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Research Methods Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Research Methods - Coursework Example While on the other hand a research hypothesis is also relevant to the formulation of the report. Thus it is referred to as the assumption made by a researcher about the possible outcome of the study. A hypothesis of a study must be simple, theoretically clear and specific (Kumar, 2005, p.75). Among the mentioned questions of the case, the least suitable for testing the hypothesis is the issue related to the opinion of the local population about the new facility. Hence the first question i.e. Q (b) is least suitable for hypothesis testing. The reason this has been cited as the least appropriate one is that the opinion of the local population is difficult to measure. Moreover it is also exploratory in nature. Hence a meaningful hypothesis cannot be formulated. Rather is must be guided by a clear sense of purpose. An Operational hypothesis states a quantifiable relationship among the variables. Therefore the operational hypothesis for the mentioned questions is illustrated below:- Opera tional hypothesis of Q a: - Increased road traffic has raised the number of road fatalities of large mammals because there is high pressure on the roads and less maintenance. Research Design for Q a: - Case study approach of qualitative research design can be used in this case for the purpose of evaluation. Case study approach has been chosen because it will provide an opportunity to have in-depth analysis of the matter within a stipulated time frame. Operational hypothesis of Q c: - The establishment of the factory will improve the conditions of the participating households, as they will be financially benefitted. Research Design for Q c: - Non-experimental design approach of quantitative research design can be employed for this purpose. It has been chosen because non-experimental design takes into account the reliance of one aspect on the other. The aspects are establishment of factory and the financial condition of the households. Operational hypothesis of Q d: - Improved mango v ariety will produce more pulp as it is scientifically processed. Research Design for Q d: - Experimental design approach of quantitative research design can be chosen to test it. This approach has been chosen because hypothesis is based on experimental testing. Moreover experimental design also tries to change the outcomes of the participants. Operational hypothesis of Q e: - Proximity of households to the road intensifies the supply of mangoes. Research Design for Q e: - In this context once again case study approach has been chosen to test the hypothesis. This will also reveal the fact that whether the closeness of road actually increases the supply of mango. (Word Count: 494) Q2: Protocol for an Experimental Design A research protocol can be defined as the detailed plan of a study (Rch, 2008). Hence every research study must contain a well defined research protocol. Now the case is about a company namely Country jams and Pickles who is planning to open a factory at a remote place for the production of pickles and jams. Consequently they will require adequate supply of fruits on time to maintain the flow of production. Therefore a study will be undertaken which will be principally focused to find whether supplying of free storage container to the farmers will increase the supply of fruits to the factory. Therefore according to the objective of the study hypothesis can be drawn as follows:- H0 –

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Of Mice and Men Character Analysis Essay Example for Free

Of Mice and Men Character Analysis Essay Write a study of the character of Crooks, showing how Steinbeck uses him to tell us more about the other characters, and about the social and economical context of the book? This novel takes place in the 1930s, it was a time of great depression, there was racial prejudice towards coloured people and there were very few job opportunities making it hard for people to have a good standard of living. Steinbeck wrote this novel to show us the daunting and alarming conditions for workers at this time; he chose each character to represent a different type of person. For example, one of the characters Crooks represents coloured people. When reading the story of mice and man we learn that Crooks is a kind and considerate man You told me to warm up tar for the mules foot. I got it warm this tells us that Crooks is generous man and is always willing to help. I can do it if you want Mr Slim when Crooks is speaking to Slim, he is deferential towards Slim and treats him like a superior by calling him Mr Slim. Although Crooks is a kind man he is not treated fairly and adequate all due racial prejudice they let the nigger come in that night first of all he is not even called by his proper name instead they use racial discrimination to point him out as he is called intimidating and awful words such as nigger and stable buck. He does not bunk with the others workers because the other workers are racist towards him and all due to his colour Crooks has to live in a stable buck where all the other animals live as he is not treated as an equal, had his bunk in the harness-room; a little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn this tells us that Crooks is treated inappropriately as he has to live in appalling conditions. We also get the impression that Crooks is isolated from the other workers making him feel lonely and deserted Crooks said darkly: guys dont come into a coloured mans room very much this tells us that Crooks has no true friends, this is not because he is a atrocious man, it is because of racial prejudice. Another reason why Crooks is lonely is that he segregates himself from the white workers as hes the only black worker on the ranch. We learn that Crooks is well educated as he has books in his room And he had books, too; a tattered dictionary and a maules copy of the California civil code for 1905. This also tells us that although there is racial prejudice, Crooks knows his rights. We get the impression that Crooks is realistic and scornful and once dreams of owning his own farm Youre nuts. Crooks was scornful. I see hundreds of men come by on the roads an on the ranches with their bindles on their back an that same damn thing on their heads. This tells us that Crooks is like any ordinary man, he also has dreams to own a farm one day. If youguys would want a hand to work for nothing just his keep, why Id come an lend a hand. This suggests that Crooks is desperate to get out of this ranch and he is hoping he will one day own that farm. Well, jus forget it, said Crooks. I didnt mean it. Jus foolin. I wouldnt want to go no place like that Crooks now realises there is no way he will ever get out of the ranch and own a farm so he tries to convince himself he never wanted a farm in the first place. The door opened quietly and the stable buck put in his head; a lean negro head, lined with pain, the eye patient. This tells us that Crooks has to be patient when living with the workers as he knows he is below the other workers because he is a coloured man and if Crooks was to make a slight move out of line there will be problems and fights will break out. When Crooks is talking to Candy, Crooks has to treat him well otherwise trouble will break out, you can come in if you want Although Crooks does not want Candy to come in he has to treat the other workers with respect Candy seemed embarrassed. I do know. Course, if ya want me to We get the impression that Candy feels embarrassed to go into a coloured mans room. I was born right here in California. My old man had a chicken ranch, bout ten acres. The white kids come to play at our place this tells us that in Crooks past life, there was nor always racial discrimination and he was once treated as an equal and as he got older there was more racial prejudice. Most of the other workers treat Crooks with no respect except for Slim who treats Crooks like an equal and in return Crooks treats him like a superior . Huh? Oh Hello Crooks. Whats a matter? First of all, this tells us that Slims treats Crooks with respect by calling him by his proper name, we also get the impression that Slims shows consideration to Crooks by asking him Whats a matter? Slim is the only worker that respects Crooks for who he actually is. Well, he aint doin no harm. I give him one of my pups. This shows that Slim is kind and friendly towards everyone and not just Crooks. The majority of the workers at the ranch treat Crooks will no respect and show no consideration where the hell is that God damn nigger? the first impression I get is that the workers do not treat Crooks reasonably, as they do not call him by his name, they call him racial words such as nigger and stable buck. When the workers get angry all anger is taken out on Crooks, this tells us that Crooks is not treated like a human being all due to racial prejudice. Cause Im black. They play cards in there, but I cant play because Im black. They say I stink. This shows us that not only a small amount of workers are racist towards Crooks, the majority of the workers are. Smitty says he woulda killed the nigger this tells us that the workers not only hate him but they want to kill him, this gives us the impression on the amount of racial discrimination. Even Curleys wife who is not a worker at the ranch is racist towards Crooks Listen, Nigger, she said. You no what I can do to you if you open your trap Crooks is treat badly by the majority of workers on the ranch due to racial discrimination Crooks has to treat them well Yes maam Although Crooks knows his rights, he has very few of them and he always has to show respect towards the other worker The other characters show no respect towards Crooks as they are racist, unfair and cruel towards him, the majority of the workers do not even call Crooks by his name and call him racial words such as nigger where the hell is that God damn nigger? The only character who shows any sign of respect towards Crooks is Slim, Slim treats him like an equal Hello Crooks. Whats a matter? Although in the time this novel was set there was racial discrimination Slim was not racist towards Crooks because he was a fair and respectable man. In return Crooks treats Slim like a superior I can do it if you want, Mr Slim We get the impression that Lennie does not even no who Crooks is as he has a very immature behaviour and a childish mind

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Understanding Antisocial Behavior in Children Essay -- Violence Violen

Understanding Antisocial Behavior in Children In northeast Pennsylvania, 9 year old Cameron shot seven-year-old Jessica with a rifle and then hid it. The reason for the argument was a disagreement over a video game. In Englewood, a suburb of Chicago, a seven-year-old and his eight-year-old best friend became the two youngest murder suspects in the US when they were accused of the murder and sexual assault of an eleven-year-old boy. His body was discovered in a vacant lot. In Stockholm, Sweden, four-year-old Ken was strangled by two boys, ages five and seven, who pressed a stick to his throat, suffocating him after he was thrown on his back (Czudner, 1999, viii). Stories such as those depicted above are becoming increasingly common in today's society. Between the years of 1988 and 1992, juvenile arrests increased nearly 50% (Mayer, n.d. ). Where does this antisocial behavior stem from? How can a parent determine between routine misbehavior and the roots of antisocial behavior? What steps can a parent take to prevent antisocial behavior before it begins or curb it once it has begun? Possible answers to these questions will be addressed through the course of this paper. The role that parents play in contributing to antisocial behavior will be discussed, as well. Before any action or cause can be introduced, it is necessary to investigate how to determine whether a child is participating in routine misbehavior or is exhibiting antisocial behavior. According to Levine, there are a number of signs that should signal to a parent that his or her child has antisocial tendencies. Lack of genuine affection, lack of empathy, overall rebellious attitude, lack of guilt, mistreatment of animals or smaller chil... ...nces Asher, L. & Napier, M. (n.d.). Chicken wire mother. Retrieved November 1,2000, from the World Wide Web: Czudner, G. (1999). Small Criminals Among Us. New Jersey: New Horizon Press. Dembo, M.H. (1994). In Applving Educational Psychology. (5th ed.). (pp.466-467). White Plains, NY: Longman. Dryfoos, J.G. (1999). The role of the school in children's out-of-school time. IM- Future ofChildren. 9, 117-132. Henslin, J.M. (1999). In Sociology: A Down to Earth ApQroach. (5th ed.). (pp 202- 204). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. Levine,K.G. (1.991). When Good Kids Do Bad Things. New York: W.W.Norton& Company, Inc. Mayer, G.L. (n.d.) Prochnay, J.E. & Defronzo, J.V. (1997). The impact of economic and parental characteristics on juvenile misconduct. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. 5, 119-127.

