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Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Analysis - date Examplex) 0 over an interval a x b, we examine the area of this area that is express to be included in the graph of f(x) and over the interval a, b prepare on the x-axis. The area found chthonian the region marked x = 0 and x = 1 is called the area found under a curve. This is an aspect that makes it related to an underlying. An integral refers to associated notion of the ant derivative, a function X whose derivative is x, which is the given function. The use of integrals is a vital part in calculus and was well explained that integral includes rectangles having infinite sums and with infinitesimal width. Riemann stated that this integral basis itself on limiting procedures that appropriates a curvilinear region by approximating its area as it breaks them to thin vertical blocks (Rana, 2002).As explained by the Riemann integration, it is evident that x is a set bound by finite points sets. According to the Riemann integration theorem, the function h is defined as the indicator functions, which are equal to the figures that are on the opposite sides. This integration explains that you can use day-and-night functions to find and substitute the figures inside. The characteristics function definition has a formula, which gives us the opportunity to compute the value of h if we realize the distribution function Z (Taylor, 2006).Exercise 4.13 you have studied over the last few years how calculus is made rigorous with definitions (of continuity, derivative, integral, convergence, etc) and theorems. Is this necessary and/or important? Why, or why not?The use of differentiation is an aspect that is fundamental in calculus. This is based on the functions used as they are continuous. These formulas help in the derivation of the rules of Leibniz integral. The use of functions, numbers, limits, and integration is a vital aspect also in the calculations of calculus (Pfeffer, 2001).KURTZ, D. S., & SWARTZ, C. (2004). Theories of integration the integra ls of Riemann,

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Managerial work has been researched through a number of studies using Essay

Managerial work has been researched through a number of studies using a wide range of methods over the last four to five decades - turn out Example90-112). They ar key personalities whose effectiveness and proficiency provide congruence to expected practices and operation (Hales, 1986, pp. 90-112). They drop dead and define the behaviour and activities of an organisation to make it truly functional and fully attuned to the standard of quality performance (Hales, 1986, pp. 90-112). Managers will also ensure that all departments are working systematically and that human resources correlate as a disciplined team in accordance with organisational policies (Hales, 1986, pp. 90-112). Managers are constantly engaged in exact analysis to read trends, opportunities, methodologies, and determine the proper mechanism in responding to political, economic, social, technological, logistical, and environmental aspects in nurturing an organisation (Hales, 1986, pp. 90-112). ... iffer in their s ystem of communications and try to be pliant with circumstances to be able to clearly realize the implementation of corporate policies and internal systems (Hales, 1986, pp. 90-112). Managers that are deeply concerned with operations are performance-oriented in their command and are surrounded by a number of diverse managerial responsibilities (Hales, 2005, pp. 472-502). Some may coiffe a hierarchical system of direct charge, individual managerial responsibility, and vertical accountability (Hales, 2005, pp. 472-502). But their operations are, however, con?ned to operative and human resource strategising (Hales, 2005, pp. 472-502). They maintain personal accountability in day-to-day available flow and act using standard performance measures (Hales, 2005, pp. 472-502). They exercise responsibilities and authority to strengthen their core supervision and broaden their role in business management (Hales, 2005, pp. 472-502). They exemplify decisive changes as a moment of necessar y radical organisational change but they possess continued credible and wilful persistence of hierarchy and external supervision to manifest transformational system (Hales, 2005, pp. 472-502). They also work to strengthen their supervision by adopting pissed controls to attain growth in business operation with a greater range of accountability (Hales, 2005, pp. 472-502). Managers are also responsible for designating work monitoring output and conduct overseeing the functionality of equipment, safety and cleanliness of a company relations with unforeseen problems pertaining to staf?ng managing disputes providing counselling monitoring documentations as well as providing supervision in operational aspects (Hales, 2005, pp. 472-502). They perform administrative

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Australia taxation law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Australia appraiseation law - Essay ExampleThe first task determine was the determination of whether, for tax purposes, the Finlays are considered residents of Australia. The determination was made that the Finlays were considered residents based upon the mansion test. According to Australian impose Law the Finlays are considered residents because they were in Australia for 6 months or more during the 2006/2007 tax year. They also meet residency requirements because they met one or more of the three statutory residency tests. They are considered residents because they maintain a conformity in Australia, have resided in Australia for 6 months during the tax year, and they contri howevere to the superannuation retirement fund.The biggest question to coiffure about residency and foreign income is what is taxable and what is not taxable. It has already been determined that the Finlays meet residency requirements for tax purposes. Although the tax forms ask for foreign income and fo reign taxes paid on those earnings, the tax forms do not condone why. The first determination was that the income was acquire in a country that has already taxed the income. If the foreign income was earned but not taxed it would be subject to gross by the Australian Government. ... d States and Australia was created for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income (Australian Taxation Office website). This protocol covers all aspects of income earned in the United States. Most specifically, relating to this guinea pig study, income earned within the United States is taxed by the United States. either income not taxed is considered taxable income in Australia and residents of Australia are subject to taxation on that income earned. It is very important for the exclusive to report foreign income and whether or not it was taxed. All records relating to the income and taxes paid should be kept as produce of income earned a nd taxes paid. Taxation also applies to dividends earned, interest earned, royalties, and capital gains earned in the United States. In this case study Andrews earnings were taxed but dividends, capital gains, and interest earned in the United States were not taxed so they are subject to taxation in Australia. Other instance where income may not have been taxed by the United States include the following1) the income is less than the amount where taxation begins2) the income falls into an exempt category in the foreign country3) a memorandum of understanding exists4) The income consists of supplements paid by the Australian Staffing Assistance project5) The foreign country levies a tax but does not have a system in place to collect those taxesTaxPack and Forms.This case study was completed using the Australian Taxation Offices TaxPack retrievable from their website at www.ato.gov.au. The TaxPack for individuals, supplement section, and Business and professional items schedule for in dividuals 2007. In addition, the rental property worksheet was used to

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Recommendations for non price barriers to entry Essay

Recommendations for non price barriers to entry - Essay deterrent examplei. Larson needs to subtly and powerfully draw publics attention to its staying power and one of the top leaders in the market considering that it has a front of over 5 years and 15 years in the regular army and Germany respectively.ii. The company should build and strengthen its image as a responsible corporate by enhancing its presence in the community through initiatives and participatory events. This could heighten the positivism of the brand of the company and could be a clear differentiator since community events are also caught by media and do not involve spare advertising.2) Internal Cost Cutting The Company needs to critically analyze its cost structure and adjust ways and means to optimize costs instead of increasing prices. This will ensure higher turn a profit margins and allow company to reduce product prices potentially attracting new customers.3) Expansion to new markets Larsens presence is soon limited to only 2 counties which are currently in recession. It needs to expand into newer / growth orientated markets like Asia and Africa. It needs to consider organic and inorganic growth through acquisitions, mergers, setting up subsidiaries and tie-ups with topical anaesthetic companies in other countries and homes countries too.5) Outsourcing Larsen can critically analyze the feasibility of moving its manufacturing bases to

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434Mod3Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

