and technical technique. KSAOs required for each of the positions The acronym of KSAO is knowledge, skill, abilities and other features. It is one of the vital tools used by the HR managers for recruiting the personnel. This mainly describes about the attributes as well as skills needed for as specific position in the organization. Knowledge involves the body of information which mainly consists of procedures as well as facts. Skills basically involve the abilities that are related to manual, mental and verbal processing of information. Ability signifies the total capacity for effectively engaging in the activities. Other features mainly include attributes which do not lie under skills, ability and knowledge but are important for the position including proper listening skills, politeness and courteousness. The KSAO needed for the administrative officer position are given below: Knowledge- The requirement of knowledge for this position involves- secondary training in agricultural field, work experience in this field and technical training relating to the department where they will work. Skills- The skills required for this position involves- planning skills for establishing work priorities and ensuring that deadlines are met, organization skills for reviewing and evaluating new administrative procedures, technological skills for preparing the departmental budgets and demonstrating working knowledge, time managements kill for preparing periodic reports within particular time limit (Swider, Zimmerman Barrick, 2015). Ability- This includes- ability to prioritize as well as manage multiple work, ability to monitor relevant activities, ability to evaluate the effectiveness of policies and programs, ability to recognize resources for completing the project. Other characteristics- This involves- ability to provide subordinates with good leadership, ability to align with mission as well as values of company, ability to deal with stress, ability to create positive environment in workplace by interacting with workers. The ability of the managers to identify the resources for completing the project successfully within specified time and their ability in dealing with stress are the two critical ones identified in KSAO for this personnel level position. Similarly, the KSAO required for the position of manager involves- Knowledge- The knowledge required for this post are- the degree in management as well as analytics, education in computer programs and other knowledge of hardware as well as software system. Skill- The skill required or this position involves technical and social processing skills. Both these skills help to effectively complete the project with the specified time limit. Moreover, forward planning skill is also required for this post so that they have the ability to plan resource utilization beforehand. Ability-The manager are required to have the ability to delegate with easiness, leadership competence, ability in building a team and so on. Other characteristics- This involves money management ability, ability in building good relationship with subordinates, flexibility and integrity ability optimism attitude and so on. The forward planning skill and leadership competence are the two critical ones that have been identified in KASO required for the position of personnel level. The online exam selection method and personal interview over phone or video calling method are the two selection tests, which reflect that these selection tools do not include any biasness. Although biasness can occur during background analysis of candidates, the psychometric test will help to ensure fairness of plan while selecting these candidates. Problems envisaged in carrying out assessment and selection procedures Several problems can be envisaged in carrying out assessment and selection procedures of hiring candidates for these two positions. As the candidates will be hired via online test, this will increase overall expense cost of this project. Increase in expenditure will occur due to implementation of advanced technology including new software and hardware system in computer. In addition, bringing the employees to work in this remote place will also add to cost of expenditure. Furthermore, communicating with the applicants will create problem during the selection procedure as it is going to be held via online mode. Recommendation of each of the selection system The recommendation given below will help to improve the assessment selection procedure of hiring managers and administrative officers. These includes- The job descriptions for these two posts should be provided in detail, so that it becomes easier for the foreign candidates to understand about this post (Uggerslev, Fassina, Kraichy, 2012) Psychometric test should be included while recruiting the candidates for these two specific posts. Proper recruitment strategy should be implemented in order to reduce the total expenditure cost of the selection process. New technology should be adopted while recruiting and selecting the individuals. However, Applicant tracking system (ATS) will help to sort as well as manage the individuals for this post. Conclusion The conclusion that can be drawn from the above report is that effective recruitment strategy is vital for hiring the candidates from the global market. In addition, proper implementation of new technology will help to improve the selection procedure especially for the