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Night World : Huntress Chapter 4

Rule Number One of living with humans. Always wash the blood off before coming in the house. Jez stood at the outdoor faucet, icy-cold water splashing over her hands. She was scrubbing- carefully-a long, slim dagger made of split bamboo, with a cutting edge as sharp as glass. When it was clean, she slipped it into her right knee-high boot. Then she daubed water over several stains on her T-shirt and jeans and scrubbed them with a fingernail. Finally she whipped out a pocket mirror and examined her face critically. The girl who looked back didn't much resemble the wild, laughing huntress who had leaped from tree to tree in Muir Woods. Oh, the features were the same; the height of cheekbone, the curve of chin. They had even fined out a bit because she was a year older. The red flag of hair was the same, too, although now it was pulled back in an attempt to tame its fiery disorder. The difference was in the expression, which was sadder and wiser than Jez had ever imagined she could be, and in the eyes. The eyes weren't as silvery as they had been, not as dangerously beautiful. But that was only to be expected. She had discovered that she didn't need to drink blood as long as she didn't use her vampire powers. Human food kept her alive-and made her look more human. One other thing about the eyes. They were scarily vulnerable, even to Jez. No matter how she tried to make them hard and menacing, they had the wounded look of a deer that knows it's going to die and accepts it. Sometimes she wondered if that was an omen. Well. No blood on her face. She shoved the mirror back in her pocket. She was mostly presentable, if extremely late for dinner. She turned the faucet off and headed for the back door of the low, sweeping ranch house. Everyone looked up as she came in. The family was in the kitchen, eating at the oak table with the white trim, under the bright fluorescent light. The TV was blaring cheerfully from the family room. Uncle Jim, her mother's brother, was munching tacos and leafing through the mail. He had red hair darker than Jez's and a long face that looked almost as medieval as Jez's mother's had. He was usually off in a gentle, worried dream somewhere. Now he waved an envelope at Jez and gazed at her reproachfully, but he couldn't say anything because his mouth was full. Aunt Nanami was on the phone, drinking a diet Coke. She was small, with dark shiny hair and eyes that turned to crescents when she smiled. She opened her mouth and frowned at Jez, but couldn't say anything, either. Ricky, who was ten, had carroty hair and expressive eyebrows. He gave Jez a big smile that showed chewed-up taco in his mouth and said, â€Å"Hi!† Jez smiled back. No matter what she did, Ricky was there for her. Claire, who was Jez's age, was sitting primly, eating bits of taco with her fork. She looked like a smaller version of Aunt Nan, but with a very sour expression. â€Å"Where have you been?† she said. â€Å"We waited dinner almost an hour for you and you never even called.† â€Å"Sorry,† Jez said, looking at all of them. It was such an incredibly normal family scene, so completely typical, and it struck her to the heart. It was over a year since she had walked out of the Night World to find these people, her mother's relatives. It was eleven and a half months since Uncle Jim had taken her in, not knowing anything about her except that she was his orphaned niece and that her father's family couldn't handle her anymore and had given up on her. All these months, she had lived with the Goddard family- and she still didn't fit in. She could look human, she could act human, but she couldn't be human. Just as Uncle Jim swallowed and got his mouth clear to speak to her, she said, â€Å"I'm not hungry. I think I'll just go do my homework.† Uncle Jim called, â€Å"Wait a minute,† after her, but it was Claire who slammed down her napkin and actually followed Jez through the hall to the other side of the house. â€Å"What do you mean, ‘Sorry'? You do this every day. You're always disappearing; half the time you stay out until after midnight, and then you don't even have an explanation.† â€Å"Yeah, I know, Claire.† Jez answered without looking back. â€Å"Illtry to do better.† â€Å"You say that every time. And every time it's exactly the same. Don't you realize that my parents worry about you? Don't you even care?† â€Å"Yes, I care, Claire.† â€Å"You don't act like it. You act like rules don't apply to you. And you say sorry, but you're just going to do it again.† Jez had to keep herself from turning around and snapping at her cousin. She liked everyone else in the family, but Claire was a royal pain. Worse, she was a shrewd royal pain. And she was right; Jez was going to do it again, and there was no way she could explain. The thing was, vampire hunters have to keep weird hours. When you're on the trail of a vampire-and-shapeshifter killing team, as Jez had been this evening, chasing them through the slums ofOakland , trying to get them cornered in some crack house where there aren't little kids to get hurt, you don't think about missing dinner. You don't stop in the middle of staking the undead to phone home. Maybe I shouldn't have become a vampire hunter, Jez thought. But it's a little late to change now, and somebody's got to protect these stupid- these innocent humans from the Night World. Oh, well. She'd reached the door of her bedroom. Instead of yelling at her cousin, she simply half turned and said, â€Å"Why don't you go work on your Web page, Claire?† Then she opened the door and glanced inside. And froze. Her room, which she had left in military neatness, was a shambles. The window was wide open. Papers and clothes were scattered across the floor. And there was a very large ghoul standing at the foot of the bed. The ghoul opened its mouth menacingly at Jez. â€Å"Oh, very funny,† Claire was saying, right behind her. â€Å"Maybe I should help you with your homework. I hear you're not doing so great in chemistry-â€Å" Jez moved fast, stepping nimbly inside the door and slamming it in Claire's face, pressing the little knob in the handle to lock it. â€Å"Hey!† Now Claire sounded really mad. â€Å"That's rude!† â€Å"Uh, sorry, Claire!† Jez faced the ghoul. What was it doing here? If it had followed her home, she was in bad trouble. That meant the Night World knew where she was. â€Å"You know, Claire, I think I really need to be alone for a little while-I can't talk and do my homework.† She took a step toward the creature, watching its reaction. Ghouls were semi-vampires. They were what happened to a human who was bled out but didn't get quite enough vampire blood in exchange to become a true vampire. They were undead but rotting. They had very little mind, and only one idea in the world: to drink blood, which they usually did by eating as much of a human body as possible. They liked hearts. This ghoul was a new one, about two weeks dead. It was male and looked as if it had been a body-builder, although by now it wasn't so much buff as puffed. Its body was swollen with the gas of decomposition. Its tongue and eyes were protruding, its cheeks were chipmunk-like, and bloody fluid was leaking from its nose. And of course it didn't smell good. As Jez edged closer, she suddenly realized that the ghoul wasn't alone. She could now see around the foot of the bed, and there was a boy lying on the carpet, apparently unconscious. The boy had light hair and rumpled clothes, but Jez couldn't see his face. The ghoul was stooping over him, reaching for him with sausage-shaped fingers. â€Å"I don't think so,† Jez told it softly. She could feel a dangerous smile settling on her face. She reached into her right boot and pulled out the dagger. â€Å"What did you say?† Claire shouted from the other side of the door. â€Å"Nothing, Claire. Just getting out my homework.† Jez jumped onto the bed The ghoul was very big-she needed all the height she could get. The ghoul turned to face her, its lackluster bugeyes on the dagger. It made a little hissing sound around its swollen tongue. Fortunately that was all the noise it could make. Claire was rattling the door. â€Å"Did you lock this? What are you doing in there?† â€Å"Just studying, Claire. Go away.† Jez snapped a foot toward the ghoul, catching it under the chin. She needed to stun it and stake it fast Ghouls weren't smart, but like the Energizer Bunny they kept going and going. This one could eat the entire Goddard family tonight and still be hungry at dawn. The ghoul hit the wall opposite the bed. Jez jumped down, putting herself between it and the boy on the floor. â€Å"What was that noise?† Claire yelled. â€Å"I dropped a book.† The ghoul swung. Jez ducked. There were giant blisters on its arms, the brownish color of old blood. It rushed her, trying to slam her against the chest of drawers. Jez flung herself backward, but she didn't have much room to maneuver. It caught her in the stomach with an elbow, a jarring blow. Jez wouldn't let herself double over. She twisted and helped the ghoul in the direction it was already going, giving it impetus with her foot. It smacked into the window seat, facedown. â€Å"What is going on in there?† â€Å"Just looking for something.† Jez moved before the ghoul could recover, jumping to straddle its legs. She grabbed its hair-not a good idea; it came off in clumps in her hand. Kneeling on it to keep it still, she raised the sum bamboo knife high and brought it down hard. There was a puncturing sound and a terrible smell. The knife had penetrated just under the shoulder blade, six inches into the heart. The ghoul convulsed once and stopped moving. Claire's voice came piercingly from behind the closed door. â€Å"Mom! She's doing something in there!† Then Aunt Nan's voice: â€Å"Jez, are you all right?† Jez stood, pulling her bamboo dagger out, wiping it on the ghoul's shirt. â€Å"I'm just having a little trouble finding a ruler†¦.† The ghoul was in a perfect position. She put her arms around its waist, ignoring the feeling of skin slipping loose under her fingers, and heaved it up onto the window seat. There weren't many human girls who could have picked up almost two hundred pounds of dead weight, and even Jez ended up a little breathless. She gave the ghoul a shove, rolling it over until it reached the open window, then she stuffed and maneuvered it out. It fell heavily into a bed of impatiens, squashing the flowers. Good. She'd haul it away later tonight and dispose of it. Jez caught her breath, brushed off her hands, and closed the window. She drew the curtains shut, then turned. The fair-haired boy was lying perfectly still. Jez touched his back gently, saw that he was breathing. The door rattled and Claire's voice rose hysterically. â€Å"Mom, do you smell that smell?† Aunt Nan called, â€Å"Jez!† â€Å"Coming!† Jez glanced around the room. She needed something†¦ there. The bed. Grabbing a handful of material near the head of the bed, she flipped comforter, blankets and sheets over so they trailed off the foot, completely covering the boy. She tossed a couple of pillows on top of the pile for good measure, then grabbed a ruler off the desk. Then she opened the door, leaned against the doorframe casually, and summoned her brightest smile. â€Å"Sorry about that,† she said. â€Å"What can I do for you?† Claire and Aunt Nan just stared at her. Claire looked like a rumpled, angry kitten. The fine dark hair that framed her face was ruffled; she was breathing hard, and her almond-shaped eyes were flashing sparks. Aunt Nan looked more worried and dismayed. â€Å"Are you okay?† she said, leaning in slightly to try and get a look at Jez's room. â€Å"We heard a lot of noise.† And you'd have heard more earlier if you hadn't been watching TV. â€Å"I'm fine. I'm great. You know how it is when you can't find something.† Jez lifted the ruler. Then she stepped back and opened the door farther. Aunt Nan's eyes widened as she took in the mess. â€Å"Jez†¦ this does not happen when you can't find a ruler. This looks like Claire's room.† Claire made a choked sound of indignation. â€Å"It does not. My room's never been this bad. And what's that smell?† She slipped by Aunt Nan and advanced on Jez, who sidestepped to keep her from getting to the pile of blankets. Claire stopped dead anyway, her face wrinkling. She put a hand to cover her nose and mouth. â€Å"It's you,† she said, pointing at Jez. ‘You smell like that.† â€Å"Sorry.† It was true; what with all the contact she'd had with the ghoul, and the dirty knife in her boot, she was pretty ripe. â€Å"I think I stepped in something on the way home.† â€Å"I didn't smell anything when you came in,† Claire said suspiciously. â€Å"And that's another thing,† Aunt Nan said. She had been glancing around the room, but there was nothing suspicious to see except the unusual clutter-the curtains hung motionless over the shut window; the pile of bedding on the floor was still. Now she turned to face Jez again. â€Å"You didn't call to say you were going to miss dinner again. I need to know where you go after school, Jez. I need to know when you're going to be out late. It's common courtesy.† â€Å"I know. I'll remember next time. I really will.† Jez said it as sincerely as possible, and in a tone she hoped would close the subject. She needed to get rid of these people and look at the boy under the blankets. He might be seriously hurt. Aunt Nan was nodding. â€Å"You'd better. And you'd better take a shower before you do anything else. Throw your clothes in the laundry room; I'll put them in the wash.† She made as if to kiss Jez on the cheek, but stopped, wrinkled her nose, and then just nodded again at her. â€Å"And that's it? That's all?† Claire was looking at her mother in disbelief. â€Å"Mom, she's up to something, can't you see that? She comes in late, smelling like dead skunk and sewage and I don't know what, and then she locks herself in and bangs around and lies, and all you're going to say is Don't do it again'? She gets away with everything around here-â€Å" â€Å"Claire, quit it. She said she was sorry. I'm sure she won't let it happen again.† â€Å"If I did something like that you'd skin me, but, no, if Jez does it, it must be okay. Well, I'll tell you something else. She cut school today. She left before sixth period.† â€Å"Is that true, Jez?† a new voice asked. Uncle Jim was standing in the doorway, pulling at his chin with long fingers. He looked sad. It was true. Jez had left early to set up a trap for the vampire and shapeshifter. She looked at her uncle and made a regretful motion with her head and shoulders. â€Å"Jez, you just can't do that. I'm trying to be reasonable, but this is only the second week of school. You can't start this kind of behavior again. It can't be like last year.† He thought. â€Å"From now on, you leave your motorcycle at home. You drive to school and back with Claire, in the Audi.† Jez nodded. â€Å"Okay, Uncle Jim,† she said out loud. Now go away, she added silently. Thin curls of anxiety were churning in her stomach. â€Å"Thank you.† He smiled at her. â€Å"See?† Claire jumped in, her voice hitting a note to shatter glass. â€Å"This is just what I'm talking about! You never yell at her, either! Is it because you're afraid she'll run away, like she did from her dad's relatives? So everybody has to walk on eggshells around her because otherwise she'll just take off-â€Å" â€Å"Okay, that's it. I'm not listening to any more of this.† Aunt Nan waved a hand at Claire, then turned around to shoo Uncle Jim out of her path. Tm going to clean up the dinner table. If you two want to fight, do it quietly.† â€Å"No, it's better if they do their homework,† Uncle Jim said, moving slowly. â€Å"Both of you, do your homework, okay?† He looked at Jez in a way that was probably meant to be commanding, but came out wistful. â€Å"And tomorrow come home on time.† Jez nodded. Then both adults were gone, but Claire was staring after them. Jez couldn't be sure, but she thought there were tears in her eyes. Jez felt a pang. Of course, Claire was dead on about the leeway Aunt Nan and Uncle Jim gave her. And of course, it wasn't fair to Claire. I should say something to her. Poor little thing. She really feels bad†¦. But before she could open her mouth, Claire whirled around. The eyes that had been wet a moment ago were flashing. â€Å"You just wait,† she said. â€Å"They don't see through you, but I do. You're up to something, and I'm going to find out what it is. And don't think I can't do it.† She turned and stalked out the door. Jez stood for an instant, speechless, then she blinked and closed the door. She locked it. And then for the first time since she'd seen the ghoul, she allowed herself to let out a long breath. That had been close. And Claire was serious, which was going to be a problem. But Jez didn't have time to think about it now. She turned the clock radio on her nightstand to a rock station. A loud one. Then she flipped the covers off the foot of the bed and knelt. The boy was lying facedown, with one arm stretched over his head. Jez couldn't see any blood. She took his shoulder and carefully rolled him over. And stopped breathing. â€Å"Hugh.†