434Mod3Case - Essay ExampleAccording to the U.S compulsive Court, the moving-picture show games provide sundry(a) conflicting situations and conditions to a number of children globally (Totilo, 2010). This withal affects their parentage ability as parents are also influenced in this word picture gaming system. in that respect are many cases involving video games especially in U.S controlling Court where the offenders claim that video games affects their children upbringing and also leads to violence among them (Totilo, 2010). For example, in mid June the year 2011, the U.S Supreme Court wanted to ban the sale of various video games. However, the first amendment procedures stop them from doing so and subsequent the California Supreme Court decided to ban some blood-red video games that were considered destructive to children.There are various video game designers in the country including the Nintendo toy games company that was founded in 1889 (Anderson, & Sakamoto, 2008). The bulletproof developed their first video game in 1979 including the first portable video game for children that was designed later in 1980 (Totilo, 2010). The designers of these video games should and must be forced to take the responsibility of various depictions of violent and interpersonal conflicts especially on children of various age groups. The court should properly analyze the effects of video games on children and come out with the best strategy to control this violent act among the children (Anderson, & Sakamoto, 2008).Video games wee-wee been available in the global entertainment industry for around thirty years (Totilo, 2011). The recent video games mostly involve the players emotional as well as physically feelings and this makes them have profound bear upon on children (Totilo, 2010). Currently, around eighty percent of children in the U.S play video games daily and this promote the gross revenue of video games globally (Totilo, 2011). One of major positive impact t hat video games have on

PDCA project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

PDCA project - appellative ExampleTherefore, I intend to improve my non-verbal communication skills, thus become a better attraction in my profession, as well as my social life. My main aim of choosing to improve this skill relates to its qualification to help me build better relationships with my peers, subordinates, the patients I serve, and other stakeholders.I followed the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle to aid me in achieving my individual(prenominal) quality improvement goal. This concern formulating a plan of action to guide me on what I should do. I then implemented the plan, and collected data on the progress of the plan. Collecting the data enabled me to evaluate the achiever of my plan, hence determined the effectiveness of the plan, or need for modification (Neuhauser, Myhre, & Alemi, 2004).I intended to improve my non-verbal skills with improvement in my listening skills. This involved active listening, which meant giving my seniors, juniors, and other subordinates enough time for self-expression. This involved working on maintaining eye contact with whom I engaged. In addition, I had to work at complementing or contradicting their messages through such acts as nodding, and rolling eyes respectively (Videbeck, 2011). I was also to display bridal through my posture whenever possible. This meant sitting beside, or across the people I interacted with, instead of behind them, which creates a physical barrier. I also planned to employ appropriate vocal cues, and avoid high pitches, which embarrass effective communication.I hoped to treat at least 80% of the people I interacted with in this manner. This beat helped me to gauge my ability to communicate non-verbally, thus measure the effectiveness of my communication skills. The plan was undertaken for four full-strength weeks. During this time, the number of times that I failed to adhere to my plan were recorded on a daily earth in a daily recording sheet.The plan commenced on the 4th

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The use of gene therapy to treat genetic diseases Essay

The use of gene therapy to treat genetic diseases - Essay ExampleAn someone has sickle cadre trait when one of the two copies is carrying the sickle stall beta globin gene. On the other hand, if both the copies carry sickle carrell beta globin gene thusly the soul has sickle cell anemia and suffers from the debilitating disease. In accordance with predictable patterns of inheritance there are four possibilitiesi. An individual with linguistic rule beta globin hemoglobin genes has minorren with an individual possessing two copies of sickle cell gene receive a 100% probability that all their children will have sickle cell trait i.e. one normal gene and one sickle cell gene.ii. When two individuals with sickle cell trait have children then each of their offsprings has a 50% bechance of having sickle cell trait, 25% chance of inheriting normal homozygous genes i.e. two normal copies of beta globin hemoglobin gene and 25% chance of inheriting two copies of sickle cell gene.iii . If an individual possessing normal beta globin hemoglobin genes has children with an individual having sickle cell trait then each child has a 50% chance of inheriting two copies of normal beta globin hemoglobin genes and an pit chance of having sickle cell trait.iv. In case an individual having sickle cell trait decides to have children with an individual having sickle cell anemia then each child has a 50% chance of having sickle cell trait and a 50% chance of having sickle cell anemia. (JONES 2008).Hemophilia is a recessive, X linked disease therefore, genetic segregation and dominance play an important role in the inheritance of hemophilia. The recessive mutated forms of clotting factor VIII and IX are present on the X chromosome. Therefore, the disease is more common in males because they have a single X chromosome and if it has the mutated gene then the person will have hemophilia as unlike females they do not have another(prenominal) X chromosome for compensation. In female s, the dominant X

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Israeli-Iran Conflict Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Israeli-Iran Conflict - search Paper ExampleA wide range of threats are evident with the current nuclear payoff in Iran that includes flat asymmetric warfare. Iran acts strategically in this conflict and by gaining her support from Iraq and Afghanistan, she posses even a greater threat to other countries. Global economy runs at a risk if Iran would target the disconnectedness area, which is the main hub of all petroleum exports to global market. Thus, the Iran-Israeli conflict puts into picture other players such as the join States, Iraq and the southern gulf (Cordesman, 2011, 1).Israel has threatened to strike the nuclear energy plants in Iran for what she calls a bleach of the policy of international sanctions, in which Iran was prohibited from furthering her nuclear weapon production. This was confirmed by a report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on 14 September 2012 (Racimora, 2012, 1).Unconfirmed rumors indicate that Israel power be planning a pre emptive air strike to the nuclear states in Iran. Much has been speculated on a possible collaboration of Israel and the United States in the preemptive strike mission. This has been discussed in details, spilling over even to the recent presidential polls in the U.S. Speculations showed a possible erupt of a war in the midst of the two countries during this time and this was a key campaign issue over the two presidential contenders deal Romney and the newly elected president Barrack Obama

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Buddhism 'psychological' Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Buddhism psychological - Essay ExampleBuddhism is typically an Eastern religion for it focuses on human throe and offers practical solutions to counter it. Rather than dealing with the paranormal and the supernatural, it is a practical philosophy toward life. In other words, Buddhism can be seen as offering psychological insights into the workings of the human mind, an ground of which will benefit the individual subject. Both Buddhism and psychological science can be seen as systems of philosophy.The idea of disengagement is a central Buddhist doctrine, which has strong resonance in modern psychoanalysis. Since much of human suffering arises from the loss of an attached object (which could be material, personal or emotional), Buddhism advices the practice of detaching oneself from such objects as a way of preventing hurt and loss. This idea is also expressed as the achievement of a state of inadequacy of require. But therein lies an important contradiction. If an individual set s a goal of attaining a state of lack of desire, and then he/she is getting attached to the goal. This paradox also has parallels in psychology, where it is referred to as neurosis. Just as desire is what brings about most human suffering, so does neurosis the cause of most psychological disturbances such as anxiety, panic, depression, obsessive behavior, etc. In this way there are strong similarities between Buddhism and psychology.Buddhism can be considered psychological in that it recognizes the importance of the psyche in perceiving and ascertaining the material world. It says that by controlling ones mind and pliant ones thoughts a great deal of personal tranquility can be achieved. Therapeutic techniques in psychology also attempt to do the same. The only difference is that while Buddhism uses the revelatory knowledge of Gautam Buddha in educational activity these techniques, modern psychology employs quasi-scientific theories about cognition and mental conditioning as part of the treatment. To the extent that predominate

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Program Improvement Status and Standardized Math Scores Essay - 1

Program onward motion Status and Standardized Math Scores - Essay ExampleThe question of how and in what ways design improvement attitude schools be meeting their obligation of raising math achievement scores, as present by their students, pass on form the basis for this study. It is important to first determine whether or not chopine status schools, as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act, are effectively servicing the academic needs of elementary aged children in the Los Angeles area. Exemplary schools which effectively put through the goals of being removed from program improvement status serve as a model for vocalize recommendations to others in terms of their efforts to provide quality educational alternatives to the population that they serve.Specifically, the study will focus on much(prenominal) schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District and examine the impact that being on program improvement status has on standardized math scores. The question of how and in what ways program improvement status schools are meeting their obligation of raising math achievement scores, as demonstrated by their students, will form the basis for this study. It is important to first determine whether or not program status schools are effectively servicing the academic needs of elementary aged children in the Los Angeles area. Exemplary schools which effectively accomplish the goals of being removed from program improvement status serve as a model for sound recommendations to others in terms of their efforts to provide quality educational alternatives to the population that they serve.

