Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Balancing Executive Development Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Balancing Executive Development - Coursework Example Boral Approach to Executive Development is a one of its kind program that has all the necessary elements that can make any program successful. Not only does it induce self-directed learning but also links performance to tangible results. It also allows for application of learning to real business cases and hence reinforces whatever learning is acquired during the course of the program. Some recommendations that can help Boral HRD practitioners make this program even more beneficial for their organization are listed below: 1. Currently this program is only for senior level executives who have achieved some recognition in the organization already through their hard work and capability. Boral can initiate such a program for middle and lower level managers and employees as well, so that they can develop technical, conceptual and social skills appropriate for their managerial level. 2. Boral can also take input from participants in order to make this program even more successful. Suggestions can be rated according to their impact on program and originality and the best one can then be incorporated into the executive development program. 3. Technology can be used to facilitate distance learning. Currently participants are expected to gather at a common place and take classes where it is convenient for all. If the scope of this program is extended then it will be beneficial to use video conferencing and other such tools to allow employees in remote locations to benefit from such a program. 4. In order to support ongoing learning in the workplace, Boral should seek assistance from higher institutions for vocational education and with universities. 5. Boral HRD practitioners should participate in professional associations and form networks with HRD practitioners of other organizations in order to keep themselves updated with respect to changing workforce development needs. 1 Introduction Learning has become, and will remain, an important issue for humans, as more and more nations now look towards evolving into "learning societies". Work organizations are becoming important

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