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Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement

In Martin Luther King‘s speech he speaks with such passion and determination, you can tell in his voice that he means everything he says and his hope reaches out to people and the way he emphases his words captures the audience’s attention. He believed that every person should be equal despite their skin color. In Malcolm X's speech he talks more about himself and he thought it would be best for everyone to keep their religion to themselves. He believed that the black people were trapped by the white people. He thought of white people as the enemy and he mostly spoke negatively about them. He made jokes throughout his speech and to me he didn’t sound at serious as Martin Luther. For example Martin said â€Å"Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than to convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. As opposed to Malcolm X, who stated in his speech â€Å"There is nothing in our book, the Koran, which teaches us to suffer peacefully. Our religion teaches us to be intelligent. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. That's a good religion. † Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted a more peaceful approach. He hoped that with sit -ins and peace marches to appeal to the ideals of dignity and justice in the white people of the time. To show them the wrong they were doing so that they would want to correct it in themselves out of their own personal honor. Malcolm X on the other hand believed that white people would never give up their power, at least early on in his career as a civil rights leader. He believed they would only give it up if forced to do so, and that meant through militant means. He eventually give this idea up in favor of more peaceful means after finding white Muslims who treated him and other black men as brothers; and black men who treated white people as brothers as well. And with this he began to realize that they could live in peace, and so he switched to a more peaceful style in his protests in the end. Personally, I believe that Martin Luther’s approach to gaining equality among people worked best. When taking a forceful approach, such as Malcolm X’s you take a risk that your enemy will not fear you but that they could possibly fight back and over power you. This could possibly be said for a peaceful approach as well but it’s less likely.

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gold price in the US essays

gold price in the US essays The largest demand for gold is in jewelry and investments. Gold is known as a metal that is easily used and has many industrial applications. Since gold is so durable and luxurious, many people invest in jewelry, stocks, and gold bonds. Considering the fact that gold is considered a world-wide valuable good, many economies have gold reserves to help protect themselves in times of need. Nevertheless, factors of supply and demand have contributed to the decrease of the price of gold, which has reached an all time low since 1978. This reduction has raised many concerns in the United States having them weigh the different factors of the price, supply and demand, and consumption that may be affecting The price change commands attention since gold serves to indicate price stability or inflation. Although, inflation is not as threatening in the United States because it is more industrialized, the bigger fear is facing deflation with our countries gold currency. Gold averaged 294 dollars per ounce in 1998, when at one time the prices were in the mid $400-500 per ounce. Due to fact that gold prices have been so low, Central Banks have threatened to sell their gold inventories fearing that gold is no longer considered the ultimate store of value. Regardless, prices have continued to fluctuate in both directions throughout the year, but it is important to weigh the different variables that are having an There are different factors associated with the supply and demand which have caused prices to decrease. First of all, the record low prices in the past year has caused investors to participate less causing prices to be determined largely on golds own supply and demand fundamentals and the economic environment. The supply of gold declined by less than 2% during 1998. The price reduction started to impact the mine production by slowing the rate of manufacture growth by the ...