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Affects of Combat Veterans after War Research Paper

Affects of Combat Veterans after War - Research Paper ExampleTheir American comfort of feeling safe and sheltered from the reality of what the world and war is something that cant be explained unless you have seen your rack mate die or kids killed over family members not doing what there told. The kind of adjudicate and hostile environment he encounters in wars leave deep psychological impacts. They get exposed to the wipe up that human nature harbors. When they return home, they ar not the same people. The society needs to dig deeper to apprehend the emotional problems of the war veterans because these problems drive them to seek drugs or make them suicidal. War vets have a unmanageable time fitting in their past personality. They cannot function the way they used to even though they pauperization to return to their normal life and be done with the war. They suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders PTSDs. PTSD is the most customary phenomena found in the soldiers returnin g from wars (Gulgowski 30). The Centre for Policy Research in New York spy that over a third of the men who participated in heavy combat in the Vietnam War showed signs of penetrative post-traumatic stress (Gulgowski 30). In the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, about 1 in 10 soldiers returning from duty showed drug or alcohol abuse problems (PTSD). It is observed that war veterans try to avoid the PTSD symptoms through drugs and alcohol, to stillness better (PTSD). It is a very common phenomenon that war veterans develop mental disorders like post-traumatic stress, which gets deeply rooted in their soulfulness. Getting rid of the symptoms is extremely hard and sometimes impossible.Governments in every surface area pay considerable sums of money to institutions to look after war veterans. They want to make them feel that they are an essential part of the society even after fighting bloody wars. The damage done to their psyche is horrible and sometimes it is deeply inflicting that it b ecomes impossible to grow out of it. The tragedy is

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Essay (see instruction) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

(see instruction) - Essay ExampleTherefore, there has been a constant reduction of tourists who opt for regions with low-toned tariffs. Consequently, there is a need to set low tariffs (Hall, Smith, & Marciszewska, 2006).Second, insecurity is a major challenge alter tourism. Unfortunately, many countries have done less about solving the problem. Consequently, this has led different nations to imposing sanctions as a way of protecting their citizens. Therefore, this has led many tourism countries to face economic losses. As a solution, governments need to invest more on security, and set up policies that would protect tourists (Okoth & Ndaloh, 2010).Third, political instability has always been a challenge to the tourism sector. Thus, it has subjected tourists to difficult political situations. For instance, despite claims by government that they support tourism, visa allocation has been limited. These among many others hinder tourism. Therefore, through proper leadership political stability is attainable (Some of the study Current Issues Confronting Tourism, 2006).Hall, R. D., Smith, K. M., & Marciszewska, B. (2006). The Challenges and Opportunities of EU Enlargement. In R. D. Hall, K. M. Smith, & B. Marciszewska, Tourism in the New Europe (pp. 247-250). New York

Genres Of Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Genres Of medicinal drug - Essay ExampleThe emergent of new musical genres especially those encompassing youths has al ways associated with aggression, for instance, the rap, which DJ Charlie bevel confirms. Through this chapter, I have come to know that numerous rap superstars in their conduct usually exhibit arrogance probably because they emanate from Puerto Rico, which also characterizes their lifestyle to date. From extensive study and reflection of this except, feel characterizes rap music. This is perspicuous from the DJ Charlie Chases words where he contends those at present atomic number 18 arrogant learned the genre from him thus praising himself, which ought not to happen. Besides, regarding genres compositions, no one ought to contend they erupt in a certain way because of his or her creativity. Since, their (diverse musical genres) present compositions emanating from races diversity, for instance, the Latinos and African Americans whose culture is evident in both reggae and rap music. Youths quest to seek societal identity and recognition for long has prompted them to contribute in utilizing varied ways especially music genres, which I have unveiled via the aid of obvious explanation of these three chapters. Mainly, this encompasses coming up with new versions that defy inclusion of the then conventional ways with the intention of appearing unique in their styles. Consequently, this extended even to the embracing of new styles like salad dressing codes and behaviors whereby to numerous people, some turn to be arrogant and boastful especially the rap musicians.

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Closing argument (persuasive) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

stop argument (persuasive) - Essay ExampleGeorge Miltons action was necessary. He has no other choice still to take away the life of Lennie. George should not be accused of any crime or he should not be considered guilty.George knows Lennie quite obviously. He is acquainted with Lennie so much that he knows that Lennie is always put together to harm himself with his activities. Lennie is not fully mentally fit and performs acts that are disadvantageous for him and he is not aware(p) of this fact. Such as Lennie has hidden a dead mouse in his pocket, which can be epidemically slanderous for him. George took it away from him but he again put it into his pocket.George stood up and threw the mouse as far as he could into the darkening brush, and then he stepped to the pool and washed his go throughs. You crazy fool. Dont you think I could project your feet was wet where you went acrost the river to get it? He heard Lennies whimpering cry and wheeled about. Blubberin like a baby deliveryman Christ A big guy like you. Lennies lip quivered and tears started in his eyes. Aw, Lennie George put his hand on Lennies shoulder. I aint takin it away jus for meanness. That mouse aint fresh, Lennie and besides, youve broke it pettin it. (Steinbeck 5)Lennie wants to pet a dead mouse without considering that it can cause a disease. George takes it away and throws it away twice. George wants to correct Lennie at each and every relative incidence by guiding him to do the rightful. He knows that his friend mishandles every creature whether it is an animal or a human being. Such as when Curleys wife allows him to play with her hair, he mishandles them and at last, kills the woman by mistake. He is unable to feel that he becomes a reason for killing creatures by his mishandling.She struggled violently chthonian his hands. Her feet battered on the hay and she writhed to be free and from under Lennies hand came a muffle screaming. Lennie began to cry with fright. Oh Please d ont do none of that, he begged.

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Cultural Makeup Of China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cultural Makeup Of China - Essay ExampleIt is internal to outline that there is a significant set of cultural features affecting the duty behavior in China. China has a record tribe of more than 1.3 billion citizens (Fabbi 8). Due to hardworking nature of the Chinese society, a large portion of their population is involved the daily business operations. Based on this, Chinese have been putting most their cultural business practices into use. In addition, fifty-six (56) ethnic groups are officially recognized in the country. These ethnic groups include the Han and Zhuang. The Chinese nicety and civilization has been influenced by three principal(prenominal) religious movements, which are Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. In this sense, Chinas prominent religions thus include Islam, Christianity and Buddhism (Alon 24).The countrys demographic values reveal that about 10% of Chinas population lives on $1 a day (Fabbi 30). This small value has resulted into most Chinese doing thei r best to excel in business. 91.51% of the Chinese mickle belong to the Han ethnic group (Fabbi 12). Of the remaining 55 ethnic groups, only one has a population of over of 1%. This is the Zhuang ethnic group. In essence, the Han ethnic group creates the largest business oriented population in the country. In terms of religion, 2% of the countrys population is made up of Moslem while the Christian population stands between 3.2% and 5%. Additionally, Buddhism is practiced by 10% to 18% of the Chinese population. Lastly, 30% of the Chinese practice local folk religions. Since China is an atheist, it officially does not survey its people based on religion. On this regard, the Chinese culture does not consider religion to be of some(prenominal) effect on their respective business behaviors (Fabbi 128).The other sets of crucial Chinese cultural characteristics in business are about prosperous entertainment. A key part of Chinas business culture is that evening banquets are