startup enterprise. This enterprise should also adopt different selection procedure while hiring the applicants for this post. As the research station is located in the remote area in India, the hire- select assessment tool will be used for selecting the individuals for this position. For these two positions, the focus will be mainly on testing the leadership qualities and communication skills of the candidates. References Bhoganadam, S. D., Rao, D. S. (2014). A study on recruitment and selection process of Sai Global Yarntex (India) private limited.International Journal of Management Research and Reviews,4(10), 996. Dineen, B. R., Williamson, I. O. (2012). Screening?oriented recruitment messages: Antecedents and relationships with applicant pool quality.Human Resource Management,51(3), 343-360. Highhouse, S., Doverspike, D., Guion, R. M. (2015).Essentials of personnel assessment and selection. Routledge. Kumari, N. (2012). A Study of the Recruitment and Selection process: SMC Global.Industrial Engineering Letters,2(1), 34-43. Lin, Y., Hu, X., Wu, X. (2014). Quality of information-based source assessment and selection.Neurocomputing,133, 95-102. Madera, J. M. (2012). Using social networking websites as a selection tool: The role of selection process fairness and job pursuit intentions.International Journal of Hospitality Management,31(4), 1276-1282. Miller, J. K., Guo, G. (2013). Recruitment: international cross-cultural perspective.The Oxford handbook of recruitment. Oxford University Press Inc, London, 402-422. Nikolaou, I. (2014). Social networking web sites in job search and employee recruitment.International Journal of Selection and Assessment,22(2), 179-189. Ployhart, R. E., Kim, Y. (2014). Strategic recruiting.The Oxford handbook of recruitment, 5-20. Ployhart, R. E., Weekley, J. A. (2014). Recruitment and selection in global organizations.The Routledge companion to international human resource management, 155-171. Schmitt, N. (Ed.). (2012).The Oxford handbook of personnel assessment and selection. OUP USA. Swider, B. W., Zimmerman, R. D., Barrick, M. R. (2015). Searching for the right fit: Development of applicant person-organization fit perceptions during the recruitment process.Journal of Applied Psychology,100(3), 880. Faliagka, E., Ramantas, K., Tsakalidis, A., Tzimas, G. (2012, May). Application of machine learning algorithms to an online recruitment system. InProc. International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services. Uggerslev, K. L., Fassina, N. E., Kraichy, D. (2012). Recruiting through the stages: A meta?analytic test of predictors of applicant attraction at different stages of the recruiting process.Personnel Psychology,65(3), 597-660.

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Effects of Employee Motivation Level

Question: Discuss about the Effects of Employee Motivation Level. Answer: Introduction: Motivation is a powerful tool which can reinforce behavior and trigger the tendencies to continue. Employee motivation is crucial for any organization, and plays a major factor in the success of the organization. A well motivated employee is able to perform better, which results in competitive advantage for the company (Combs, et al. 2006). It is often said that the only thing that effects employee motivation is the level of pay, but it is far from truth. In the following parts, a discussion has been carried out to establish that the level is pay is not the only thing affecting the motivation of employees. It is a known phenomenon that the higher a job pays the more satisfied an employee would be (Aziri, 2011). Higher pays are used as a common factor to attain and retain the talents in organizations. Competitive pay rates are used as a frequent strategy by the HR professionals to attract the top talent. In the personal view of the founder of the largest automobile part supplier of the world, Robert Bosch, good wages are not paid because the person has a lot of money; instead the person has a lot of money as a result of paying good wages. So, if the organizations want the employees to be highly productive, as well as, motivated, they have to be pad as per their performance and abilities (Weibel, Rost and Osterloh, 2010). In the work culture, two types of motivations exist, the intrinsic and extrinsic (Premuzic, 2013). Extrinsic motivation deals with the tangible rewards, which includes the pay, along with bonus, and raise in salary. So, the pay, along with money bearing motivators like the raise and bonus, which is in addition to the pay for the employee, acts as a highly motivating factor (Kuvaas, 2006). The more the individual earns the better lifestyle they can attain, and the higher can they climb in the society. Without money, all this is not possible. And this is the reason why employees are attracted towards higher pay scales, and even leave organizations to join the ones, which pay better. But the question begs, is money the sole motivator? Or does money matter that much? A Gallup survey showed that with the increase in salary, the motivation levels do not increase. 