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Cultural Makeup Of China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cultural Makeup Of China - Essay ExampleIt is internal to outline that there is a significant set of cultural features affecting the duty behavior in China. China has a record tribe of more than 1.3 billion citizens (Fabbi 8). Due to hardworking nature of the Chinese society, a large portion of their population is involved the daily business operations. Based on this, Chinese have been putting most their cultural business practices into use. In addition, fifty-six (56) ethnic groups are officially recognized in the country. These ethnic groups include the Han and Zhuang. The Chinese nicety and civilization has been influenced by three principal(prenominal) religious movements, which are Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. In this sense, Chinas prominent religions thus include Islam, Christianity and Buddhism (Alon 24).The countrys demographic values reveal that about 10% of Chinas population lives on $1 a day (Fabbi 30). This small value has resulted into most Chinese doing thei r best to excel in business. 91.51% of the Chinese mickle belong to the Han ethnic group (Fabbi 12). Of the remaining 55 ethnic groups, only one has a population of over of 1%. This is the Zhuang ethnic group. In essence, the Han ethnic group creates the largest business oriented population in the country. In terms of religion, 2% of the countrys population is made up of Moslem while the Christian population stands between 3.2% and 5%. Additionally, Buddhism is practiced by 10% to 18% of the Chinese population. Lastly, 30% of the Chinese practice local folk religions. Since China is an atheist, it officially does not survey its people based on religion. On this regard, the Chinese culture does not consider religion to be of some(prenominal) effect on their respective business behaviors (Fabbi 128).The other sets of crucial Chinese cultural characteristics in business are about prosperous entertainment. A key part of Chinas business culture is that evening banquets are

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The Term Mass Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Term fate Culture - Essay ExampleSpread of visual modality Culture Culture, particularly the mass assimilation, has spread rapidly with the passage of fourth dimension. in that location was a time when in that respect was little or no globalization in the world. Even the concept of national finishing was non-existent in a vast majority of countries because of the fact that regional differences dominated. Within the same country, people belonging to dissimilar regions had possession of several(predicate) kinds of regional resources. This gave rise to the development of subcultures in the same nation wherein people were class into different communities with distinct values, norms, and principles. Regional culture was stronger than the national culture and the mass culture was non-existent. This was predominantly the time till the mid 19th century. The onset of industrial revolution brought a change in the contract and national culture started to gain dominance all over the regional cultures. With the development of technology and the identification of upstart opportunities of employment and business, people developed acceptability towards external cultures. As technological trade amongst countries improved, consumers in different countries started using same products. This trend continued over the centuries. People from the underdeveloped countries started migrating towards the developed countries in outsized numbers in search of better opportunities of employment. The technological trade was followed by the cultural integration and spinal fusion across nations. This happened since the start of the industrial revolution till the late 1900s. Then came the era of massive exchange of cultures particularly the 21st century. While all kinds of technologies contri thoed towards the development of mass culture, wholeness technology that played the or so important role in the spread of mass culture was the Internet. Internet provided people with the opportunities to communicate with one another almost free of cost from different parts of the world. Many of the brick and mortar businesses also got transform into virtual businesses because of the reduced costs and increased profitability of businesses. The development and introduction of the social media websites aided in the creation of a virtual self of their users. Today, a vast majority of the people all over the world have similar lifestyles in that they use same products, are the employees of same organizations irrespective of geographical variations, speak same languages, and understand and respect one anothers values. This is what has fundamentally promoted the mass culture. There is a precise small percentage of people who have not merged into the mass culture. Mass Culture and Popular Culture People sometimes use mass culture and popular culture interchangeably. The development of the idea of popular culture is linked to arguments about meaning and interpretation whi ch predate but become strikingly evident in the debates over mass culture (Strinati, 1995, p. 3). There is a very thin line of distinction between the mass culture and the popular culture. The popular culture is the union of the norms, values, and perspectives of a given culture. Popular culture is made from within and below, not imposed from without or above as mass cultural theorists would have it (Fiske, 1991, p. 2). Mass culture can be considered popular culture in a vast majority of cases, though mass culture is not necessarily ever popular,

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New guideline explores professionalism in nursing Essay Example for Free