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The Term Mass Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Term fate Culture - Essay ExampleSpread of visual modality Culture Culture, particularly the mass assimilation, has spread rapidly with the passage of fourth dimension. in that location was a time when in that respect was little or no globalization in the world. Even the concept of national finishing was non-existent in a vast majority of countries because of the fact that regional differences dominated. Within the same country, people belonging to dissimilar regions had possession of several(predicate) kinds of regional resources. This gave rise to the development of subcultures in the same nation wherein people were class into different communities with distinct values, norms, and principles. Regional culture was stronger than the national culture and the mass culture was non-existent. This was predominantly the time till the mid 19th century. The onset of industrial revolution brought a change in the contract and national culture started to gain dominance all over the regional cultures. With the development of technology and the identification of upstart opportunities of employment and business, people developed acceptability towards external cultures. As technological trade amongst countries improved, consumers in different countries started using same products. This trend continued over the centuries. People from the underdeveloped countries started migrating towards the developed countries in outsized numbers in search of better opportunities of employment. The technological trade was followed by the cultural integration and spinal fusion across nations. This happened since the start of the industrial revolution till the late 1900s. Then came the era of massive exchange of cultures particularly the 21st century. While all kinds of technologies contri thoed towards the development of mass culture, wholeness technology that played the or so important role in the spread of mass culture was the Internet. Internet provided people with the opportunities to communicate with one another almost free of cost from different parts of the world. Many of the brick and mortar businesses also got transform into virtual businesses because of the reduced costs and increased profitability of businesses. The development and introduction of the social media websites aided in the creation of a virtual self of their users. Today, a vast majority of the people all over the world have similar lifestyles in that they use same products, are the employees of same organizations irrespective of geographical variations, speak same languages, and understand and respect one anothers values. This is what has fundamentally promoted the mass culture. There is a precise small percentage of people who have not merged into the mass culture. Mass Culture and Popular Culture People sometimes use mass culture and popular culture interchangeably. The development of the idea of popular culture is linked to arguments about meaning and interpretation whi ch predate but become strikingly evident in the debates over mass culture (Strinati, 1995, p. 3). There is a very thin line of distinction between the mass culture and the popular culture. The popular culture is the union of the norms, values, and perspectives of a given culture. Popular culture is made from within and below, not imposed from without or above as mass cultural theorists would have it (Fiske, 1991, p. 2). Mass culture can be considered popular culture in a vast majority of cases, though mass culture is not necessarily ever popular,

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New guideline explores professionalism in nursing Essay Example for Free

New signpost explores craftalism in care for EssayProfessionalism in care for is an essential ingredient in achieving a powerful work environment and is enabled by the context of practice ( Registered Nurse Association of Ontario 2007) In treat profession recognition by the global and society as the professional group is important due to the higher(prenominal) standard of expectation from the society to the nursing life story as a care discloser And being a professional in a nursing career is a key to achieve the target and practised fictitious character in services provided to society. Why the professionalism is required to the nursing career this is due to demanding of high quality and standard skill ,knowledge and altruism that putting the diligent as the first interest, self sacrifice and the effective attitude while dealing with the society or patient as a caregiver., showing and turn up of the excellence commitment in lifelong skill to improved their skill and development as during in duty nurses should showing their commitment beyond others and should committed to the community service and the professional organization. The public has the right hand to get the professional competence from the nurses who are giving the service to them. from the American Nurses Association 2017 (ANA) believe that it is the nursing profession responsibilities to shape and guided any process for assuring nurses competency.Through the quality measurement, research and learning to become professional nurses need to be skillful in their job scope inner get across to get under anes skin continued learning education, providing mentoring to guide and monitoring the work done and following by the rule and conduct as a key for safeguarding the health and wellbeing to the public.There are few elements of professionalism listed for the nurses as the nursing career is expected growing faster than the average rate of 19 through 2022 according to Bereu comminute Of Statistic.There are 5 critical professional skills to be adapted (Kristina Ericson 2015)the strong and effective communication among physician and nurses is compulsory to convey the right information to relatives regarding patient condition ,medication and others medical concern.paying intention on report and details of patient which is if mislead will became fatal to the patient, an also being flexible to working(a) schedule also part of professional integrity in nursing profession as patient to comes first ,another element is critical thinking ,nurses are able to make crucial decision during the critical time by analyzing and determined the best solution for patient. Nurses are required to update the skill and have the desire to improve knowledge and develop skills continues will bring them to the professionalism in a nursing career.the one and important to develop professionalism in the nursing career is mentoring system Mentoring is a crucial part of the nursing organizati on as there are many nurses need help and guidance from the skillful and knowledgeable staff.This can contribute to career ecstasy and improvement .majority has reported that nurses are participating in mentorship relation.( Bette Marianni 2012) mentoring is something that both mentor and mentee are willing to share knowledge,emotion and feedback after the carried out duties done,this will give impact in professional management and skills among nurses.Studies done by Bette Mariani 2012 stated that nurses who have the willingness and sense of satisfaction in career will contribute to the growth of the profession. Mentor is define as the person who give a junior or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time. ( Cambridge Advance scholar dictionary and Thesaurus).while Riverside Websters ii New Collage Dictionary1995 define mentor as a impertinent and trusted teacher or counselor. The mentees describe by Merriam Webster is the one who is being monitored by mentor. Mentoring will give benefit to nurses in term and career success and advancement in personal and professional satisfaction and develop self-esteem and confidence. (Van Olsen 2002) The professional and personal satisfaction develop while in sharing stories, referencing of the worry and finding the solution by the experienced nurses to the mentees will be become a role mildew to the nursing profession and enhance the quality in leadership ( Vance And Olsen 2002). I believed mentoring one of the best way of achievement in nursing professional skills . .Y, did(x(I_TS1EZBmU/xYy5g/GMGeD3Vqq8K)fw9xrxwrTZaGy8IjbRcXIu3KGnD1NIBsRuKV.ELM2fiVvlu8zH(W )6-rCSj id DAIqbJx6kASht(QpmcaSlXP1Mh9MVdDAaVBfJP8AVf 6Q

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Effects of television Essay Example for Free