30 % of the people, as per this survey, who earned $36,000 per year, were engaged at work. Further, out of those earning in the range of $36,000 and $89,000, only 28% of the individuals were engaged. Lastly, out of the ones earning $90,000 or above this amount, 30% were engaged (Blacksmith and Harter, 2011). So, the engagement levels do not increase with even a rise in 10% of the salary. So, there are factors beyond the pay scale which could help in the achievement of higher engagement levels. The pleasure and joy in doing any task results in intrinsic motivation for the individuals (Hartzell, 2016). When a book is read by a person, they are not paid for reading each and every page. The joy is attained as the story unfolds and the plot is revealed. In the similar manner, the motivation of employees works. If the employee is assigned the tasks which are aligned with their interests and talents, the performance of the employee can be maximized (Sundheim, 2013). The other factor which really motivates the employees is the appreciation and recognition for the work done (Dobre, 2013). According to William James, in the human nature, the deepest desire is to be appreciated. Even if an employee is paid generously, and their efforts are not seen or appreciated, then they would not be motivated (Haizlip, 2008). So, if the employees really are to be motivated, instead of being paid hefty amounts, they have to be commended for their efforts. Along with this achievement is a great motivator. Prizes and awards have the power of harnessing healthy competition, and a healthy competition inspire the individuals in performing better. Also, such awards and prizes form as a reminder for the achievements in a persons career for the lifetime, which brings a sense of accomplishment for the individuals (Herzberg, Mausner and Snyderman, 2011). No matter how much a person gets paid, unless they are secure in the job, the employee would not give their best performance (Sundheim, 2013). Often the individuals prefer large and established organizations, for instance Toyota or Microsoft. If the employees are told that they are lucky to have the job, the motivation level would go down, instead the employees should be told that the organization is lucky to have such committed and skilled workforce, so that the employees feel safe and take pride in working with the company. Another contributing factor to the employee motivation is increased responsibilities. Increased responsibility is a way of telling the employee that their work is good and that the employee deserves more and so, is being given a chance to shine. To motivate the employees, the organizations often fill up the vacancies internally, so that the workforce can get a chance to rise and shine. This promotes a culture of development, along with preserving the knowledge of organization, which can then be transferred to the employee, with the rise in the career of the employee (Haizlip, 2008). The working conditions also play a major role in the motivation of an employee. If the employee is given good working conditions, where the workplace is safe, clean, hygienic and sanitary, they would want to work, in comparison to such places which are filthy, unsafe or a walking hazard. These days, the organizations are providing a very comfortable environment for the employees, to come in as they please, in the dresses in which they are comfortable. This is done with the objective of increasing productivity, by removing the formalities from workplace and giving the comfort of home. One of the key examples of such companies is Google, where the employees are provided bean bags to sit on (Wilson, 2012). Team work also plays a contributing factor in employee motivation. If an employee is put in a team which is dysfunctional, it would turn out to be an emotionally draining experience, which would result in lower productivity, lower morale and higher turnovers (Abbah, 2014). An employee is a social being, who wants to be associated with a healthy team, which can provide the necessary help, encouragement, and support. And to achieve this, often the objectives are set which are mutually beneficial for the employees, team and the organization. A working environment where the problems of an employee are seen and ignored turns to be very de-motivating for the employees. The smart managers are aware of this fact, and they know that they are neither therapists nor counselors, but they still make the efforts to recognize and address the personal problems of the employees, which could have an adverse impact over the employees job performance (Ladimeji, 2015). This is one of the reasons for the formulation of Employee Assistance Programs or the Human Resources Department in the organizations, which address and resolve such personal issues of the employees. Along with these factors, the pay can also act as a major de-motivator. It is a common occurrence that due to the increase in pay of one employee, the other employees tend to prejudiced or left out. Research have shown that people are often less motivated in accepting new jobs, when as per their view, the others are paid at higher pay scales for similar position. The pay can also have an adverse impact over the creativity of the employees. Creativity drives the employees in finding better ways of doing the things, and finding out unique approaches. If the employees are motivated solely through the monetary factor, then the interesting factor would be left out of the job (Ladimeji, 2015). Also, the personality type of the people can affect pay as a motivator. As per the study in Journal of Management research, the extrovert employees tend to have positive outlook regarding the pay level. And on the other hand, the ones who score high in areas