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gold price in the US essays

gold price in the US essays The largest demand for gold is in jewelry and investments. Gold is known as a metal that is easily used and has many industrial applications. Since gold is so durable and luxurious, many people invest in jewelry, stocks, and gold bonds. Considering the fact that gold is considered a world-wide valuable good, many economies have gold reserves to help protect themselves in times of need. Nevertheless, factors of supply and demand have contributed to the decrease of the price of gold, which has reached an all time low since 1978. This reduction has raised many concerns in the United States having them weigh the different factors of the price, supply and demand, and consumption that may be affecting The price change commands attention since gold serves to indicate price stability or inflation. Although, inflation is not as threatening in the United States because it is more industrialized, the bigger fear is facing deflation with our countries gold currency. Gold averaged 294 dollars per ounce in 1998, when at one time the prices were in the mid $400-500 per ounce. Due to fact that gold prices have been so low, Central Banks have threatened to sell their gold inventories fearing that gold is no longer considered the ultimate store of value. Regardless, prices have continued to fluctuate in both directions throughout the year, but it is important to weigh the different variables that are having an There are different factors associated with the supply and demand which have caused prices to decrease. First of all, the record low prices in the past year has caused investors to participate less causing prices to be determined largely on golds own supply and demand fundamentals and the economic environment. The supply of gold declined by less than 2% during 1998. The price reduction started to impact the mine production by slowing the rate of manufacture growth by the ...

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The Importance of Transitional Words and Phrases

The Importance of Transitional Words and Phrases THE IMPORTANCE OF TRANSITIONAL WORDS AND PHRASES When it comes to writing academic papers, communication is pivotal. For a reader to navigate successfully through an essay, therefore following and understanding each point, thought by thought, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, the writer must always employ certain words, phrases, and tools, because it is their responsibility to have the reader know exactly what they are attempting to convey. This includes linking words and phrases (like on the contrary, however, as a result, in comparison, this suggests that, including, most importantly and although) that bridge together certain items in a sentence or paragraph. Since most academic essays include some kind of a thesis that is evidenced by supporting points, the individual paragraphs (the body) of an essay generally expand on each point, one at a time, to provide a solid argument – one that is believable, convincing. Linking words and phrases are to be generally used in a single paragraph to connect sentences and thoughts that validate a single point that is being examined in an essay. These types of words and phrases are generally used for when a writer needs to expand on just ONE point, one idea on which they are elaborating. For example, in one of their points claiming that poetry is dying out in the 21st century, the writer may focus on the low number of poetry books sold in 2013. Expanding on this point, they may compare (and use phrases like in comparison) that number with the number of fiction or nonfiction books sold in 2013 to demonstrate (this suggests that) their point that people just aren’t reading and buying poetry anymore. You may also be interested in: Connecting Words and Phrases Social Media Words and Phrases in the Academic World How to Write a Great Essay Then there are transitional words and phrases to indicate to a reader a change in a point, topic, or subject in the essay they are reading. They are usually found in the first sentence of a paragraph examining a new point in the argument. They strengthen what a written assignment seeks to convey, explain, or argue to the reader – who most times is the student-writer’s professor. Also, transitional words and phrases help the reader make connections between evidencing points in the essay, by the use of, sometimes, just one word. Just like keywords in conversation, the purpose of these particular words is to communicate effectively and illustrate a transition in thought: Firstly, first of all, secondly, thirdly, next, subsequently, lastly, conclusively, in conclusion, and finally. Without these cues, the reader is ultimately left confused, because the reader is ineffectively not kept abreast of the argument being made, which then weakens the essay’s overall purpose to convince or educate, depending on the type of essay. Lacking these cues, unfortunately, results in the student-writer getting a low grade on their written assignment. Most persuasive essays, or even five-paragraph essays, are supported by extensive, well-thought-out evidence. The evidence is traditionally explained in the body paragraphs of an essay, which, again, are mostly made up of at least three defending, or defining, points, each one making up at least a paragraph, and usually more, of that essay. But when an essay does not indicate when a new point is being put forth or examined, to further validate the overarching theme of the essay – which is its thesis – the reader fails to recognize the change and instead is left considering the previous point and not the current one. And the writer’s argument is ultimately weakened. If you would like to avoid a weak argument and a low grade, let professional writers help with proofreading, making sure your paper contains connection and transitional words and phrases, ensure it contains no spelling and grammar errors and is structured properly. Feel free to place your order anytime and we will gladly start working on your project. is the service you can trust!