New signpost explores craftalism in care for EssayProfessionalism in care for is an essential ingredient in achieving a powerful work environment and is enabled by the context of practice ( Registered Nurse Association of Ontario 2007) In treat profession recognition by the global and society as the professional group is important due to the higher(prenominal) standard of expectation from the society to the nursing life story as a care discloser And being a professional in a nursing career is a key to achieve the target and practised fictitious character in services provided to society. Why the professionalism is required to the nursing career this is due to demanding of high quality and standard skill ,knowledge and altruism that putting the diligent as the first interest, self sacrifice and the effective attitude while dealing with the society or patient as a caregiver., showing and turn up of the excellence commitment in lifelong skill to improved their skill and development as during in duty nurses should showing their commitment beyond others and should committed to the community service and the professional organization. The public has the right hand to get the professional competence from the nurses who are giving the service to them. from the American Nurses Association 2017 (ANA) believe that it is the nursing profession responsibilities to shape and guided any process for assuring nurses competency.Through the quality measurement, research and learning to become professional nurses need to be skillful in their job scope inner get across to get under anes skin continued learning education, providing mentoring to guide and monitoring the work done and following by the rule and conduct as a key for safeguarding the health and wellbeing to the public.There are few elements of professionalism listed for the nurses as the nursing career is expected growing faster than the average rate of 19 through 2022 according to Bereu comminute Of Statistic.There are 5 critical professional skills to be adapted (Kristina Ericson 2015)the strong and effective communication among physician and nurses is compulsory to convey the right information to relatives regarding patient condition ,medication and others medical concern.paying intention on report and details of patient which is if mislead will became fatal to the patient, an also being flexible to working(a) schedule also part of professional integrity in nursing profession as patient to comes first ,another element is critical thinking ,nurses are able to make crucial decision during the critical time by analyzing and determined the best solution for patient. Nurses are required to update the skill and have the desire to improve knowledge and develop skills continues will bring them to the professionalism in a nursing career.the one and important to develop professionalism in the nursing career is mentoring system Mentoring is a crucial part of the nursing organizati on as there are many nurses need help and guidance from the skillful and knowledgeable staff.This can contribute to career ecstasy and improvement .majority has reported that nurses are participating in mentorship relation.( Bette Marianni 2012) mentoring is something that both mentor and mentee are willing to share knowledge,emotion and feedback after the carried out duties done,this will give impact in professional management and skills among nurses.Studies done by Bette Mariani 2012 stated that nurses who have the willingness and sense of satisfaction in career will contribute to the growth of the profession. Mentor is define as the person who give a junior or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time. ( Cambridge Advance scholar dictionary and Thesaurus).while Riverside Websters ii New Collage Dictionary1995 define mentor as a impertinent and trusted teacher or counselor. The mentees describe by Merriam Webster is the one who is being monitored by mentor. Mentoring will give benefit to nurses in term and career success and advancement in personal and professional satisfaction and develop self-esteem and confidence. (Van Olsen 2002) The professional and personal satisfaction develop while in sharing stories, referencing of the worry and finding the solution by the experienced nurses to the mentees will be become a role mildew to the nursing profession and enhance the quality in leadership ( Vance And Olsen 2002). I believed mentoring one of the best way of achievement in nursing professional skills . .Y, did(x(I_TS1EZBmU/xYy5g/GMGeD3Vqq8K)fw9xrxwrTZaGy8IjbRcXIu3KGnD1NIBsRuKV.ELM2fiVvlu8zH(W )6-rCSj id DAIqbJx6kASht(QpmcaSlXP1Mh9MVdDAaVBfJP8AVf 6Q

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Effects of television Essay Example for Free