of openness, conscientiousness and neuroticism were less likely to achieve the satisfaction with the levels of pay (Nielson and Smith, 2014). Similar conclusion was drawn in the study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology (Ladimeji, 2015). So, money is firstly, not the sole motivator for the employees, and secondly, plays a role of being a potent de-motivator. For an employee, money could play a role in selecting or continuing with a job, but in the long run, money is not everything. The employee needs things like appreciations, rewards, job satisfaction, healthy competition, cooperative team, feeling of involvement and increased reasonability, to feel successful and content with the job. If the employees are not content with their job, the productivity would never increase and the organization would not be able to succeed. Moreover, the creativity is hampered due to money restraints, which could otherwise result in discovery of efficient ways to doing the things. To conclude, the thesis statement is quite correct and money is not the sole factor which motivates the employees. There are a number of factors which have to be present for the employees, and pay is just one of those motivators. References Abbah, M.T. (2014) Employee Motivation: The Key to Effective Organizational Management in Nigeria. IOSR Journal of Business and Management, 16(4), pp. 01-08. Aziri, B. (2011) Job Satisfaction: A Literature Review. Management Research and Practice, 3(4), pp. 77-86. Blacksmith, N., and Harter, J. (2011) Majority of American Workers Not Engaged in Their Jobs. [Online] Gallup. Available from: [Accessed on 03/01/17] Combs, J., et al. (2006) How Much Do High-Performance Work Practices Matter? A Meta-Analysis of Their Effects on Organizational Performance. Personal Psychology, 59(3), pp. 501528. Dobre, O.I. (2013) Employee motivation and organizational performance. Review of Applied Socio- Economic Research, 5(1), pp. 53-60. Haizlip, T. (2008) Employee Motivation - 10 Tips to Boost Job Performance. [Online] EzineArticles. Available from: [Accessed on 03/01/17] Hartzell, S. (2016) Reward Systems Employee Behavior: Intrinsic Extrinsic Rewards. [Online] Study. Available from: [Accessed on 03/01/17] Herzberg, F., Mausner, B. and Snyderman, B.B. (2011) The Motivation to Work. 12th ed. New Brunswick, USA: Transaction Publishers. Kuvaas, B. (2006) Work performance, affective commitment, and work motivation: the roles of pay administration and pay level. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 27(3), pp. 365385. Ladimeji, K. (2015) How Much Does Pay Level Affect Motivation?. [Online] Recruiter. Available from: [Accessed on 03/01/17] Nielson, B.E., and Smith, J.R. (2014) Personality and Pay Satisfaction: Examining the Relationship of a Sample of Blue Collar Workers Personality and Their Pay Satisfaction Levels. Journal of Management Research, 6(4). Premuzic, T.C. (2013) Does Money Really Affect Motivation? A Review of the Research. [Online] Harvard Business Review. Available from: [Accessed on 03/01/17] Sundheim, K. (2013) What Really Motivates Employees?. [Online] Forbes. Available from: [Accessed on 03/01/17] Weibel, A., Rost, K., and Osterloh, M. (2010) Pay for Performance in the Public SectorBenefits and (Hidden) Costs. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 20 (2), pp. 387-412. Wilson, F. (2012) How Bean Bags Drive Google's Success. [Online] Great Place to Work. Available from: [Accessed on 03/01/17]

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The Chinese Culture Essay Example For Students

The Chinese Culture Essay James WalkerMr.Johnson E3December 20, 1996This report is about the myths and beliefs of the Chinese culture. Its aboutthe stories the Chinese created to explain the world around them, and generallyhow they perceived their surrounding environment. This report deals withancient myths and the people who believed them, and what the current believes ofthese people are. The Southwest Creation StoryThe Southwest creation story is a myth which explains why people are different. The myth begins by saying that there were people on earth who were all alike,meaning there werent people who were black, white, oriental, etc.. It statesthat the humans on earth all generally were the same. There were also gods wholived above the clouds in the heavens. And there was a huge heavenly ladderwhich started on a mountain and reached all the way up to heavens door. Itgoes on to tell a story of a man who had two children. One was a girl and theother was a boy. We will write a custom essay on The Chinese Culture specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now They lived in a house which had a huge very thick roof. The man had built theroof so thick because it rained almost every day. He hated the rain. He knewit had its benefits but too much of it ruined his crops, destroyed his livestockand every time it rained the roof of the house was destroyed. And every timethe man rebuilt it, he made it thicker and thicker. He blamed all hismisfortune on the Duke of Thunder. The Duke of Thunder was one of the gods wholived in the heavens. He was the god of rain and thunder. The man dispised theDuke very much and had a pure hatred of him. Every time it rained the Duke would descend from the heavens and stand on ahilltop. There he would watch with pure delight as the rains and thunder camedown harder and harder. Finally the man had