Effects of video recording set canvas television system may be one focus to educate children but alongside of it is something that is very fantastic especi aloney to toddlers. Letting your children watch cartoons such as Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street and the likes is both beneficial and dangerous. At some point there argon things that need to be addressed by the parent when their children are watching television on their own. For parents whose child is under 2 years of old age, letting their kids watch television for the entire day would be very harmful. One way to prevent all untoward things to knock at a young age is to limit their screening hours.The Baby Center Medical circuit card Advisory wrote in their website Since your child is under age 2, its best to keep TV-watching to a bare minimum. If you aim to allow some television, break it up into 15-minute increments. Much more than that and your toddlers brain can shift to autopilot. Do away with letting your children watch television program of their choice as it may have uncultivated scenes. Researchers have found that when a toddler watches those kinds of programs, it is likely that they pull up stakes, sooner or later, imitates the scene or they will display an aggressive behavior.Also, letting children watch television all day would give them less clock to rent books, exercise, play outdoors and make friends in the neighborhood. If a child owns a television system bouncy console, there is a big chance that they will be hard to discipline. Parents will have to hole with calling their kids for dinner time and get no response since they are busy with whatever play they are playing. The promotions of different kinds of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, and illicit drugs are also harmful to children who watch television all day. Such kind of promotion makes the child think that using these products is good for everyone.Additionally, the meaning and ideals conveyed in any television p rogram may give children a different assureing of things that will eventually diverge the way they think and the kind of behavior that they will exhibit. A concern raised by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that, children are being subjected to much sexual imagery in the likes of music videos, television programs, and the advertisements. On the other hand, there are things that can be taught while watching television such as good moral values, following proper diet, other learning such as speaking, reading, wonder of arts and many others.Parents should actually guide their children when watching television. They should be able to explain to their children what is happening in the scene or if the scene is not appropriate for them. Also, having parents watch television with their children is one way of bonding. thither is a way where parents can restrict the shows that can be seen by the children through the help of the V-chip. V-chip is a device use to block programs that a re not suitable for children in a specific age bracket. Setting the viewing time limit of a child can contribute much to their growth.A practice such as letting children watch television program only after finishing their homework is one of the ways where they can be limited to watching or playing video games. More, watching television is risky for children since they prevail to arrive obese. A study presented by Harvard Medical work student, Sonia Miller, shows that the more a child sits in front of the television set, the more tendency of eating cankerous foods and taking in too much sugar. The study showed that for each additional hour of TV viewing per day, the children consumed 0.06 additional servings per day of sugar-sweetened beverages, 0. 32 additional servings per week of fast food and a total of 48. 7 additional calories per day, after adjusting for age, sex, maternal socio-demographics, race, body mass index, breastfeeding duration and sleep duration. Moreover, the more additional hours a child spent in front of the boob tube means that they have taken a number of fruits or vegetables that is required for their daily intake. However, Miller said that obesity and television watching is in any way not the same.Watching television all day and doing nothing physical is not a cause for a child to be obese at an early age, but unflustered the researchers are working out on the said matter (Lepage-Monette, 2007). However, for a working mother, she cannot just deliver her children to watch programs that she intends to watch. In a confession made by a working mother, she said that in found to have things done, she sometimes needs to turn on the television to catch the attention of her children and consecrate her with whatever work she has to do.The use of television in school is, on the other hand, one way to get the attention of a child especially those in their kindergarten. With the use of different educational DVDs, students become more intere st grouped in learning things. Using videos that have subjects like biology and history captures the interest of a student since they tend to understand more the lesson given that they are able to see it for themselves. In biology, the teacher can let their students watch a certain episode on National geographical or Discovery channel that is in reference to their upcoming lesson.In the Philippines, there are television programs that are intended to be used as an instructional media to students. There are programs for enriching the knowledge of students in Mathematics, Science, English, History and Literature and the Arts. For over 4 years, the Philippine government has agreed to use these media in order to teach students. Both private and public schools in the Philippines use the said media to let their students further understand the lesson. Personally, the use of instructional media like that in the Philippines is very beneficial to students.It does not expose the student to a l ong time of television viewing yet it helps them understand their respective lessons with the help of the videos. Letting students read thick books is something that they will not do and will only give them the idea of having an A-list classmate do the work and in the end the student does not learn anything. Whereas, with showing video clips or documentaries, they tend to be more attracted to the lesson and will later on research on things that is in accordance to what they truism and learn a thing or two from it.It is not bad to let children watch television programs, only there should be proper guidance from elders. And these elders should be able to explain if the scene is unfeignedly intended for students at a particular age or not.ReferencesBabyCenter Medical Advisory Board (2006, October). TV-watching guidelines for toddlers Milton Chen, Ph. D. (1994). The bright Parents Guide to Kids TV. KQED Books. Hanna D Margeirsdottir Jakob R Larsen Cathrine Brunborg Leiv Sandvik et al (2007, June). Strong Association Between Time Watching Television and Blood Glucose Control. Diabetes Care. pg. 1567.

Distinct Features of Job Production Essay Example for Free

Distinct Features of hypothecate takings EssayJob Shop Production usu entirelyy refers to manufacturers that discover items that ar one of a kind, for example, manufactures of automation systems and tooling. Manufacturers who produce a wide variety of items in very low volumes also fall into the Job shop category. For example, very large mining trucks atomic number 18 produced in volumes typically less than 400 annually. Each truck has thousands of components so you substructure imagine that there are signifi shadowert challenges in employment scheduling, purchasing and inventory control with this oddball of manufacturing company as with all Job shops. Job Production Job payoff involves producing a one-off product for a limited customer. Job production is most often associated with small firms (making railings for a specific ho aim, building/repairing a computer for a specific customer, making flower arrangements for a specific wedding and so forth ) but large firms utilize Job production too. Examples involve Designing and implementing an advertising campaign Auditing the accounts ofa large . Building a immature factory Installing machinery in a factory In this system products are made to retaliate a specific order.However that order may be produced- -only one time -at ir habitue time intervals as and when new order arrives -at regular time intervals to satisfy a continuous demand The following are the important Features of Job shop type production system Machines and methods employed should be general role as product changes are quite frequent. Planning and control system should be flexible abounding to charter with the frequent changes in product requirements. Man power should be skilled enough to deal with changing work conditions. ? Schedules are actually non existent n this system as no decisive data is available on the product. In work inventory will usually be lavishly as accurate plans and schedules do not exist. Product cost is normally high because of high square and labor costs. Grouping of machines is done on functional basis (i. e. as lathe section, milling section etc. ) This system is very flexible as management has to manufacture varying product types. Material manipulation systems are also flexible to meet changing product requirements.Key benefits of Job production include work is generally of a high quality high level of customisation is possible to meet the customers assume requirements significant flexibility is possible, especially when compared to mass production. performing Disadvantages include higher cost of production requires the use of specialist labour (compare with the repetitive, low-skilled Jobs in mass production. slow compared to other methods of production. Essential features There are a number of features that should be implemented in a Job production environment, they include Clear definitions of objectives should be set.Clearly outlined decision making process. Batch pr oduction is a manufacturing used to produce or process any product in BATCHES, as opposed toa CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION process, or a one-off production. The primary characeristic of batch production is that all components are completed at a workstation before they move to the next one. Batch production is popular in bakeries and in the manufacture of sports shoes, pharmaceutical ingredients, inks, paints and adhesives .Batch Production Batch production is the manufacture of a number of identical articles either to meet a specific order or to meet a continuous demand. Batch can be manufactured either- -only once -or repeatedly at irregular time intervals as and when demand arise -or repeatedly at regular time intervals to satisfy a continuous demand The following are the important Features of batch type production system As final product is somewhat standard and manufactured in batches, saving of scale can be availed to some extent. Machines are grouped on functional basis sympatheti c to the Job shop manufacturing. ? Semi automatic, special purpose automatic machines are generally used to guide advantage of the similarity among the products. Labor should be killed enough to work upon different product batches. In process inventory is usually high owing to the type of layout and stuff and nonsense handling policies adopted. Semi automatic material handling systems are most appropriate in conjunction with the semi automatic machines. Normally production planning and control is difficult due to the odd size and non repetitive nature of order. There are inefficiencies associated with batch production.The production equipment must be stopped, re- confgured, and its output tested before the next batch can be produced. Time between batches is known as down time. Batch production is useful for a factory that makes seasonal items or products for which it is difficult to FORECAST demand. There are several advantages of batch production it can reduce initial capital out lay because a single production line can be used to produce several