Effects of video recording set canvas television system may be one focus to educate children but alongside of it is something that is very fantastic especi aloney to toddlers. Letting your children watch cartoons such as Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street and the likes is both beneficial and dangerous. At some point there argon things that need to be addressed by the parent when their children are watching television on their own. For parents whose child is under 2 years of old age, letting their kids watch television for the entire day would be very harmful. One way to prevent all untoward things to knock at a young age is to limit their screening hours.The Baby Center Medical circuit card Advisory wrote in their website Since your child is under age 2, its best to keep TV-watching to a bare minimum. If you aim to allow some television, break it up into 15-minute increments. Much more than that and your toddlers brain can shift to autopilot. Do away with letting your children watch television program of their choice as it may have uncultivated scenes. Researchers have found that when a toddler watches those kinds of programs, it is likely that they pull up stakes, sooner or later, imitates the scene or they will display an aggressive behavior.Also, letting children watch television all day would give them less clock to rent books, exercise, play outdoors and make friends in the neighborhood. If a child owns a television system bouncy console, there is a big chance that they will be hard to discipline. Parents will have to hole with calling their kids for dinner time and get no response since they are busy with whatever play they are playing. The promotions of different kinds of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, and illicit drugs are also harmful to children who watch television all day. Such kind of promotion makes the child think that using these products is good for everyone.Additionally, the meaning and ideals conveyed in any television p rogram may give children a different assureing of things that will eventually diverge the way they think and the kind of behavior that they will exhibit. A concern raised by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that, children are being subjected to much sexual imagery in the likes of music videos, television programs, and the advertisements. On the other hand, there are things that can be taught while watching television such as good moral values, following proper diet, other learning such as speaking, reading, wonder of arts and many others.Parents should actually guide their children when watching television. They should be able to explain to their children what is happening in the scene or if the scene is not appropriate for them. Also, having parents watch television with their children is one way of bonding. thither is a way where parents can restrict the shows that can be seen by the children through the help of the V-chip. V-chip is a device use to block programs that a re not suitable for children in a specific age bracket. Setting the viewing time limit of a child can contribute much to their growth.A practice such as letting children watch television program only after finishing their homework is one of the ways where they can be limited to watching or playing video games. More, watching television is risky for children since they prevail to arrive obese. A study presented by Harvard Medical work student, Sonia Miller, shows that the more a child sits in front of the television set, the more tendency of eating cankerous foods and taking in too much sugar. The study showed that for each additional hour of TV viewing per day, the children consumed 0.06 additional servings per day of sugar-sweetened beverages, 0. 32 additional servings per week of fast food and a total of 48. 7 additional calories per day, after adjusting for age, sex, maternal socio-demographics, race, body mass index, breastfeeding duration and sleep duration. Moreover, the more additional hours a child spent in front of the boob tube means that they have taken a number of fruits or vegetables that is required for their daily intake. However, Miller said that obesity and television watching is in any way not the same.Watching television all day and doing nothing physical is not a cause for a child to be obese at an early age, but unflustered the researchers are working out on the said matter (Lepage-Monette, 2007). However, for a working mother, she cannot just deliver her children to watch programs that she intends to watch. In a confession made by a working mother, she said that in found to have things done, she sometimes needs to turn on the television to catch the attention of her children and consecrate her with whatever work she has to do.The use of television in school is, on the other hand, one way to get the attention of a child especially those in their kindergarten. With the use of different educational DVDs, students become more intere st grouped in learning things. Using videos that have subjects like biology and history captures the interest of a student since they tend to understand more the lesson given that they are able to see it for themselves. In biology, the teacher can let their students watch a certain episode on National geographical or Discovery channel that is in reference to their upcoming lesson.In the Philippines, there are television programs that are intended to be used as an instructional media to students. There are programs for enriching the knowledge of students in Mathematics, Science, English, History and Literature and the Arts. For over 4 years, the Philippine government has agreed to use these media in order to teach students. Both private and public schools in the Philippines use the said media to let their students further understand the lesson. Personally, the use of instructional media like that in the Philippines is very beneficial to students.It does not expose the student to a l ong time of television viewing yet it helps them understand their respective lessons with the help of the videos. Letting students read thick books is something that they will not do and will only give them the idea of having an A-list classmate do the work and in the end the student does not learn anything. Whereas, with showing video clips or documentaries, they tend to be more attracted to the lesson and will later on research on things that is in accordance to what they truism and learn a thing or two from it.It is not bad to let children watch television programs, only there should be proper guidance from elders. And these elders should be able to explain if the scene is unfeignedly intended for students at a particular age or not.ReferencesBabyCenter Medical Advisory Board (2006, October). TV-watching guidelines for toddlers Milton Chen, Ph. D. (1994). The bright Parents Guide to Kids TV. KQED Books. Hanna D Margeirsdottir Jakob R Larsen Cathrine Brunborg Leiv Sandvik et al (2007, June). Strong Association Between Time Watching Television and Blood Glucose Control. Diabetes Care. pg. 1567.