had enough. One day he took hisaxe and waited on the hilltop for the Duke to arrive. When the rains came so didthe Duke, and the man slashed him in the back. The Duke washurt but not killed because he was a god. The man caged him and brought himhome. He put him in a corner and warned the kids not to go near him. And toespecially not give him water. The next morning was a beautiful sunny one, butthe Duke looked horrible almost as if he was dehydrating. The man told thechildren he had to go to the market and said again not to go near the Duke nomatter what he does and dont give him water. After the man left the Dukestarted moaning. He begged the children to give him some water but they refusedfollowing their fathers orders. The Duke pretended he was dead with his mouthhung open and he had his lips very dry. The girl was worried, she thought he was dying so she gave him one drop ofwater. The Duke instantly jumped back up and tore apart the cage. Thechildren were terrified. He came over to them and promised them that theywill be rewarded for their deed. He gave them a small egg and told them toplant it in the ground and then he left. When the man came back he wasshocked by what had happened. He knew the Duke would be very angry and wouldpunish him. So he didnt waste any time and started to build a ship. Aftera months time the ship was finished. It was built out of the strongestmaterial known to him. .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee , .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee .postImageUrl , .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee , .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee:hover , .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee:visited , .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee:active { border:0!important; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee:active , .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u5406815433d5d1d6ef80f2ce28aaf9ee:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: The U.S. Penal System EssayMeanwhile the egg the children planted had grown to a size of about two smallpeople. Then one day what the man had anticipated came. Huge torrentialdownpours of rain started and there were tremendous floods. The man jumped intothe ship he built, in his panic he had forgotten about the children. They hadran into the egg which had become soft. The floods were so great that the manin his ship reached all the way to the door of the heavens. He banged the doorsand yelled let me in! The gods didnt want mortals in the heavens, so the Dukewas ordered to recede the floods. He took the floods back so fast that the manfell back to the earth and was crushed by his ship. The children in the soft egg bounced back to the ground safely. When they cameout, they saw everything was destroyed. They were the only ones left. Theylived happily for a while and after some time they had a child. Because theywere brother and sister the child was deformed and died a short time later. Thetwo kids chopped up the baby into tiny pieces and put him in a bag, and theystarted climbing up the heavenly ladder. The bag ripped before they could reach to the top and all the piecesfell back to earth. They fell all over the continents, and from them the newpeople developed. They were different in appearance from each other dependingon where they lived. This myth explains why there are people who look so muchdifferent from each other. This myth suggests that man was more responsible forthe creation of the new humans than the gods. Because of the actions of the manthe people were created. The Heritage of a KingThis is a myth about fate. In this myth a man named Zoa chi who is a king triesto find out his fate. Zoa was a survivor. When he was little his parents wereassassinated. An attempt at his life was also made but his older brotherprotected him. The murderer was his uncle who betrayed his father and overthrewhis power. He stayed in exile with his brother until he was older. Over theyears his hatred of his uncle had made Zoa a very stern man. He had wowed toget his revenge. He became a great fighter and started a group of followers whoalso were against the king. Then finally the day he had been waiting for hadarrived. With his small army he overpowered the kings army. Growing up onthe streets had made Zoa a great strategy leader, so he was able to defeatthe huge overconfident kings army. He killed the king and took over thethrone. Years went by and he himself became overconfident and selfish. Hecreated a fantasy image of himself as a great man. He thought that nothi ngon this planet could defeat him. As time went by he became just like hisuncle. Absolute power had corrupted him. Then one day he declared to all his subjects that he was a god and expected tobe worshipped. This was too much for the people, they rebelled but Zoa crushedall their resistance. One of his advisors told Zoa that he knew a magician whocould greatly help him in keeping down further rebellions. He said that thisman could see the future and help him stop protesters before they could organiseand challenged him. The king immediately called the man to his castle. Themans name was Hou. He told the king that there will be a man who will kill himsoon. And that man would be a close relative of his. The king knew exactly whom Hou was talking about. Zoas son Zhuan was almostthe age where he could become king if something happened to his father. .