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The Appropriate Criteria Essay Example for Free

The Appropriate Criteria EssayThe internal QA cultivate largely takes place within the college programme/ department itself. Gener all(prenominal)y, this process collects continued information in a systematic way about the feel being achieved. The Self perspicacity cogitations be the corner c been of the whole QA system and need to be prepared by the college under the guidance provided by the foreign agencies e.g. City and Guilds, EAL The Self Assessment report should be validated by peers and is the backbone of the whole instance of Quality authorisation and Enhancement in Colleges. Therefore a standard Self Assessment report should motivate the internal QA by identifying its weaknesses and strengths, in practicing to be prepared for external sound judgement and informing the external evaluators about internal QA System. A self assessment report should provide comprehensive information regarding objectives, body structure and content of the academic programmes, the le arning and teaching environment and curriculum organization etc. The processes of conducting Self Assessment (SA) of college programmes are outlined by the scheme providers which provide guidance for practicing self assessment of college programmes of higher discipline institutions to maintain and improve the quality standards simultaneously.see moreexplain why a workers personal views should not influence an individuals choicesSelf Assessment is an effective tool for academic Quality Assurance and provides feed back to administration to initiate action plans for improvement. Quality in higher education is a dynamic entity and therefore various factors that determine quality of higher education must be destiny in equilibrium at a level that matches with national expectations and standards. These factors include, inter alia, leadership, quality of faculty, quality of students, curriculum, al-Qaida facilities, research and learning environment, governance, strategic planning, asses sment procedures, and their relevance to market forces. Combined with this the criteria for sagaciousness the quality of assessment process is usually laid down in organisation standards, such as health and safety, equation and diversity. Along with this we require an evidence trail to ensure relevance. Another method is the use of the criteria of meeting targets hold of questionnaires to assess learner satisfaction to awarding organisation standards. e.g. Performance./assessment criteria Levels - NVQ etcPerformance indicatorsChecklistsLogging and tracking documentsPortfoliosoccupational/vocational standardsNational Occupational Standards (NOS)Government regulatory body standards e.g. Ofqual/Ofsted.When assessing , VASCAR can be referred to when judging the quality of the assessment process. V Is it valid does the work presented meet the criteria and standards that are being worked towards? A Is the work real is the work the learners/assessors own? S Is the evidence sufficient is there enough to meet the requirements?C Is it catamenia is it linked to the current standards and are they up to date? A Is it accurateR Reliability are the assessment decisions consistent and assessed to the appropriate levels for the qualification?Another acronym which is good to relate to during the process is ACRA the true/audit trail ensuring all paperwork matchesC Is there consistency over all the assessments, are all assessors working to the same standardized procedures R Record keeping, are all records accurate and thorough (ie are all dates and signatures correct and present). It is vitally important to ensure the above systems are maintained and followed correctly when judging the quality of assessment process. It is also important that they are adhered to in order to contribute to standardization end-to-end the college. Their use is also important to identify any discrepancies or support needed either for individuals or the team as a whole.

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As a firm grows the lines of communication are often stretched Essay Example for Free

As a firm grows the lines of communication atomic number 18 often stretched EssayAs a firm grows the lines of communication are often stretched. To overcome this meetings could be set up to keep people informed. The callers span of control could be re-emphasised so that exploiters know whom to report to and who to inform of their orders. A clear structure and hierarchical pyramid give reduce arguments in the short term. Team building exercises are a modern way of modify morale, team spirit and efficiency.They are a long-term measure to keep all managers striving for the resembling aims and goals for the company as a team. I have been assigned by the company Koka Kola to crystalize out the enigma they have where a new base 50 miles outside of there capital of the United Kingdom head quarters has been built. The problem is the communication between the two bases I need to find the take up way to communicate between the two bases. Business ObjectivesThe Business has clini cals it must achieve the businesses main objective is to set up a new communications system between the London Head percentage and the newly built Production Site. The problem with this is that it may clash with another objective, Profit. If the company is to spend silver on a new communications system it must make sure that the money spend on the system, staff, marketing etc, does not overshadow the money made by gross sales and other sources of profit.This, although a big problem could have benefits in the long term. If the money spent on setting up the Communications System is more than the profit made that month. In the months after when the System is set up, the benefits in profit as a result of the it being set up could be far great than that in past months before it was made and so in the future could eventually be larger than the amount paid on the Communications System and mayhap even the Production Site.This concludes that although the short-term objectives maybe con flicted, the long term must be waited upon in order to reap the benefits. Communication Communication is the execute of passing information from one person to another. Once the target receives the information it is acted upon and feedback is sent to the original sender. An modelling of communication in business might be a company producing cars. The message might be an ad on television telling customers about a new car.The target will be the segment of the market interested in buying a car. The feedback will be the level of sales when the magazine first goes on sale. Communications are important in a business beca purpose it keeps the company working on the right track. For example if a marketing director who never asked the customers what they wanted in a product made a set up an advertising scheme on television, the advertisement would be based on the directors interests rather than the views of the customers.The customers wouldnt be interested and would turn a blind eye. The p roblem with the business I have been appointed to is that the business is splitting into two bases amongst which people will work who would normally communicate with each other. I have organised an interview with a worker from a local business to find out what methods of communication they use 1) How many methods of communication do you use in your business?

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Mound Builders Essay Example for Free

agglomerate detergent builders EssayThe Mound Builder cultivation offer be described in terms of Human-Environmental-Interaction (HEI). The Ancient Mound Builder civilization built many Earthen Mounds over a vast period of time in North America. The Mound Builders were hunters and gathers but later began to domesticate the pursuit native plants Sunflowers, goose foot, erect create from raw stuff wood, and May grass (The Woodland Period).Due to the Mound builders location they had to face many environmental challenges, first the Appalachian Mountain affected the amount of contact they had with other civilizations and made trade unassailable because they would have to travel over the mountains. The Great Plains provided great land for the Mound builders to plant and cultivates the civilizations agricultural capture such as the following Sunflowers, goose foot, erect knot wood, and May grass. The Mound builder civilization has many rivers that ran through its boundaries in cluding the following Rivers the St.Lawrence, Mississippi and Ohio rivers (Kavasch). The Rivers provided water that helped sustain the civilization, and its agricultural produce. The Mound Builders Civilization can be described in terms of movement. Trade existed between leaders of Mound Builder clans and other territories. They made pottery which they traded with other civilizations they also collected and traded shellfish that was used in jewelry. The territories from the Southeast were provided with the following items Mica, Quartz of Crystals, and Chlorite from the Carolinas.The Mound Builder clans from the Southeast were provided with the following items Galena from Missouri, Flint from Illinois, Grizzly bear teeth, Obsidian, and Chalcedony from the jittery Mountain, and Cooper which was found in the Great Lakes (The Woodland Period). The Mound Builders were Animistic, and there civilization had affectionate classes, these practices were instilled in the Mound Builder culture from Movement and interactions with other civilizations (The Woodland Period).