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel in Spanish

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel in Spanish Here is a Spanish version of the popular Christmas carol and Advent hymn O Come, O Come Emmanuel. The song, whose author is unknown, comes originally from Latin, dating to around the 11th century, and is known in both English and Spanish in multiple versions. This Spanish version is one of the most popular.  ¡Oh ven!,  ¡Oh ven, Emanuel!  ¡Oh ven!,  ¡Oh ven, Emanuel!Libra al cautivo Israel,Que sufre desterrado aquà ­,Y espera al Hijo de David. Estribillo: ¡Alà ©grate, oh Israel!Vendr, ya viene Emanuel.  ¡Oh ven, Tà º, Vara de Isaà ­!Redime al pueblo infelizDel poderà ­o infernalY danos vida celestial.  ¡Oh ven, Tà º, Aurora celestial!Alà ºmbranos con tu verdad,Disipa toda oscuridad,Y danos dà ­as de solaz.  ¡Oh ven, Tà º, Llave de David!Abre el celeste hogar feliz;Haz que lleguemos bien all,Y cierra el paso a la maldad. English Translation of Spanish Version Oh come! Oh come, Emmanuel!Free captive IsraelWhich here suffers, displaced,And waits for the Son of David. Chorus:Be joyful, O Israel!He will come, Emmanuel is coming. O come, You, Rod of IsraelRedeem the unhappy peopleFrom hells powerAnd give us heavenly life. O You, come, celestial light of dawn!Illuminate us with your truth,Dispel all darkness,And give us days of solace. O come, You, Davids Key.Open the happy heavenly home.Make it so we arrive there well,And close the path  to evil. Translation Notes Oh: This interjection usually expresses amazement or happiness, so it isnt always the equivalent of oh. It is far more common in poetic writing than in everyday speech. Ven: The Spanish verb venir, usually meaning to come is highly irregular. Ven is the singular, familiar imperative form, so in Spanish this song unambiguously is written as if speaking to Emanuel. Emanuel: The Spanish word here is a personal name transliterated from Hebrew, meaning God is with us. The name is still used today, often  in the shortened form of Manuel. In Christianity, the name usually refers to Jesus. Libra: This is the singular  familiar imperative form of librar, meaning to free to liberate. Al: Al is a contraction of a (to) and el (the). The use of the personal a here indicates  that Israel is being personified. Desterrado: The adjective desterrado is derived from the noun tierra, meaning Earth. In this context, it means exiled, referring to someone removed from his or her homeland. In informal contexts, it can mean banished. Danos: It is common to attach object pronouns to verbs in the imperative mood. Here the pronoun nos, or us, is attached to imperative of dar. Tà º: The familiar form of you is used throughout this hymn as it is the pronoun that Spanish-speaking Christians use in prayer. Vara de Isaà ­: A vara is a rod or stick. Isaà ­ is a  poetically shortened form of the name Isaà ­as, or Isaiah. The reference here is to Isaiah 11:1 in the Christian Old Testament that there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse. Christians have interpreted this as a prophesy of the Messiah, whom they believe to be Jesus. In the common English version of this hymn, the line is Come O rod of Jesses stem. Redime:  From the verb redimir, to redeem. Alà ©grate: From the reflexive form of the verb alegrar. Aurora: The aurora is the first light of dawn. In the English version, Dayspring is used here. Alumbranos: Alumbrar  means to enlighten or to give light. Disipar: Although this verb can be translated as to dissipate, in the context of this song it is better translated as to get rid of or to dispel. Oscuridad: This word can mean obscurity, as when referring ideas. But it far more often means darkness. The related adjective is oscuro. Solaz: In some contexts, solaz refers to rest or relaxation. Llave de David: This phrase, meaning key of David, is a reference to an Old Testament verse, Isaiah 22:22, which Christians have understood to refer symbolically to the authority of the coming Messiah. Lleguemos: This verb for is an example of the subjunctive mood. Llegar is a common verb meaning to arrive. Note that llegar is irregular because the -g- of the stem changes to -gu- when followed by an e to maintain the correct pronunciation. Celeste: Here, this word has the meaning of celestial. However, in other contexts it can refer to the blue color of the sky. Haz: This is an irregular form of hacer.