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 , .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 .postImageUrl , .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 , .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6:hover , .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6:visited , .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6:active { border:0!important; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6:active , .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6 .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u57107ffbc0d4239c1792afd2f868e0c6:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? EssayImmediately Zoa ordered Zhuan to be imprisoned. He said this was anotherexample of how clever he was, he said he saw the future and beat fatesdestiny. He even said that he was better than any other god the peoplebelieved in. When he went to see Zhuan his older brother went with him. Zhuan pleaded with Zoa and said he would never even think of killing his ownfather. But Zoa didnt believe him. He sentenced Zhuan to death. But before Zhuan could be killed older Zoasbrother beheaded him when he facing his son. Zoa was killed by his ownbrother who was ashamed of what his younger sibling had become. What themagician didnt tell Zoa was which close relative would kill him. Zoa whohad become overconfident wasnt as great as he thought he was. And he wastoo arrogant to not know that the gods should not be challenged. This mythtells that becoming overconfident will eventually hurt you and that no onecould beat their destiny. The Chinese in this story believed in the gods,they were very religious people and this myth tells that the gods should notbe challenged. Both of these myths were written a long time ago and I dont think that thepeople today still believe in these myths as strongly as the people who wrotethem did. I think its like Halloween in our culture. We still practice thecustom as the ancient people did but we dont have as much as a strong believein ghosts and goblins as our ancestors did. BibliographyBirch, Cyril. Chinese Myths And Fantasies. Great Britain: London, 1992. Fei, Charles. Strange Creatures. New York, 1990Ke, Yuan. Dragons And Dynasties. China: Beijing, 1993*Chinese Myths.* Grolier Encyclopaedia, 12th ed. 1996. Category: English

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The Rules of Writing a White Paper and Its Proper Formatting

The Rules of Writing a White Paper and Its Proper Formatting How to Write a White Paper The white paper is a brochure containing non-promotional information that is valuable to its target audience. A white paper is most often found in PDF format, it is from 5 to 30 pages in volume, and is placed on the site for downloading. As a rule, such a book is created to find a specific way to solve a pressing customer problem. A white paper helps to establish an acquaintance with a new visitor to your site; it attracts his or her attention with valuable information and makes the foundation for the future dialogue. The main purpose of writing a white paper is to get the contact details of potential clients, build trust in your company and make them want to start cooperating with you. The Essence of the White Paper The white paper is an informational, high-quality document that, on the one hand, carries data, which is really useful to the reader, and on the other hand, it unobtrusively advertises a product (service). Simply put, the white paper combines an informational article and an advertising brochure. The main principle of this document is in receiving a detailed response to solve a complex problem. White paper topics can be very different. This document can be written in the form of instruction, checklist, infographic, report, interview, and so on. In the era of the rapid development of content marketing, it is important to use all possible tools, so do not ignore white paper and its opportunities. Learn the following tips to understand how to write white papers properly. White Paper Efficiency Readers are attracted by free educational information. Therefore, customers value companies that share such information. Many people are ready to register on the site and leave their contacts to get an answer to an interesting question. If you want the client to work with you, the content of the materials, which you are distributing, must be really useful for a potential client. How to find out the value of the materials? First, it is necessary to make a portrait of a potential client. Knowing your buyer, you can easily determine which issues concern him or her. Your task is to create material that is guaranteed to be helpful to your potential clients and will form an opinion of you as of an expert. Create a white paper outline with the most relevant questions. Secrets of Creating a Good Paper Creating an optimized text for a white paper seems like a simple process. However, you have to spend a lot of time and effort to get good material. To facilitate the work, it is recommended to consider the following rules. The ideal text is directed to the interests of the reader. Be prepared for the fact that you will spend a lot of time for this work (10-20 hours). The structure of the text is as follows. The main part of the document contains useful facts, and information dedicated to your company (or service) takes no more than 15% of the total