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The Importance of Transitional Words and Phrases

The Importance of Transitional Words and Phrases THE IMPORTANCE OF TRANSITIONAL WORDS AND PHRASES When it comes to writing academic papers, communication is pivotal. For a reader to navigate successfully through an essay, therefore following and understanding each point, thought by thought, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, the writer must always employ certain words, phrases, and tools, because it is their responsibility to have the reader know exactly what they are attempting to convey. This includes linking words and phrases (like on the contrary, however, as a result, in comparison, this suggests that, including, most importantly and although) that bridge together certain items in a sentence or paragraph. Since most academic essays include some kind of a thesis that is evidenced by supporting points, the individual paragraphs (the body) of an essay generally expand on each point, one at a time, to provide a solid argument – one that is believable, convincing. Linking words and phrases are to be generally used in a single paragraph to connect sentences and thoughts that validate a single point that is being examined in an essay. These types of words and phrases are generally used for when a writer needs to expand on just ONE point, one idea on which they are elaborating. For example, in one of their points claiming that poetry is dying out in the 21st century, the writer may focus on the low number of poetry books sold in 2013. Expanding on this point, they may compare (and use phrases like in comparison) that number with the number of fiction or nonfiction books sold in 2013 to demonstrate (this suggests that) their point that people just aren’t reading and buying poetry anymore. You may also be interested in: Connecting Words and Phrases Social Media Words and Phrases in the Academic World How to Write a Great Essay Then there are transitional words and phrases to indicate to a reader a change in a point, topic, or subject in the essay they are reading. They are usually found in the first sentence of a paragraph examining a new point in the argument. They strengthen what a written assignment seeks to convey, explain, or argue to the reader – who most times is the student-writer’s professor. Also, transitional words and phrases help the reader make connections between evidencing points in the essay, by the use of, sometimes, just one word. Just like keywords in conversation, the purpose of these particular words is to communicate effectively and illustrate a transition in thought: Firstly, first of all, secondly, thirdly, next, subsequently, lastly, conclusively, in conclusion, and finally. Without these cues, the reader is ultimately left confused, because the reader is ineffectively not kept abreast of the argument being made, which then weakens the essay’s overall purpose to convince or educate, depending on the type of essay. Lacking these cues, unfortunately, results in the student-writer getting a low grade on their written assignment. Most persuasive essays, or even five-paragraph essays, are supported by extensive, well-thought-out evidence. The evidence is traditionally explained in the body paragraphs of an essay, which, again, are mostly made up of at least three defending, or defining, points, each one making up at least a paragraph, and usually more, of that essay. But when an essay does not indicate when a new point is being put forth or examined, to further validate the overarching theme of the essay – which is its thesis – the reader fails to recognize the change and instead is left considering the previous point and not the current one. And the writer’s argument is ultimately weakened. If you would like to avoid a weak argument and a low grade, let professional writers help with proofreading, making sure your paper contains connection and transitional words and phrases, ensure it contains no spelling and grammar errors and is structured properly. Feel free to place your order anytime and we will gladly start working on your project. is the service you can trust!

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel in Spanish

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel in Spanish Here is a Spanish version of the popular Christmas carol and Advent hymn O Come, O Come Emmanuel. The song, whose author is unknown, comes originally from Latin, dating to around the 11th century, and is known in both English and Spanish in multiple versions. This Spanish version is one of the most popular.  ¡Oh ven!,  ¡Oh ven, Emanuel!  ¡Oh ven!,  ¡Oh ven, Emanuel!Libra al cautivo Israel,Que sufre desterrado aquà ­,Y espera al Hijo de David. Estribillo: ¡Alà ©grate, oh Israel!Vendr, ya viene Emanuel.  ¡Oh ven, Tà º, Vara de Isaà ­!Redime al pueblo infelizDel poderà ­o infernalY danos vida celestial.  ¡Oh ven, Tà º, Aurora celestial!Alà ºmbranos con tu verdad,Disipa toda oscuridad,Y danos dà ­as de solaz.  ¡Oh ven, Tà º, Llave de David!Abre el celeste hogar feliz;Haz que lleguemos bien all,Y cierra el paso a la maldad. English Translation of Spanish Version Oh come! Oh come, Emmanuel!Free captive IsraelWhich here suffers, displaced,And waits for the Son of David. Chorus:Be joyful, O Israel!He will come, Emmanuel is coming. O come, You, Rod of IsraelRedeem the unhappy peopleFrom hells powerAnd give us heavenly life. O You, come, celestial light of dawn!Illuminate us with your truth,Dispel all darkness,And give us days of solace. O come, You, Davids Key.Open the happy heavenly home.Make it so we arrive there well,And close the path  to evil. Translation Notes Oh: This interjection usually expresses amazement or happiness, so it isnt always the equivalent of oh. It is far more common in poetic writing than in everyday speech. Ven: The Spanish verb venir, usually meaning to come is highly irregular. Ven is the singular, familiar imperative form, so in Spanish this song unambiguously is written as if speaking to Emanuel. Emanuel: The Spanish word here is a personal name transliterated from Hebrew, meaning God is with us. The name is still used today, often  in the shortened form of Manuel. In Christianity, the name usually refers to Jesus. Libra: This is the singular  familiar imperative form of librar, meaning to free to liberate. Al: Al is a contraction of a (to) and el (the). The use of the personal a here indicates  that Israel is being personified. Desterrado: The adjective desterrado is derived from the noun tierra, meaning Earth. In this context, it means exiled, referring to someone removed from his or her homeland. In informal contexts, it can mean banished. Danos: It is common to attach object pronouns to verbs in the imperative mood. Here the pronoun nos, or us, is attached to imperative of dar. Tà º: The familiar form of you is used throughout this hymn as it is the pronoun that Spanish-speaking Christians use in prayer. Vara de Isaà ­: A vara is a rod or stick. Isaà ­ is a  poetically shortened form of the name Isaà ­as, or Isaiah. The reference here is to Isaiah 11:1 in the Christian Old Testament that there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse. Christians have interpreted this as a prophesy of the Messiah, whom they believe to be Jesus. In the common English version of this hymn, the line is Come O rod of Jesses stem. Redime:  From the verb redimir, to redeem. Alà ©grate: From the reflexive form of the verb alegrar. Aurora: The aurora is the first light of dawn. In the English version, Dayspring is used here. Alumbranos: Alumbrar  means to enlighten or to give light. Disipar: Although this verb can be translated as to dissipate, in the context of this song it is better translated as to get rid of or to dispel. Oscuridad: This word can mean obscurity, as when referring ideas. But it far more often means darkness. The related adjective is oscuro. Solaz: In some contexts, solaz refers to rest or relaxation. Llave de David: This phrase, meaning key of David, is a reference to an Old Testament verse, Isaiah 22:22, which Christians have understood to refer symbolically to the authority of the coming Messiah. Lleguemos: This verb for is an example of the subjunctive mood. Llegar is a common verb meaning to arrive. Note that llegar is irregular because the -g- of the stem changes to -gu- when followed by an e to maintain the correct pronunciation. Celeste: Here, this word has the meaning of celestial. However, in other contexts it can refer to the blue color of the sky. Haz: This is an irregular form of hacer.

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Case Study 7 - Tsutomu Shimomura Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Case Study 7 - Tsutomu Shimomura - Assignment Example 2. Tsumoto felt that computer security could only be served while being on the path of the â€Å"White hat† rather than be at the dark side which Mitnick eventually was. Being on this path also allowed Tsumoto to get law enforcements help to take out the hacker which he would have not no matter how much successful he would have been in tracking the hacker. 3. I believe that Mitnick would not have been caught if Tsumoto didn’t get involved. Law enforcement were in a disadvantage as far as having the technical knowledge of tracking a hacker in concerned and only Tsumoto was in a perfect position to track the hacker, thus Tsumoto started the hunt for Mitnick which ultimately led to his arrest (Notable hackers - Securelist). 4. I believe that it’s rare to be a professional hacker and yet stay on the right side of the law. Lust for money, greed eventually lead many of the professional hackers to go in the path of dark side and thus eventually against the law. Too much professional pride, over confidence also results in going on the wrong path of the

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Business Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Marketing - Essay Example Among this two, the marketers mainly use the concept of adaption i.e. changing the product according to needs of the customers belonging to different countries as various major companies have failed due to use of the straight extension policy. One of such examples could be Google Inc. Google entered in the year 2007 and became one of the leading search engines in the Chinese market. However, Google had been using the same marketing mix in China also. The internet content in China was heavily censored by the government and soon the problems in the form of delays lead to customer dissatisfaction and Google started to lose market share. To make things worse for the company, Google started facing competition from local search engine company Baidu. Google tried to censor the contents but it turned out to be a bit too late and Google had to leave the country. This case shows how important the external environmental factors are important in case of international marketing and how neglecting those factors can lead to heavy prices (Czinzota, Ronkainen, Moffett, Marinova & Marinov, 2009, pp. 423-429). Answer-2 Intermediaries are the channel partners that help the marketers to reach out to customers. Intermediaries are mainly middle –men like wholesalers, retailer, etc (Kotler, 2001, p. 25). From the point of view of the marketers intermediaries are of great help when it comes to market expansion and customer reach. Intermediaries help the marketers to reach to different customers within a relatively short period of time. The intermediaries like wholesalers and retailers help the marketers in breaking the bulk and selling the end product to the customers. Without the help of the intermediaries it would be extremely difficult to reach to the customers on their own. Also sometimes intermediaries may actually have better knowledge of a certain section of the market as compared to the marketers. Hence the marketers can actually use the knowledge and expertise of the in termediaries to gain customer insights. Also in some cases the reputations of the intermediaries help the marketers in case of promoting the product. The importances of the intermediaries become even more important in international marketing. In case of international marketing the marketers operate in alien conditions. The brand awareness of the marketers in the international market is very low. Also the marketers have little insight and knowledge about the customers. If the marketers would look to invest directly in the market it could prove to be of great risks due to the facts mentioned above. Hence, most of the times the marketers look for joint ventures or strategic alliance with some local firms. These firms usually have good insights about the local market. This allows the company to use the marketing and sales of the local firm. In this way the intermediaries help the marketers in cost as well as in risk reduction (Henry, 2008, p. 89). One of the major concerns in case of th e use of the intermediaries for the marketers has been the issue off control. On numerous

Career Development Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Career Development Plan - Essay Example In developing a career plan it is important to recognize and take advantage of all tools and resources that are available. As a freshman student I will need short term and long term goals, along with flexibility along the way to reach my desired result. It is my intention to become gainfully employed in human resources. In deciding to work in human resources I first had to determine what their role was within a company. Human resources development includes a vast array of assignments within a company but ultimately they are employed to develop, enhance, organize, and mentor for employees within the company. This can include developing training appropriate for employees, coaching, managing benefits, new hire orientations and any activity whose goal is to better an employee. Entry opportunities available are internships within companies who will provide me with hands on training that I will need to be successful. Education that I’m receiving will continue to strengthen my abilities and knowledge. Large companies especially hire interns, aware of the potential and talent that will be developed during the course of my education. Employers look for promising employees during open house sessions, often held on campus, with the intentions of recruiting those interested in human resources and resource development.