Distinct Features of Job Production Essay Example for Free

Distinct Features of hypothecate takings EssayJob Shop Production usu entirelyy refers to manufacturers that discover items that ar one of a kind, for example, manufactures of automation systems and tooling. Manufacturers who produce a wide variety of items in very low volumes also fall into the Job shop category. For example, very large mining trucks atomic number 18 produced in volumes typically less than 400 annually. Each truck has thousands of components so you substructure imagine that there are signifi shadowert challenges in employment scheduling, purchasing and inventory control with this oddball of manufacturing company as with all Job shops. Job Production Job payoff involves producing a one-off product for a limited customer. Job production is most often associated with small firms (making railings for a specific ho aim, building/repairing a computer for a specific customer, making flower arrangements for a specific wedding and so forth ) but large firms utilize Job production too. Examples involve Designing and implementing an advertising campaign Auditing the accounts ofa large . Building a immature factory Installing machinery in a factory In this system products are made to retaliate a specific order.However that order may be produced- -only one time -at ir habitue time intervals as and when new order arrives -at regular time intervals to satisfy a continuous demand The following are the important Features of Job shop type production system Machines and methods employed should be general role as product changes are quite frequent. Planning and control system should be flexible abounding to charter with the frequent changes in product requirements. Man power should be skilled enough to deal with changing work conditions. ? Schedules are actually non existent n this system as no decisive data is available on the product. In work inventory will usually be lavishly as accurate plans and schedules do not exist. Product cost is normally high because of high square and labor costs. Grouping of machines is done on functional basis (i. e. as lathe section, milling section etc. ) This system is very flexible as management has to manufacture varying product types. Material manipulation systems are also flexible to meet changing product requirements.Key benefits of Job production include work is generally of a high quality high level of customisation is possible to meet the customers assume requirements significant flexibility is possible, especially when compared to mass production. performing Disadvantages include higher cost of production requires the use of specialist labour (compare with the repetitive, low-skilled Jobs in mass production. slow compared to other methods of production. Essential features There are a number of features that should be implemented in a Job production environment, they include Clear definitions of objectives should be set.Clearly outlined decision making process. Batch pr oduction is a manufacturing used to produce or process any product in BATCHES, as opposed toa CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION process, or a one-off production. The primary characeristic of batch production is that all components are completed at a workstation before they move to the next one. Batch production is popular in bakeries and in the manufacture of sports shoes, pharmaceutical ingredients, inks, paints and adhesives .Batch Production Batch production is the manufacture of a number of identical articles either to meet a specific order or to meet a continuous demand. Batch can be manufactured either- -only once -or repeatedly at irregular time intervals as and when demand arise -or repeatedly at regular time intervals to satisfy a continuous demand The following are the important Features of batch type production system As final product is somewhat standard and manufactured in batches, saving of scale can be availed to some extent. Machines are grouped on functional basis sympatheti c to the Job shop manufacturing. ? Semi automatic, special purpose automatic machines are generally used to guide advantage of the similarity among the products. Labor should be killed enough to work upon different product batches. In process inventory is usually high owing to the type of layout and stuff and nonsense handling policies adopted. Semi automatic material handling systems are most appropriate in conjunction with the semi automatic machines. Normally production planning and control is difficult due to the odd size and non repetitive nature of order. There are inefficiencies associated with batch production.The production equipment must be stopped, re- confgured, and its output tested before the next batch can be produced. Time between batches is known as down time. Batch production is useful for a factory that makes seasonal items or products for which it is difficult to FORECAST demand. There are several advantages of batch production it can reduce initial capital out lay because a single production line can be used to produce several

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The Appropriate Criteria Essay Example for Free