material. Use charts, tables, illustrations, and other graphic images to increase the attention of a potential client. Buyers always trust the opinion of experts, so use surveys, studies, and interviews. Unlike a blog article, the white paper carries great value. Therefore, it should look professionally done. The white paper may contain illustrations, graphics, schemes, photos, etc. All information should be divided into logical blocks and be convenient for visual perception. A proper white paper must be created by a professional, who understands all the details. Even the most experienced copywriters are unlikely to be able to write a deep narrow-profile document without your participation (for example, on legal or medical topics). If you know what to say, then they know for sure how to present your ideas. Where can you use white papers? Such documents are usually distributed: Through partners, as a gift. In social networks and communities. As bonuses for customers. On profile message boards. Through media that show interest in your company. On the corporate website. White Paper Formats One of the most common formats is the guideline. It is an ideal variant for companies selling complex or expensive services. The task of the management is to explain to the client all the benefits of using the service in simple language and show its use step by step. Another option is a collection of cases. They show how your company solved the difficulties of its customers. Thus, you demonstrate that you know how to deal with the problems of potential clients and can guarantee a certain result. If your potential customers have a lot of questions, you need to create an FAQ section on your website. However, you can place only the answers to the most common questions (usually no more than 10) on the site. You have to create white papers to answer the other questions.

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Operations and Technology Management Assignment

Operations and Technology Management - Assignment Example This makes it very difficult to accurately forecast in advance the designs so they stick to the traditional and common designs. They will not purchase materials in big orders because of the uncertainty of the forecast. Hence, this management strategy could be considered as very conservative and inefficient operation style. The effect of this goes beyond the initial production. In the event that the forecast is correct and replenishments are in order, the same cannot be produced immediately. Materials were pre-ordered a year before and may not be in manufacture anymore or such other delays may occur. So even if the design becomes in demand, M&S will not be able to cater to it immediately. Their slow response will lead customers to shop elsewhere like Zara who can "copy a successful competitor model and get it on its shelves within 7 days and all at low-to-middle range prices." What is needed is a change. But it is not a piece meal change, as can be seen in the effecexplanation. It req uires changing to root causes of poor performance which according to Merrill Lynch is, "heavy organization, limited flexibility and over centralization." 1. He downsized in the effort to save costs and bring up the value of company stocks. This led to the closure of operations in Canada & 6 stores in France and Germany. This also led to the UK management staff cut of over 1000 employees including Simon Marks great grandson. The closure of operations and stores may be a smart financial move but in the long run may cost the company far greater losses in terms of customer "goodwill' and company profile. Peter Salisbury should have explored other avenues like selling by consignment of goods or maintain a booth within a large department store, or even franchising to maintain relations with customers and thus not to lose the important "goodwill." Without "goodwill" a company is nothing. Company employee goodwill should have also been maintained to make the employees feel secure in their work and thus work harder for the company. Downsizing even the number of management staff cannot be avoided but he should have maintained Simon Marks great grandson if he was worth it. How can a mere employee be secure in his work when even the relative of its founder who works as hard as him does not enjoy even a bit of leeway. Is the company going bankrupt that it can no longer give a little respect to the memory of its founding member What company profile does this action show the industry He forgot to look closely into the history of the company that it reached the peak of its glory when its patronage grew. People chose to buy M&S products because the company gave back to its employees in terms of social/ welfare services. 2. He moved to reorganize and decentralize through the "Return to Recovery Program" by rationalizing its supplier base. 77% of turnover was sourced from the UK which allowed close proximity to the buying team for controls and communication. This stopped or limited the sourcing of clothes to Hong Kong. Savings were obtained from having to obtain the sourcing from Asia, flying the same to UK for control