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No Time to Think Essay Example for Free

No Time to Think EssayThis workweek we were asked to analyse the following root words and a TED Talk presentation reverberateing on how the accelerating pace of life and the distractions/ to-do in form of new means of communication are affecting our concentration and vanishing our sanctuary where we drive out dedicate clock for thoughtful reflections. * No time to think Reflections on reading technology and broody scholarship, David M. impose. (2007) * Speed and the Unsettling of Knowledge in the Digital University, Ray Land, (2011). TED Talk 5 ways to harken better, Julian Treasure, (2011) Distractions serve anything but the knowledge It is true that todays digitisation and networking tools grass haste up the pace of our communicative exchanges. In the other hand, these increasingly winning tools are stealing our time and helping to distract us. These distractions serve anything but the knowledge beca enjoyment seriously limit our ability to focus and perplexity (a nd hence learning).Nowadays many people believe that reading an entire book is less attractive than commenting on their friends photos on Facebook or, open multiple tabs in a browser and quickly discover everything that is happening. It is just now the possibility to access an incredible amount of information by the current digital technologies and encounter unfading possibilities of knowledge that challenges our inability to build mental representations.Given the monumental supply of information obtained finished the people media, especially the Internet, the individual focuses his attention by very few moments in the data exposed on computer screens as they navigate through new links. However, the quality of these connections often contrasts with the amount of information, which are precisely assimilated because there is no time or effort to establish relations between concepts and thus, creating new meanings.As a result, individuals have habitual concentration difficulties, especially when connect with other people and at the selfsame(prenominal) time read information in various news sites. It is non by chance the use of terms such as connect, Liked and off to describe relationships between people. It is as if the emails boxes or the tweets inflict us all the time so that messages must be read and answered immediately. The schools adopting the digital education model have already evidenced these concentration problems. The use of new technologies in the classroom econfigures everyday identities of their teachers and students and thus, their own teaching practice in the presence of the students limitless access to information through the Internet. I believe that the teachers, as the digital immigrants, and students, as the digital natives, are overwhelmed with the emancipatory potential of the Internet that in just abouthow they are experiencing a sense of loss as pointed out Ray Land paradoxically this may be experienced as a sense of loss as an e arlier, more than sterilize stance of familiar knowing has to be abandoned as new and unfamiliar knowledge is encountered.The transient downside of this digital turn is a viral pact of mediocrity, through which teachers and students pretend to teach and learn, to the extent that the limit of academic papers are copied and pasted in the text with less and less reasoning being developed. New teachers adapted to this modus operandi disregard ethical issues and do not refute the information that the student presents through consultation online. Improving concentration in the digital environment Considering the above scenario, I believe that we urgency to re-think our strategy to overcome distraction and increase our capacity to learn in digital environments.As David M. Levy mentioned It might well be possible to begin to explore different modes of thinking routine and original modes, as well as obsessive mind chatter not only to develop more nuanced and refined brains of these processes but to understand how to encourage or discourage them. The starting point could be the understanding of the mechanisms of human attention, decode how it works and even how to develop it. I personally think that concentration is not innate to the human being, but a skill that quite a little be taught throughout life and can always be improved.Recently I read an intriguing book called The Mind and the Brain Neuroplasticity and the cater of Mental Force (Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Sharon Begley, 2003) about the brain plasticity, which is the neurons ability to redistribute according to need and training. The conclusions regarding the brains ability to rewire itself and the idea that meditation may be driving neuroplastic changes are quite inspiring in the book. For J. Schwartz and S. Begley, the topper way to ensure attention is to choose challenging activities.If the task is so hard that we almost cannot do it, will certainly require more focus. However, it is not always cle ar that we like or emotional state challenged by everything that we need to do. Sometimes the work is simply annoying, but still needs to be done. In these cases, the trick is to turn it into a kind of game, focusing on one phase at a time. Overcome steps, one by one, can leave the whole process more attractive. Something like the gamification strategies, i. e. points and titles that some programs or applications give each task is accomplished.Being totally concentrated has to do with the state of stop discussed in the week 4 of the IDLE course. The psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi tried to understand the phenomenon by calculating the amount of information that our neural networks are capable of absorbing. He reached a number only 110bps (bits per second). Listening to someone talking, for example, requires the treat of 40bps. That means, there are 70bps left in to use for distractions around. So we can scribble on paper or think in others to-dos while listening to the conver sation.Using the 110bps in an activity would be the equivalent weight of what Csikszentmihalyi calls flow that state of absolute concentration that makes us not even notice the time passing. Finally, the schools should conceive more about the negative effects of distraction, the importance of the white space (or the sanctuary as we call at IDLE, the creation of physical spaces or times on the calendar for uninterrupted, unwired thinking and connection) and encourage students to put on basic practices to promote personal white space.These practices include create a student routine, make lists with the priorities of the day, learn to organize time and to collect relevant study materials, learn to book time to sack up everything else outside of the studies (a good way to fend off distractions is to take them out of our heads) and learn to absorb and to reflect on what has been collected.

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A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen Essay Example for Free

A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen EssayReading the Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen makes you want to blot what entirely wives back afford to sacrifice for their families just to be grievous scrams and perfect wives for their husbands. This is the story of a woman who have succumbed to lifes realities which express us that some(a)times being a mother and a wife does non always make a woman complete st brainsick whitethorn even out rob her of her rectifys as a real person. The first part of the story showed us that scorn the lack of affluence, Nora has always been a happy mother and a contented wife for her husband. Such redolence and compassionate her life with her family that we, as readers are lured to think that this is the kind of story that you would never expect it would finale up in an uncompromising conclusion and leave us wondering how things have suddenly false against general expectations. Nora grew up with the luxury of life provided by her paternity. She is a beautiful and attractive woman but the day she marries and had children she disregard her affinity with the vanities of life as she was deprived of the things she used to have. When her husband quit his job, Nora worked unfeignedly hard even discreetly to earn money.She buys cheap clothes to dress herself up decently and from her belittled savings she would buy sm all told gifts for her three children to make her feel she is giving justice for herself and for the people she love. In doing this, Torvald always compare her to her father who knows nothing but spend his money on useless things. Although Nora love her father so dearly she never dared to go against Torvalds run-in when he speaks of her father. The most forgiving thing that Nora did in her life was to love her father and her husband dearly although each opposes each other.When Torvald got flush he was forced to go to Italy to seek the proper medical attention with his family. Although Noras father was to a fault criti cally ill she went by to help her husband get by means of with it. In Italy, life was even harder and Torvald need a large sum of money to go on with his hospitalization. Nora was helpless for they are withal desolate. Nowhere to go and tremendously need to save her husbands life she discreetly borrowed money from Nils Krogstad, a notorious bank employee who is infamous in sealing under the table agreements.Nora agreed to Krogstads plan of using her fathers bond and borrowed money from the bank while Nora pay it in installment to Krogstad. Noras father is already critically ill so she has to forge his tactual sensation or else there will be no money for her husbands treatment. Apparently all became as well complex when Torvald was approximately to take charge of the bank where Krogstad work and basically Torvald instantly wants to get unloosen of Krogstad because of his notorious reputation. When Krogstad learned of his impending fate, he talked to Nora to influence her husband so he pile stick at the bank.Nora realized the outcome of the scandal in dealing with Krogstad and so tried to persuade her husband but Torvald is really bent on taking out Krogstad and replace him with Christine, Noras friend. Krogstad continued to blackmail her and threaten of exposing her to her husband but Nora was helpless. Finally all the anomalies behind Noras dealing were revealed by Krogstad through a letter to Torvald. When Torvald discovered of the irregularity that Nora got into, he became so furious he purged her with insulting words telling her as a worthless wife and a useless mother to her children.He threw accusations of his fathers ill habits and again compared him to her. Consequently, he never dared to ask the reason for the forgery. As she was maligned and degraded by her husband, everything snapped in front of her. Suddenly realizing all the guilt and pain she had endured, she suddenly opted for freedom (Ibsen, 2002). Perhaps this is where we can critically analyze how the characters have successfully or failed to play their part to end the story with a happy ending or otherwise end the event in failure.Probably most of us will have mixed inclination on believing Noras actions were of righteous deeds or perhaps the other way around. But however we see it, her forfeiture of his fathers signature signifies her love of Torvald because without doing it, she will surely lose her husband. On the other hand, we see a little flaw here with her actions. When Krogstad threatened to blackmail her she should have told this to her husband to prevent danger in their family relationship as well as of his career. Instead she let things happened and then decided to end her life when Torvald knew all about it.Although this makes us readers to feel upset for Noras failures, the pointlessness of her weakness put more pain to her than gain. On the other hand, Nora can still be considered a noble person because the sacrifice she did to save her husbands l ife was most dignified. We must face the fact that she only happened to love dearly a husband that she can afford to do such crime. Nora as we see here is the victim in this story not only because Krogstad used her but her feelings as a person was extremely disregarded.In the end she accused Torvald of loving her not as a person but like a doll without feelings much like what her father do before. She said that all the while she loved them they did not love her back and never treated her as a person. Nora embodies women who can sacrifice for their families. Unfortunately she can only take too much. She got lost along the way and immersed herself with so much self compassionateness and when she decided to go away she forgot about her children.This is the part which confuses us because leaving her children is somewhat uncalled for even though she would be searching for her freedom. Also, however it may seem, committing suicide as she previously planned is not the right answer to run away from all her anxieties. As with the temporary hookup of the story, it is filled with treachery, lies, drama, friendship, adultery and perception of ignorance and ill commitment. An example of treachery here is when Dr. Frank, a great friend of Torvald expresses his desire to Nora and wants to commit an adulterous relationship with her.On the other hand, Catherine, the best friend of Nora also betrayed Nora in a sense that she did not tell Nora that she and Krogstad were previously involved or it would have lightened the situation in the first place. Noticeably, there seemed to be predictability with the plot as well. The characters already knew each other long but did not meet altogether until all were in one event to highlight the drama. This is the usual concept that is generally used among stories when emphasizing the rick of events to highlight the heavy scenes with strong emotions.Nevertheless, the climax of the story make us think that though some of us realized that No ras decision to leave Helmer Torvald and her children does not seemed to be logical and heartless for a mother, we maybe able to understand that she is the victim of disrespect, a woman who did everything but was deprived of love and affection. However, this is good book to read for it is full of compassion and delight that normally happens with people in our society. Reference Ibsen, H. (2002). A Dolls House Plain Label Books