The Appropriate Criteria EssayThe internal QA cultivate largely takes place within the college programme/ department itself. Gener all(prenominal)y, this process collects continued information in a systematic way about the feel being achieved. The Self perspicacity cogitations be the corner c been of the whole QA system and need to be prepared by the college under the guidance provided by the foreign agencies e.g. City and Guilds, EAL The Self Assessment report should be validated by peers and is the backbone of the whole instance of Quality authorisation and Enhancement in Colleges. Therefore a standard Self Assessment report should motivate the internal QA by identifying its weaknesses and strengths, in practicing to be prepared for external sound judgement and informing the external evaluators about internal QA System. A self assessment report should provide comprehensive information regarding objectives, body structure and content of the academic programmes, the le arning and teaching environment and curriculum organization etc. The processes of conducting Self Assessment (SA) of college programmes are outlined by the scheme providers which provide guidance for practicing self assessment of college programmes of higher discipline institutions to maintain and improve the quality standards simultaneously.see moreexplain why a workers personal views should not influence an individuals choicesSelf Assessment is an effective tool for academic Quality Assurance and provides feed back to administration to initiate action plans for improvement. Quality in higher education is a dynamic entity and therefore various factors that determine quality of higher education must be destiny in equilibrium at a level that matches with national expectations and standards. These factors include, inter alia, leadership, quality of faculty, quality of students, curriculum, al-Qaida facilities, research and learning environment, governance, strategic planning, asses sment procedures, and their relevance to market forces. Combined with this the criteria for sagaciousness the quality of assessment process is usually laid down in organisation standards, such as health and safety, equation and diversity. Along with this we require an evidence trail to ensure relevance. Another method is the use of the criteria of meeting targets hold of questionnaires to assess learner satisfaction to awarding organisation standards. e.g. Performance./assessment criteria Levels - NVQ etcPerformance indicatorsChecklistsLogging and tracking documentsPortfoliosoccupational/vocational standardsNational Occupational Standards (NOS)Government regulatory body standards e.g. Ofqual/Ofsted.When assessing , VASCAR can be referred to when judging the quality of the assessment process. V Is it valid does the work presented meet the criteria and standards that are being worked towards? A Is the work real is the work the learners/assessors own? S Is the evidence sufficient is there enough to meet the requirements?C Is it catamenia is it linked to the current standards and are they up to date? A Is it accurateR Reliability are the assessment decisions consistent and assessed to the appropriate levels for the qualification?Another acronym which is good to relate to during the process is ACRA the true/audit trail ensuring all paperwork matchesC Is there consistency over all the assessments, are all assessors working to the same standardized procedures R Record keeping, are all records accurate and thorough (ie are all dates and signatures correct and present). It is vitally important to ensure the above systems are maintained and followed correctly when judging the quality of assessment process. It is also important that they are adhered to in order to contribute to standardization end-to-end the college. Their use is also important to identify any discrepancies or support needed either for individuals or the team as a whole.

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As a firm grows the lines of communication are often stretched Essay Example for Free

As a firm grows the lines of communication atomic number 18 often stretched EssayAs a firm grows the lines of communication are often stretched. To overcome this meetings could be set up to keep people informed. The callers span of control could be re-emphasised so that exploiters know whom to report to and who to inform of their orders. A clear structure and hierarchical pyramid give reduce arguments in the short term. Team building exercises are a modern way of modify morale, team spirit and efficiency.They are a long-term measure to keep all managers striving for the resembling aims and goals for the company as a team. I have been assigned by the company Koka Kola to crystalize out the enigma they have where a new base 50 miles outside of there capital of the United Kingdom head quarters has been built. The problem is the communication between the two bases I need to find the take up way to communicate between the two bases. Business ObjectivesThe Business has clini cals it must achieve the businesses main objective is to set up a new communications system between the London Head percentage and the newly built Production Site. The problem with this is that it may clash with another objective, Profit. If the company is to spend silver on a new communications system it must make sure that the money spend on the system, staff, marketing etc, does not overshadow the money made by gross sales and other sources of profit.This, although a big problem could have benefits in the long term. If the money spent on setting up the Communications System is more than the profit made that month. In the months after when the System is set up, the benefits in profit as a result of the it being set up could be far great than that in past months before it was made and so in the future could eventually be larger than the amount paid on the Communications System and mayhap even the Production Site.This concludes that although the short-term objectives maybe con flicted, the long term must be waited upon in order to reap the benefits. Communication Communication is the execute of passing information from one person to another. Once the target receives the information it is acted upon and feedback is sent to the original sender. An modelling of communication in business might be a company producing cars. The message might be an ad on television telling customers about a new car.The target will be the segment of the market interested in buying a car. The feedback will be the level of sales when the magazine first goes on sale. Communications are important in a business beca purpose it keeps the company working on the right track. For example if a marketing director who never asked the customers what they wanted in a product made a set up an advertising scheme on television, the advertisement would be based on the directors interests rather than the views of the customers.The customers wouldnt be interested and would turn a blind eye. The p roblem with the business I have been appointed to is that the business is splitting into two bases amongst which people will work who would normally communicate with each other. I have organised an interview with a worker from a local business to find out what methods of communication they use 1) How many methods of communication do you use in your business?