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Google Glass Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Google Glass - Essay Example Since its inception into the market, there have been diverse concerns about the use of Google Glass and this is especially the case when it comes to its potential of violating privacy rights. Privacy rights advocates have raised concerns about Google Glass users being able to identify strangers through the use of facial recognition software or even record private conversations and broadcast these conversations. This is a matter that might lead to potential legal problems for Google Glass because its widespread usage might become an inconvenience for others in society. It is for this reasons that some institutions and companies have opted to make sure that they place signs banning the use of Google Glass within their premises (Streitfeld, 2013). Organizations such as the FTC Fair Information Practice have set up guidelines which are meant to ensure that privacy rights are upheld and these have become important especially in regulating new technology such as Google Glass. Despite the privacy concerns, the development of Google Glass is one of the most fascinating stories of the twenty first century. This is because it has evolved from a prototype weighing some 8 pounds in 2011 to being lighter than the average sunglasses; showing the rapid development of this technology over such a short time. However, its original incarnations were not very appealing as a result of their not being fashionable and this has triggered Google to make this product more appealing to the market by making it more fashionable (Friedman, 2015).

Markiting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Markiting - Essay Example For calculate the benefits the company must has marketing tool in find out buyer wants, behaviour and market size. 2)Developing Marketing Strategies – a company needs makng a positioning strategy. It must follow new-product developmet, testing and launching. Just after launching the product strategy has to undergone many changes in the different stages of product life-cycle. When a product is launch the product has to passes by four stages which are introduction, growth, maturity and decline and this cycle is called product life cycle (Kotler 2004). The figure given below shows a typical bell shaped product life cycle in terms of product revenue and profits. A new product takes time to settle in the minds of consumers. So ate first there happens low or no profits, low sales and high promotional expenditures (Kotler 2004). The marketing mix is affecting this way: 4)Promotion is done for holding innovators and quickly adopters. Marketing communications are everytime helping in educating and bringing interest in those consumers who may go for the product in future. In the growth stage sales increases because more consumers come to know the product and and buy it (Kotler 2004). There is competition. Attention is now on the safeguarding market share and also maximizing profit. In the following way it assist the marketing managers to making decisions: In the decline stage the sales of the product goes down a lot because of many reasons like change in technology, change in consumers tastes, more domestic and internation competitions (Kotler 2004). In such a stage the marketing managers should: Examples: Boston Market which declared bankruptcy and was taken over by McDonald’s came back into existence by revilatizing (Kotler 2004). Even Pitney Bowes was once predicting that the company will fail due to internet but the company still continuing as it

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Google Glass Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Google Glass - Essay Example Since its inception into the market, there have been diverse concerns about the use of Google Glass and this is especially the case when it comes to its potential of violating privacy rights. Privacy rights advocates have raised concerns about Google Glass users being able to identify strangers through the use of facial recognition software or even record private conversations and broadcast these conversations. This is a matter that might lead to potential legal problems for Google Glass because its widespread usage might become an inconvenience for others in society. It is for this reasons that some institutions and companies have opted to make sure that they place signs banning the use of Google Glass within their premises (Streitfeld, 2013). Organizations such as the FTC Fair Information Practice have set up guidelines which are meant to ensure that privacy rights are upheld and these have become important especially in regulating new technology such as Google Glass. Despite the privacy concerns, the development of Google Glass is one of the most fascinating stories of the twenty first century. This is because it has evolved from a prototype weighing some 8 pounds in 2011 to being lighter than the average sunglasses; showing the rapid development of this technology over such a short time. However, its original incarnations were not very appealing as a result of their not being fashionable and this has triggered Google to make this product more appealing to the market by making it more fashionable (Friedman, 2015).

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Human resources management. Personal Case Study Reflection Essay

Human resources management. Personal Case Study Reflection - Essay Example Instead of hiring another architect to succeed him, the position was united with that of the SMA in an affiliate mall. Since the current SMA with expanded duties held office in another mall and only remotely communicated with Robinsland, a ‘stand-in’ was assigned with whom he could coordinate. This was Edna, who worked as technical clerk in the leasing department, a marketing group. Leasing was a logical unit to relate with the mall architects because they dealt with tenants. As junior architect, Charles’ main job was to coordinate with the tenants and conduct inspections of their units, making sure that they met the mall standards for repair and refurbishing. As soon as Edna began her new function, friction erupted between her and Charles. Edna was heard fuming: ‘OMG, Charles, you are the reason for all my problems! You are the technical person, you should know this!’ When interviewed by the Group Manager (GM), Charles expressed that he was always stressed, and he and Edna had communication problems. Charles was demoralised and was thinking of resigning. However, the GM felt that he had great potential in the company, and wanted him to stay, also because architects were getting harder to recruit for mall operations. Issues and their causes The issues in this case are squarely within the sphere of human resources management and deal with how individuals behave in relation to each other in an organisation. There are three principal issues that surfaced. Staffing The first is the issue of staffing, which is broadly defined as â€Å"the process of determining human resource needs in an organisation and securing sufficient quanti ties of qualified people to fill those needs† (Caruth, et al., 2009, p. 2). Specifically in this case, the issue revolved around the assignment of duties on the basis of convenience, not capability. The facts showed that Edna acted as bridge the role of junior architect and SMA, yet was not an architect. Expanding the scope of duties of the other SMA over two malls was a mistake because the individual occupying that position cannot effectively discharge his duties particularly pertaining to Robinsland. Charles may be an architect, but as a junior he has no prerogative to decide matters that Edna knew nothing about. Organisations’ staffing policies should require that the individual possess the skills and knowledge to discharge the duties. Motivation The second issue is that of motivation, defined as â€Å"those psychological processes that cause the arousal, direction, and persistence of voluntary actions that are goal directed† (Mitchell, 1982, p. 81). In this d efinition, the meaning of â€Å"goal† is admitted even by experts to be ambiguous. One construct can mean â€Å"achievement goal† such as those encountered in a school or sports setting (Shah & Gardner, 2008, p. 238). In this case, however, while achievement goal may apply, it seems inadequate in explaining the cause of the conflict. Aside from the purpose of achieving the goals of their functions, Charles and Edna were also motivated by personal goals – for Charles, the fulfilment of his architectural interests, and for Edna, the need to be recognised as competent in her new job. Supervisory training It is noticeable that Edna’s designation as â€Å"technical clerk† is rank-and-file and not supervisory. A supervisor is one who is put in charge of rank-and-file personnel and is the first line of management in the organisation (McConnell, 2011). The supervisor’

Organizational Behaviour Essay Example for Free

Organizational Behaviour Essay As we all know and have all experienced, organizational behaviour is the knowledge concerned with the structure, functioning, performance of an organization, and the behaviour of groups and individuals within it. Organizational behaviour is a wide-spread notion and closely related to organization chart, organization culture, organization development, organization dilemma, and organizational socialization, etc. Though its an intangible theory of multifacets, organizational behaviour does play an immeasurable role geared to our needs in many fields. However, how does the writer understand organizational behaviour? Behind this question lies sorts of sophisticated tracking-down of this fascinating miracle of organizational behaviour. Organizational bahaviour is extremely important to our life and work. It has a great influence on them, but it is very hard to understand as well. The writer here wants to develop five points as he has understood. They are group or team roles and leadership, social responsibility, motivation, personality within the organizational behaviour territory.  Team Roles and Leadership  Team roles and leadership are related to each other and linked by collective goals. What do these concepts mean? Lets go to Huczynski and Buchanan(2001:890, 882) for their definitions respectively: Team Role: An individuals tendency to behave in particular preferred ways which contribute to and interrelate with other members in a team.  Leadership: The process of establishing goals and influencing the behaviour of others in the pursuit of effective goal achievement.  In order to make a clear image, lets have a look at Team Role first. Actually, a very popular and widely used approach to understanding team roles was developed by Belbins team role theory. We can remind ourselves of each of Belbins nine team roles, which are plant, resource investigator, co-ordinator, shaper, monitor-evaluator, teamworker, implementer, completer and specialist, by scoring the Belbins team role questionnaire. Honestly, the sentences which you think best describe your behaviour when you are doing the questionnaire determine the accurate team role you are playing. When we are in our own team role, we should lay great emphasis on contribution. What we believe we can contribute to a team may involve : 1) producing ideas is one of our natural assets; 2) we can work well with a very wide range of people, etc. As long as we are partners or colleagues, our performance may affect each others. For instance, we would be ready to work with the person who took the most positive approach if we were suddenly given a harsh task within limited time and with unfamiliar people. Therefore we must get on so well with our partners as to benefit our collective goals. While it is quite intangible and abstract to understand leadership, the writer wants to take an example with a metaphor describing the relationship between team role and leadership. The conductor (leadership) of the orchestra controls the co-operation of the musicians to play a piece of music, i.e., the timing, tune and pitch (arrangement) of every instrument are very carefully controlled and co-ordinated. In turn, the musicians (team role) also influence the behaviour of the conductor. If one instrument plays too loudly or too slowly, the conductor will demand adjustment and therefore maintain balance of the whole orchestra. In order to facilitate the performance of the orchestra, the conductor should have some knowledge on every musical instrument but he does not need to be keen on or good at all of them. He should strengthen the orchestra through charisma, insight, creativity, trust, stimulation, consideration, etc. If it is necessary, he can empower a head musician to lead one group of musical instruments (team work). In leader behaviour, you would always act as the spokesperson for your group, or you would stress being ahead of competing groups, or you would encourage overtime working. etc. Once you are assessing which preferred leadership style you are, the following elements should be taken into consideration: 1) whether or not you are qualified enough for the work or to be with and guide your employees? 2) whether or not you want to accept other ideas? 3) whether or not people are happy in doing their work and productivity is high? and 4) whether or not people enjoy their work and are productive because of positive reinforcement? Leadership is related to how you think you would like to behave before and with your employees and to how you work out optimized projects for your firms.