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Article Precis 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Article Precis 1 - Essay Example This report summarizes the research conducted on 233 employers who were investigated for their perceptions regarding the employees’ skills, and their level of satisfaction with the skills of their workforce. Skills studied in this research included generic skills like communication and teamwork. The business sectors assume the responsibility of making the students and universities aware of their expectations so that the skills incorporated in the students through the educational programmes may be made consistent with the requirements of the market. The top ten skills of employees considered important by the employers included in the study in the order from most important to least important were found to be communication skills, team-working skills, integrity, intellectual ability, confidence, character/personality, planning and organization skills, literacy i.e. good writing sills, numeracy i.e. the employees should be good with numbers, and analysis and decision-making skills . At least 60 per cent of the employers considered the social skills of the employees and their personalities more important than their academic qualifications. 85 per cent of the employers considered the communication and team-working abilities of the employees to be of immense importance. The traditional hard skills of literacy and numeracy were found to be ranked 8th and 9th in terms of importance as ranked by the employers. One reason for this could be the fact that employers generally expect the employees to have these hard skills, and these skills are thus taken for granted. According to the employers included in the research, personality of an employee matters more in small companies as compared to large companies because the effect of individuals’ personalities is more influential in small teams as compared to large teams. This research also investigated the top 10 skills that the employers are satisfied with. These skills when ranked from the most important to least important were found to be IT skills, postgraduate qualification, good degree classification, qualification of the employee from a reputable institution, employee’s intellectual ability, character/personality, team-working skills, relevant course of study, integrity, and cultural fit with the company. This research found the importance-satisfaction gaps with respect to the skills of employees in view of the employers. The largest importance-satisfaction gaps in the skills of new graduates ranging from the maximum gap to the minimum gap were found to be in commercial awareness, analysis and decision-making skills, communication skills, literacy i.e. good writing skills, passion, relevant work experience, planning and organizational skills, confidence, and personal development skills. The top ten most important skills in new graduates with respect to the degree of internationalization of the employing firms ranging from the most important to least important were found to be com munication skills, team-working skills, integrity, intellectual ability, confidence, character/personality, planning and organizational skills, literacy, numeracy, and analysis and decision-making skills. The online recruitment media was found to be both the most frequently used recruitment medium and the most effective medium in view of the employers whereas student magazines were found to be both the least frequently used and the least effective medium

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Write a case comment on Bowman v Fels [2005] EWCA Civ 226, [2005] 1 Essay

Write a case comment on Bowman v Fels [2005] EWCA Civ 226, [2005] 1 WLR 3083 - Essay Example First, it summarizes the pertinent facts of the case. Second, it identifies the relevant legal issues raised in the case. Third, it analyzes the relevant legal issues raised in the case. Fourth, it critically makes considerations on the legal issues raised in the case. The English courts distinguished the two separate types of LPP. Legal advice is the first type of LPP, which protects the communication between lawyers and their clients. Second, litigation privilege that protects the information and documents created with the intention of litigation (Hostettler 2009, pp. 82). Furthermore, litigation privilege covers documents and advices given to by third parties. Historically, litigation privilege is the first form of LPP that the English courts recognized. The first time ECJ dealt with LPP was in a case involving AM & S v Commission. Ability of the commission to have access to communication between an undertaking, which it suspected of anti-competitive behavior and its lawyers, was the main concern of the case (Jones & Newburn 2007, pp. 102). The case maintained that written communications exchanged between an independent lawyer and his customer, made for the purpose and interest of the client’s rights of defense had privilege. A directive in 1991 significantly influenced the LPP of the community because it placed a wide-range of limits on the protection accorded to the lawyers and their clients. Consequently, controversy arose during Directive’s drafting process and its last amendments. In Order bar, the ECJ reviewed the legality of Article 2 a (5) of the 1991 Directive. Based on the review of the directive’s legality, some group of legal professionals have the obligation to inform competent authorities of any act likely to indicate attempts of money laundering. In addition, the directive compels legal professional to avail to the relevant authorities all required information upon their request. Article