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Case Study 7 - Tsutomu Shimomura Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case Study 7 - Tsutomu Shimomura - Assignment Example 2. Tsumoto felt that computer security could only be served while being on the path of the â€Å"White hat† rather than be at the dark side which Mitnick eventually was. Being on this path also allowed Tsumoto to get law enforcements help to take out the hacker which he would have not no matter how much successful he would have been in tracking the hacker. 3. I believe that Mitnick would not have been caught if Tsumoto didn’t get involved. Law enforcement were in a disadvantage as far as having the technical knowledge of tracking a hacker in concerned and only Tsumoto was in a perfect position to track the hacker, thus Tsumoto started the hunt for Mitnick which ultimately led to his arrest (Notable hackers - Securelist). 4. I believe that it’s rare to be a professional hacker and yet stay on the right side of the law. Lust for money, greed eventually lead many of the professional hackers to go in the path of dark side and thus eventually against the law. Too much professional pride, over confidence also results in going on the wrong path of the

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Business Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Marketing - Essay Example Among this two, the marketers mainly use the concept of adaption i.e. changing the product according to needs of the customers belonging to different countries as various major companies have failed due to use of the straight extension policy. One of such examples could be Google Inc. Google entered in the year 2007 and became one of the leading search engines in the Chinese market. However, Google had been using the same marketing mix in China also. The internet content in China was heavily censored by the government and soon the problems in the form of delays lead to customer dissatisfaction and Google started to lose market share. To make things worse for the company, Google started facing competition from local search engine company Baidu. Google tried to censor the contents but it turned out to be a bit too late and Google had to leave the country. This case shows how important the external environmental factors are important in case of international marketing and how neglecting those factors can lead to heavy prices (Czinzota, Ronkainen, Moffett, Marinova & Marinov, 2009, pp. 423-429). Answer-2 Intermediaries are the channel partners that help the marketers to reach out to customers. Intermediaries are mainly middle –men like wholesalers, retailer, etc (Kotler, 2001, p. 25). From the point of view of the marketers intermediaries are of great help when it comes to market expansion and customer reach. Intermediaries help the marketers to reach to different customers within a relatively short period of time. The intermediaries like wholesalers and retailers help the marketers in breaking the bulk and selling the end product to the customers. Without the help of the intermediaries it would be extremely difficult to reach to the customers on their own. Also sometimes intermediaries may actually have better knowledge of a certain section of the market as compared to the marketers. Hence the marketers can actually use the knowledge and expertise of the in termediaries to gain customer insights. Also in some cases the reputations of the intermediaries help the marketers in case of promoting the product. The importances of the intermediaries become even more important in international marketing. In case of international marketing the marketers operate in alien conditions. The brand awareness of the marketers in the international market is very low. Also the marketers have little insight and knowledge about the customers. If the marketers would look to invest directly in the market it could prove to be of great risks due to the facts mentioned above. Hence, most of the times the marketers look for joint ventures or strategic alliance with some local firms. These firms usually have good insights about the local market. This allows the company to use the marketing and sales of the local firm. In this way the intermediaries help the marketers in cost as well as in risk reduction (Henry, 2008, p. 89). One of the major concerns in case of th e use of the intermediaries for the marketers has been the issue off control. On numerous

Career Development Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Career Development Plan - Essay Example In developing a career plan it is important to recognize and take advantage of all tools and resources that are available. As a freshman student I will need short term and long term goals, along with flexibility along the way to reach my desired result. It is my intention to become gainfully employed in human resources. In deciding to work in human resources I first had to determine what their role was within a company. Human resources development includes a vast array of assignments within a company but ultimately they are employed to develop, enhance, organize, and mentor for employees within the company. This can include developing training appropriate for employees, coaching, managing benefits, new hire orientations and any activity whose goal is to better an employee. Entry opportunities available are internships within companies who will provide me with hands on training that I will need to be successful. Education that I’m receiving will continue to strengthen my abilities and knowledge. Large companies especially hire interns, aware of the potential and talent that will be developed during the course of my education. Employers look for promising employees during open house sessions, often held on campus, with the intentions of recruiting those interested in human resources and resource development.

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Google Glass Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Google Glass - Essay Example Since its inception into the market, there have been diverse concerns about the use of Google Glass and this is especially the case when it comes to its potential of violating privacy rights. Privacy rights advocates have raised concerns about Google Glass users being able to identify strangers through the use of facial recognition software or even record private conversations and broadcast these conversations. This is a matter that might lead to potential legal problems for Google Glass because its widespread usage might become an inconvenience for others in society. It is for this reasons that some institutions and companies have opted to make sure that they place signs banning the use of Google Glass within their premises (Streitfeld, 2013). Organizations such as the FTC Fair Information Practice have set up guidelines which are meant to ensure that privacy rights are upheld and these have become important especially in regulating new technology such as Google Glass. Despite the privacy concerns, the development of Google Glass is one of the most fascinating stories of the twenty first century. This is because it has evolved from a prototype weighing some 8 pounds in 2011 to being lighter than the average sunglasses; showing the rapid development of this technology over such a short time. However, its original incarnations were not very appealing as a result of their not being fashionable and this has triggered Google to make this product more appealing to the market by making it more fashionable (Friedman, 2015).