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History of Globalization

History of Globalization INTRODUCTION: Historical Background of Globalisation For developing countries, globalization means integration with the world economy. In simple economic terms, globalization refers to the process of integration of the world into one huge market. Such unification calls for the removal of all trade barriers among countries. Even political and geographical barriers become irrelevant. At the company level, globalization means two things: (a) the company commits itself heavily with several manufacturing locations around the world and offers products in several diversified industries and (b) it also means the ability to compete in domestic markets with foreign competitors. In the popular sense, globalization refers mainly to multi-plant operations. International Monetary Fund defines globalization as the growing economic interdependence of countries worldwide through increasing volume and variety of cross border transactions in goods and services and of international capital flows and also through the more rapid and widespread diffusion of technology. Charles Hill defines globalization as, the shift towards a more integrated and interdependent world economy. Globalization has two main components- the globalization of market and the globalization of production. Interdependency and Integration of individual countries of the world may be called as globalization. Thus globalization integrates not only economies but also societies. The globalization process includes globalization of markets, globalization of production, globalization of technology and globalization of investment. Globalization encompasses the following: Doing or planning to expand, business globally. Giving up the distinction between the domestic facilities on a consideration of the global outlook of the business. Locating the production and other physical facilities on a consideration of the global business dynamics, irrespective of national considerations. Basing product development and production planning on the global market considerations. Global sourcing of factors of production, i.e., raw materials, components, machinery/technology, finance etc., are obtained from the best source anywhere in the world. Global orientation of organizational structure and management culture. A company, which has gone global, is called a Multinational (MNC) or a transnational (TNC). An MNC is, therefore, one that, by operating in more than one country, gains through Research and Development (RD), leading to substantial production, marketing and financial advantages in its cost and reputation that are not available to purely domestic competitors. The global economy views the world as one market, minimize the importance of national boundaries, raised capital and market wherever it can do the job best. To be specific, a global company has three characteristics: i) It is a conglomerate of gathering multiple units (located in different parts of the globe) but all linked by common ownership. ii) Multiple units draw on a common pool of resources such as money, credit, information, patents, trade names and control system iii) The units respond to some common strategy. Nestle International is an example of an enterprise that has become multinational. It sells its products in most countries and manufactures in many. Besides, its manager and shareholders are from many nations. The other MNCs whose names can be mentioned here are IBM, GE, McDonald, Ford, Shell, Philips, Sony, and Uniliver. Stages of Globalization/globalization process Globalization does not take place in a single instance. It takes place gradually through an evolutionary approach. According to Ohamae, globalization has five stages. They are: 1) Domestic company exports to foreign countries through the dealers or distributors of the home country. 2) In the second stage, the domestic company exports to foreign countries directly on its own. 3) In the third stage, the domestic company becomes an international company by establishing production and marketing operations in various key foreign countries. 4) In the fourth stage, the company replicates a foreign company in the foreign country by having all the facilities including RD, full-fledged human resources etc. 5) In the fifth stages, the company becomes a true foreign company by serving the needs of foreign customers just like the host countrys company serves. 6) Thus, globalization means globalizing the marketing, production, investment, technology and other activities. ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT Economic globalization refers to the increasing economic interdependence of the national economies across the world through the rapid increase in the cross-border movement of goods, service, technology and capital. Whereas, it is centered on the diminution of international trade regulations as well as the tariffs, taxes, and other impediments that suppresses global trade, it is the process which increasing economic integration among countries, leading to the emergence of a global marketplace or single world market. Depending on the paradigm, economic globalization can be viewed as either a positive or a negative phenomenon. Economic globalization comprises the globalization of production, markets, competition, technology, and corporations and industries. Current globalization trends can be largely accounted for by developed economies integrating with less developed economies, by means of foreign direct investment, the reduction of trade barrier as well as other economic reforms and, in many cases, immigration. As example, Chinese economic reform began to open China to the globalization in the 1980s. Scholars find that China has attained the degree of openness that is unprecedented among the large and populous nations, with competition from foreign goods in almost every sector of the economy. Foreign investment helped to greatly increase quality, knowledge and standards, especially in heavy industry. Chinas experience supports the assertion that globalization greatly increases wealth for poor countries. As of 2005-2007, the Port of Shanghai holds the title as the Worlds busiest port. Economic liberalization in India refers to ongoing economic reforms in India that started in 1991. As of 2009, about 300 million people-equivalent to the entire population of the U.S-have escaped extreme poverty. In India, business process outsourcing has been described as the primary engine of the countrys development over the next few decades, contributing broadly to GDP growth, employment growth, and poverty alleviation. SUPPORT AND CRITICISM In general, corporate businesses, particularly in the area of finance, globalization as the positive force in the world. Many economists cite statistics that seem to support such positive impact. For example, per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth among post-1980 globalizing countries accelerated from 1.4 percent a year in the 1960s and 2.9 percent a year in the 1970s to 3.5 percent in the 1980s and 5.0 percent in the 1990s. This acceleration in growth seems even more remarkable given that the rich countries saw steady declines in growth from the high of 4.7 percent in the 1960s to 2.2 percent in the 1990s. Also, the non-globalizing developing countries seem to fare worse than the globalizes, with the formers annual growth rates falling from highs of 3.3 percent during the 1970s to only 1.4 percent during the 1990s. This rapid growth among the globalization is not simply due to the strong performances of China and India in the 1980s and 1990s-18 out of the 24 globalizers expe rienced increases in growth, many of them quite substantial. Economic liberals generally argue that higher degrees of political and economic freedom in the form of free trade in the developed world are ends in themselves, producing higher levels of overall material wealth. Globalization is seen as the beneficial spread of liberty and capitalism. Jagdish Bhagwati, a former adviser to the U.N. on globalization, holds that, although there are obvious problems with overly rapid development, globalization is a very positive force that lifts countries out of poverty by causing a virtuous economic cycle associated with faster economic growth. Economist Paul Krugman is the staunch supporter of globalization and free trade with a record of disagreeing with many critics of globalization. He argues that many of them lack a basic understanding of comparative advantage and its importance in todays world. EFFECTS OF GLOBALISATION Globalization is both beneficial and harmful for different stakeholders. Globalization has both benefits and limitation. Benefits of Globalization: (1) Free flow of capital: Globalization helps for free the flow of capital from one country to the other. It helps the investor to get a fair interest rate or dividend and the global companies to acquire finance at lower cost of capital. Further, globalization increases capital flows from surplus countries to the needy countries, which in turn increase the global investment. (2) Free Flow of Technology: As stated earlier, globalization helps for the flow of technology from advanced countries to the developing countries. It helps the developing countries to implement new technology. (3) Increase in Industrialization: Free flow of capital along with the technology enables the developing countries to boost-up industrialization in their countries. This ultimately increases global industrialization. (4) Lower Price with High Quality: Indian consumers have already been getting the products of high quality at lower prices. Increased industrialization, speed up of technology, increased production and consumption level enables the companies to produce and sell the products at lower prices. (5) Cultural exchange and demand for a variety of products: Globalization reduces the physical distance among the countries and enable people of different countries to acquire the culture of other countries. The cultural exchange, in turn makes the people to demand for a variety of products which are being consumed in other countries. For example, demand for American pizza in India and demand for Masala Dosa and Hyderabadi Birayani and Indian styles garments in USA and Europe. (6) Increase in Employment and Income: Globalization results in shift of manufacturing facilities to the low wage developing countries. As such, it reduces job opportunities in advanced countries and alternatively creates job opportunities in developing countries. For example Harwood Industries (US cloth manufactures) shifted its operation from US (paying wages $ per hour) to Honduras (wage rate was 48 % per hour). However, advanced countries can specialize in producing high technology product resulting in enhancement of employment opportunities. For example, Microsoft Cell Phone in USA. (7) Higher Standards of Living: Further, Globalization reduces prices and thereby enhances consumption and living standards of people in all the countries of the world. Though the globalization process produces a variety of benefits/advantages, developing countries including, India have bitter experiences. These bitter experiences are due to the disadvantage of Globalization. Limitation of Globalization (1) Heterogeneity of Problems: A major hurdle in the path of globalization is the absence of a universally accepted set of solution of the problems which have to be tackled. Some of these problems happen to be political and social ones, but even their solutions have economic implications. Frequently, the proposed solutions are such that some countries view them as more harmful than beneficial. Usually, the developed countries are not ready to share the gains of globalization with developing ones on an equitable basis and this hinders a smooth transition to globalization. (2) Reluctance of Developing Countries: The developing countries, on their part, have the bitter experience of being forced into giving trade and non-trade concessions to the developed countries at the cost of their own interest. They realize that, with them, the developed countries want to have free trade and not fair trade. The developed countries keep finding fresh reasons for adding to the trade disadvantages of the developing countries. (3) Non- Economic Hurdles: Any form of economic integration, by its very nature, necessitates a corresponding compromise of national sovereignty; and it is more so in the case of global economics integration. This poses a very difficult and often unacceptable choice for national governments. For example, a national government may find itself forced to abandon measures for providing food security, or jobs during a natural calamity, etc. (4) Factor Mobility: Globalization necessitates unhindered international factor mobility. Developing countries feel that unrestricted mobility of capital and finance can be damaging for them; while developed countries are apprehensive about the effects of unrestricted immigration of low wage labor. In other words, while globalization is expected to bring about free factor mobility and factor price equalization, most countries are apprehensive about such phenomena. (5) Social Security: With globalization, it becomes increasingly difficult for a government (particularly of a developing country) to create and finance a social security system. Such like provisions tend to lose their priority in a market-oriented globalization. (6) Risks and Uncertainties: Progress towards globalization is also hindered by uncertainties relating to a possible shift in political and economic philosophy of some member countries; the fear of nationalization by the MNCs, the resistances to cultural invasion associated with unrestricted inflow of foreign capital and enterprises, and so on. (7) Infrastructure: Provision of economical and efficient infrastructure is essential for economic development. However, the responsibility of providing it remains essentially with the government of country. Therefore, there is a risk that a poor country, which is not able to provide infrastructure for inviting foreign investment capital, may remain perpetually poor and suffer from inferior terms of trade in the bargain.

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legalize :: essays research papers

Cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs throughout the world. The psychoactive constituent of cannabis, delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9-THC), produces a myriad of pharmacological effects in animals and humans. Marijuana has been in use for over 4,000 years as a therapeutic and as a recreational drug. It can have both stimulant and sedative properties. In usual intoxicating doses, it produces a sense of well-being, relaxation, a loss of temporal awareness, slowing of thought processes, impairment of short term memory, and a feeling of achieving special insights. At high dosed marijuana can induce panic, toxic delirium, and not often, psychosis. Marijuana is the term used to describe the leaves and flowering tops of the Cannabis sativa plant. Like other herbal medicines, the Cannabis plant plays host to a number of chemicals. The plant houses approximately 460 known compounds. Sixty of these are unique to the Cannabis plant and are called cannabinoids. The primary psychoactive cannabinoid is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) interacts with cannabinoid receptors to trigger dopamine relase from the mesolimbic reward system. Chemically the cannabinoids are classed as terpenoid (terpene-like). These compounds occur as essential oils within many plants and some are involved in vitamin, steroid and pigment formation. There are two known endogenous cannabinoid receptors named CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are found primarily in the brain. They are most prevalent in the hippocampus, cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, and cerebellum. CB1 receptors in the hippocampus mediate effects on short-term memory. CB2 receptors are also found in the brain, but more so expressed by cells of the immune system, especially B cells. The CB receptor is a G protein mediated receptor that affects primarily calcium and potassium channel activation (Howlett et al, 1995). Both receptors are G protein linked, decrease adenyl cyclase activity, inhibit calcium N channels, and disinhibit potassium channels. Functional changes are most notable in neuronal excitability and neurotransmitter release. Both receptor types selectively bind THC, the active principle in marijuana, and anandamide, an endogenous cannabimimetic eicosanoid (Felder et al, 2000). As was just mentioned, there is also an endogenous cannabinoid system, the brain’s own marijuana, capable of activating these cannabinoid receptors functionally. These endocannabinoids are synthesized by neurons and inactivated by reuptake systems and enzymes in both neurons and glia. Initially, the receptors were considered orphaned receptors meaning that there were no endogenous ligands. Subsequent research turned up two endogenous cannabinoid ligands, anandamide and 2-arachidonylglycerol, that not only bind to the receptors but also mimic many of the biological actions of plant-derived cannabinoids.

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Individual Assignment Essay

1. Introduction Nowadays, as experts are studying further and further about personality, the importance of it in the society and workplaces is highly aware by everyone. The more we know about personalities, the better we can understand why people do the things they do, and how to communicate with them. Knowing about our own personalities, we can improve our styles, reduce stress and conflicts as well as develop positive attitudes in life (punctuality, flexibility, willingness to learn, friendliness†¦) Therefore, through this paper, I will examine deeply in my personalities as a particular example to further understand this matter. Moreover, with the focus on how it affects me in personal and professional development, I can find and improve myself to achieve the best success in my future. 2. Methodology The basic concept of my assignment is the Big Five Personality Model. â€Å"Five basic dimensions underlie all other and encompass most of the variation in human personality† are: * Extraversion: one’s comfort level with relationships. Extraverts get their energy from interacting with others, while introverts get their energy from within themselves. Extraversion includes the traits of energetic, talkative, and assertive while introversion personalities are usually quiet, reserved and shy. * Agreeableness: the extent to which a person is good-natured, helpful, trusting, and cooperative. Traits include being kind, affectionate, cheerful and warm. * Conscientiousness: responsibilities and reliabilities. Conscientious people have self-discipline, well-organized, careful and responsible. * Openness to experiences: creative minds and willingness to learn. People with high level of openness tend to be imaginative, curious, independent and somehow artistic. * Emotional Stability: ability to deal with stress and other tense situations. A person who is very stable emotionally would remain calm in many situations and would feel secure. Bases on this theory, with the help of an online website, I’ve got the result about my personalities according to Big Five Model. With this result, I will be able to evaluate and improve my career as well as my positive personalities. 3. Analysis results: Results: In my opinion, this result is matched 80% with my real personalities. In real life, I can be comfortable with people that I already knew before, especially classmates, parents, siblings†¦ I can do silly things, say lots of random things, and joke freely. However, with strangers, I usually keep a secured distance, be formal and respective as much as possible. Sometimes, in disadvantaged circumstances, I might be shy and stay quiet all the time being with strangers as I don’t want strangers to know too much about myself. That’s why my result in Extroversion is a little above average score (59/100 respectively). Consequently, this will help me find balance in group working, be opened and be quiet when needed. My job performance will be improved along with my social skills. Moreover, in competitive situations, especially facing with rivals, I can keep them from knowing about my strength and weakness; or pretend like I am not a dangerous rival for them. Next, refer to Openness to Experience trait, because I really like original, conventional and unchangeable things so the low score (20/100) is reasonable. I don’t have a variety of interests but only a few one and do it thoroughly with my passion. However, sometimes the closeness in my mind prevents me from create new ideas and stay creative while brainstorming. But it’s true that I am a down-to-earth person as I really hate unclear, misleading, dishonest things/people. I know this attitude sometimes has a bad effect on my career and my personal life since I am not willing to learn new things so my training performance will not be as good as I expect. If I am a leader, I might ignore helpful creative ideas from my teammates. My honest and straight personality also bring me hard times dealing with others although it’s a really worthy trait. However, I believe that the original is always the best basement for my every innovation. It helps me balance a group that contains many open-minded people and keep conventional values of life. This conventional and honest personality might be one of the important reasons leads to my disagreeableness (22/100 of agreeableness). Because I am a little stubborn and hard to be persuaded, sometimes I find the dishonest people, the unclear things or the too-reliable-on-others person really uncomfortable and annoy me. Normally, I am quite kind and lovable; but whenever I am concentrating in doing something, I can easily be irritated by people who try to distract me. My perfection attitude also get me into quarrels as I always find the mistakes in others’ performances and try to fix it for them. Nevertheless, as my friends and teammates stated, the perfectionist inside me really helps them a lot when they complete their tasks. I am easy to be angry and annoyed but it’s always reasonable and related to work issues or problems of the equity. So I think this is not a disadvantage but an advantage for my career and personal life. Besides that, my flexibility in Emotional Stability helps me a lot in dealing with these two weaknesses. Despite easily being irritated by others, I can hold it in and balance my emotions really well. I made decision for tense situations really slowly and calmly. I don’t take it as a pressure or stress but only a problem like other problems everyone needs to face in life. One important reason for the low score is I am truly an optimist, seeing things with believe, happiness and hope. It’s not that I paint my life with pink, but my rational thinking always leads me to better things, not worsen the situations. As a result, my stress level will be reduced a lot, prevent me from being overload with tasks, problems, personal matters†¦ Because I know how to show my expressions and emotions at the right time, to the right person, my social relationships are really good, bring me benefits in both personal and professional life. I can tell that I have only one close best friend; but I have a lot of good friends who are ready to help me anytime I need, thanks to my emotional stability. The last trait is conscientiousness with high score at 83/100. This indicates that I am a well-organized, disciplined and reliable person. I really hate disorganized things and people. I always try to arrange my stuff into a fixed positions and I hate when someone try to change it or make it messy. I usually make plans; review its process regularly and try to finish as perfect as possible. If I am assigned a task, I will try to do it thoroughly and not let anyone complain about my performance, or at least reach the bearable stage. This is applied with not only my personal events but also my working tasks and problems, especially tasks I have a lot of interests in like handicrafts, writing for magazines, reviewing things. In my point of view, this is the most important trait among five traits. My great efforts and responsibilities will bring me more and more knowledge, then contribute to higher level of my job performance, as well as help me organize my life effectively. Not only those but people also trust me and respect me for my enthusiasm, concentration and reliability. Therefore, if I am a leader, I can easily affect and lead my teammates follow my decisions or instructions; also my position, status in the group will be firm and long lasted. 4. Conclusion & Lessons learned To summarize, my personalities according to Big Five are quite correct and bearable. The five traits, no matter how high or low, have certain effects on our personal and professional development. It also indicates that everyone has their own personalities and no one is similar to another one. Although this is only a test and might not say everything about oneself, but based on those personalities, we can find the best solutions for our problems, the best way to live and the best career to take. Knowing about personalities, we can try to improve the good side and reduce or fix the bad side of our attitude to improve our living standard, job performance and satisfaction. Moreover, when dealing with relationships in society, we can have a wider view of one person, especially when being a leader joining in group works or assigning suitable tasks.

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Empowered to formulate

Strategic management involves decision making , formulation# and implementation of plans and carrying out actions towards achieving the objectives as changes are brought forth in the business environment and complexity of the equines. It is a continuous, long term process that requires strategic foresight and consists of risk.The strategic management is empowered to formulate policies regarding capital investment, mergers, expansion and so on. Some of the areas looked at under this management: Operations; decisions pertaining to production scheduling, inventory levels, pricing, marketing strategy, etc. These are often repetitive in nature, decentralized and at a the functional level Administrative; changes in organization triggered by strategic and operating problems. #Strategy formulation: SOOT Analysis: Strength- Weaknesses of the firm-opportunities-Threats. The four conditions will indicate the portfolio strategy and other strategies it should pursue.It presents itself as a system atic approach. Strength: strong brand name, quality products, state of the art tech, strong R&D support, good human resource management, good industrial relations, good reserves and high credit rating, efficient board of directors Weaknesses: poor sales force, weak distribution, poor inventory management, high costs, poor human resources, poor morale, low credit rating and inefficient managers. Opportunities: regulation, import liberalizing, economic boom, favorable change in customer behavior, consumerism Threats: political instability, recession, lower income and reduction in population.TOES Matrix: strategy- formulation tool based on internal(s; w) and external factors(o; t) SO strategy; maximize strength, maximize opportunity WOW strategy: minimize weakness, maximize opportunity SST strategy: maximize strength, min threat WIT strategy: min weakness, min threat. Strategic management has its downside too; it requires highly experienced or qualified members making it a costly affai r. Even good strategies lacking implementation may not yield the expected result thus causing frustration. The environment can be highly unpredictable bringing risks and a MIS-timed strategy can result in heavy losses.

Employment and Line Management Essay

†¢1.1 Communication is a vital thing in the workshop, it is very important so that jobs are done productively and correctly. If the communication in the workshop was poor mistakes would Begin to take place and accidents could occur. †¢1.2 The different methods of communication to the line management and colleagues are by talking to one another, team meetings, by telephone and even letters. In busy circumstances its best to use the telephone as its time efficient instead of wondering around searching for people. †¢1.3 The different methods of communication to my and colleagues are by talking to one another, team meetings, by telephone, letters and even hand signals. These are all helpful in different circumstances such as when its extremely noisy in the workshop and a person is on the other side of the workshop, hand signals would be best in that situation. †¢2.1 To plan my sequence of work from the relevant information I am given I find out what materials I require, what tools I need to assist me through the job and what PPE I need to protect me from the dangers. †¢2.2 When starting a new job I firstly look for any mistakes in the drawing, once I am satisfied I then carry on by finding out what materials I require to complete the job and then finally retrieve all of my tools that I need to assist me through the work process until I complete the job. †¢2.3 Work is carried out to the workshop using job plans, risk assessments and all other procedures. The resources that I use are job sheets, shop plans, time sheets and drawings. To reduce carbon emissions, there is an extraction system installed into the workshop. †¢2.4 The way our workshop contributes to a low carbon emission environment is that we have extraction systems built throughout the workshop to keep the emission levels at a low level. †¢3.1 The required relevant documentation that I provide is my time sheet. It shows the amount of hours I have spent on a job so that the consultants can then get a price to give to the customers. †¢3.2 I maintain my drawings and time sheets by keeping them in a locked draw. Time sheets are required to be filled in and complete every week and has to be submitted on a Monday morning before 8:00am. †¢3.3 If I do not ensure that my time sheets are not handed in on time, I will not get paid at the end of the week. With my job sheets, if it’s not complete within the given hours the customer has to pay more as the labour cost raises. †¢4.1 I am very able to work productively to the agreed specification and inline with the line management, colleagues and relevant people involved by finding out if they are pleased with the work produced and the quality. †¢4.2 I find that everyone is equal and that no one should be treated different. People tend to treat apprentices with less respect than others as they are not qualified and think they are not capable. Apprentice or not, people should not be treated different. †¢4.3 To maintain a good working relationship in my place of work I do the work that is asked of me and in the required time and in a good quality. With individuals I get on with them by being polite and cleaning after myself. †¢4.4 I think it’s good to keep a good working relation ship with the line management and colleagues as it doesn’t make it a challenge to talk to them or ask them for any information that is required. †¢4.5 Getting on with the line management and other working colleagues is important because it can make your time there difficult and non bearable. It also doesn’t make it a challenge when needing to ask for information or a specification. †¢4.6 When working with others you must never treat them any different than you would like to be treated. You should never talk down to people or think of them as lower than you.

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Balancing Executive Development Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Balancing Executive Development - Coursework Example Boral Approach to Executive Development is a one of its kind program that has all the necessary elements that can make any program successful. Not only does it induce self-directed learning but also links performance to tangible results. It also allows for application of learning to real business cases and hence reinforces whatever learning is acquired during the course of the program. Some recommendations that can help Boral HRD practitioners make this program even more beneficial for their organization are listed below: 1. Currently this program is only for senior level executives who have achieved some recognition in the organization already through their hard work and capability. Boral can initiate such a program for middle and lower level managers and employees as well, so that they can develop technical, conceptual and social skills appropriate for their managerial level. 2. Boral can also take input from participants in order to make this program even more successful. Suggestions can be rated according to their impact on program and originality and the best one can then be incorporated into the executive development program. 3. Technology can be used to facilitate distance learning. Currently participants are expected to gather at a common place and take classes where it is convenient for all. If the scope of this program is extended then it will be beneficial to use video conferencing and other such tools to allow employees in remote locations to benefit from such a program. 4. In order to support ongoing learning in the workplace, Boral should seek assistance from higher institutions for vocational education and with universities. 5. Boral HRD practitioners should participate in professional associations and form networks with HRD practitioners of other organizations in order to keep themselves updated with respect to changing workforce development needs. 1 Introduction Learning has become, and will remain, an important issue for humans, as more and more nations now look towards evolving into "learning societies". Work organizations are becoming important

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Religion and theology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Religion and theology - Essay Example In â€Å"Sustaining preachers and preaching† Lovell & Richardson depict to us the practice of evangelization in our churches by elucidating on the importance of renewal of preaching style. Lovell & Richardson advocate an evangelization style that will endorse dialogical, and one that will hinder authoritarian and stentorian monolog. Thus, Lovell & Richardson coax ministers to inculcate the preaching elegance that is grounded in prayers and scriptures and one that is inspired by the Holy Spirit hence increasing the faith, love that will renew the hope and replenishes of those who hear it. It is central for us to comprehend that preaching must be based on scriptures that are inspired by Holy Spirit that is necessary for increasing our faith and that of the congregation hence rekindling our hope in Jesus Christ. What’s more, they help us understand that preaching is â€Å"truth through personality† and they emphasize this by portraying preaching as a unique form of communication whose sources is God. The authors help us to comprehend that, the perseverance of evangelization is not real to revolutionize the congregation’s awareness about the certain controversial issue but to bring the congregation into the presence of God. Lovell & Richardson see the need for preaching to be renewed hence assisting it to serve the right purpose envisioned by God. The authors also help us apprehend that preachers must take into consideration the existences of diversity in the congregation.

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The Influence of Macroeconomic Developments on Determination of Dissertation

The Influence of Macroeconomic Developments on Determination of Commodity Prices - Dissertation Example Data collection has been based on survey questionnaire with 15 questions exposed to 50 participants who had sufficient knowledge in this field. Data were collected on a Likert scale and statistical analyses have been performed. All the analyses have been implemented with SPSS. Correlation and Regression has been performed to find the research outcome. Based on the regression analysis, it has been found that macroeconomic factors like economic growth, market speculations, macroeconomic news, consumer instalment credits, trade deficits, variation in demand side, variation in supply side all HIGHLY influence the commodity pricing. Also, based on the correlation analysis, it can be seen that the sharp increase in commodity exports of developing countries during the 1980s debt crises affect the commodity prices. Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Research Introduction 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Background of the Study 1.3 Statement of the Problem 1.4 Research Questions, Aim and Objectives 1.4 .1 Research Aim and Objectives General Objective Specific Objectives 1.5 Research Design 1.6 Structure of the research 1.7. Chapter Summary Chapter 2 – Literature Review 2.1. Introduction 2.2. Theoretical and Analytical Review 2.3. Macro-economic events 2.4. Supply side of commodities 2.5. Fluctuations in Commodity wealth 2.6. Demand side of commodities 2.7. Chapter summary Chapter 3 – Methodology of Research 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Survey Research Methods 3.3. Characteristics of Quantitative survey methods 3.4. Research Framework 3.5. Chapter summary Chapter 4 – Research Data Collection 4.1. Introduction 4.2. Sample Selection 4.3. Survey Questionnaire 4.4. Data Collection and interpretation 4.5. Chapter summary Chapter 5 – Research Data Analysis 5.1. Introduction 5.2. Significance of Statistical Regression and Correlation 5.3. Overview of SPSS 5.4. Data Analysis 5.5. Chapter summary Chapter 6 – Discussion of Results 6.1. Introductio n 6.2. Outcome of regression analysis 6.3. Outcome of Correlation analysis 6.4. Research Outcome 6.5. Chapter summary Chapter 7 – Research Conclusion References Appendix F distribution for 95% confidence interval List of Tables Table 4.1. Sample Likert scale Table 5.1. Model Summary Table 5.2. ANOVA Table 5.3. Correlations Chapter 1 – Research Introduction 1.7 Introduction Questions related to the determination of prices for oil, other mineral, and agricultural commodities have always fallen predominantly in the province of microeconomics. According to Frankel and Rose (RBA, 2009), there are cases where commodity prices move towards the same direction making it difficult to ignore the influence of macroeconomics. Borensztein and Reinhart (1994) confirm the central role of commodity markets especially with respect to transmittal of global disturbances through the linkage they (commodity markets) provide between importers and suppliers of commodities. However, the experi enced fluctuations in both prices and volumes within the