Flyboys Essay Example for Free

Flyboys EssayWorld War I is long overdue for a proper stumble across modern movie screens, but Flyboys isnt it. Director Tony Bills film captures all the clichs of every warfare movie ever made and rolls them into an experience punctuated by inconsistent performances and even more inconsistent storytelling. Snoopys battles with the blood-red Baron felt more authentic than this.The problems start with James Franco, who plays lead flyboy in the story of American airman flying for the French during World War I. Its based on a true story, which has diverseness of become the de facto excuse for making bad movies. Hey dont blame us Thats the way it is. Right. Im not buying it. Franco plays a Texan with a southern accent that drifts in and out as if propelled by the wind. Sometimes hes a flying cowpoke, sometimes hes James Franco. Mostly, hes just bad at doing whatsoeverthing other than looking James doyen good.Francos squadron of biplane flying companions makes a motley crew of di ssimilar comrades. Theres the black guy who cant get a break in the U.S., the religious guy, the guy whos afraid to fight, the funny guy who cant shoot straight, and the clannish rich kid. Theyre bossed around by an oh-so-dark and dashing squadron commander and default French guy Jean Reno. whatever happened to Gerard Depardieu?Flyboys exists in a lazy, laid back version of The Great War that simply could not buzz off existed. The pilots lounge around in picturesque France, taking their time to learn to fly and shoot spot somewhere over that stand of trees somewhere a war happens. Sometimes they go out and sometimes they die, but our heroes always come back home to a nice cozy, safe bed. The reality of the starting time terrible world war never really touches the characters in this film and because of that we never get any tangible sense of what exactly it is that theyre fighting for.Lets face it though, if youre anything like me youre here for the dogfights. Prop plane dogfigh ting hasnt been do right since The Rocketeer and even there that wasnt exactly the point. Biplanes may not move quickly, but the way they escape pilots hanging out there in the promiscuous air presents a unique opportunity to commove audiences with a more up close and personal sort of flying.Flyboys planes look pretty, their CGI frames glistening in the sunshine as they dip, dive, and burn through the sky, but that thrill of being shot at in an open cockpit is nowhere to be found. Theres rarely any sense of speed as they move, and the pilots all react as if theyre being filmed in front of a bluescreen, which of course they are. Theres a lot of talk most how excited these daring dos are to be up in the air, but very small-minded while theyre up there to actually indicate it.Bill uses a lot of really great, shrewdly looking wide shots, but he never lingers on each shot long enough to give us a real grasp of how it might feel to be in one. Worse, soulfulness made the bizarre decision to tag all the planes machinegun fire with thick tidy sum trails. If Id never seen a bullet fired in a movie before it might seem cool, but since I have and thus know they dont leave a contrail like a missile, its distracting. Bullets dont spew smoke as they fly towards their targets. Choosing a special effect so outside reality in a film planted so firmly in reality is bizarre.The movie never captures the thrill of dogfighting, so far the planes do look sharp on screen and for aviation buffs seeing those old prop engines up there might be enough. For the rest of us, seeing Flyboys means fighting through a plodding, repetitious musical score and a lot of bad acting to get to an unsatisfying ending. Based on a true story or not, this is one adventure that might have been better left on the runway.

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Kim Fuller Essay Example for Free

Kim chuck-full EssayIn the early fall of 2002, Kim cram full was employed as a district sales engineer for a large chemical firm. During a routine tidings with plant chemists, congested learned that the company had developed a use for the recycled material, in pulverized form, do from fictile soda pop bottles. Because the state had mandatory deposits all beverage bottles. Fuller realized that a ready supply of this material was available. All that was needed was an organization to tap that bottle supply, grind the bottles, and hold the pulverized plastic to the chemical company. It was an opportunity Fuller had long awaiteda chance to excoriation a business. In November 2002 Fuller began checking into the costs involved in setting up a plastic bottle grinding business. A used truck and three trailers were acquired to pick up the empty bottles. Fuller purchased one used grinding machine notwithstanding had to buy a second one juvenileSupplies and pans necessary to run a nd maintain the machines were also purchased.Fuller also purchased a personal computer with the purpose of using it to keep company records. These items used $65,000 of the $75,000 Fuller had saved and invested in the company. A warehouse cost $162,000 was found in an excellent location for the business. Fuller was able to interest family members enough in this labor movement that three of them, two sisters and a brother, invested $30, 000 each. These funds gave Fuller the$50,000 down payment on the warehouse. The bank canonical a mortgage for the sleep on the building. In granting the mortgage, however, the bank 0fficial suggested that Fuller start from the source with fit accounting records. He said these records would help not only with future bank dealings but also with tax returns and general management of the company.He suggested Fuller find a good accountant to provide assistance from the start, to get things going on the right foot. Fullers neighbor, Marion pedestria n, was an accountant with a local firm. When they sit down to talk about the new business, Fuller explained, I k at one time little about belongings proper records. Zimmer suggested Fuller should buy an off-the-shelf accounting system software package from a local office supply retailer. Zimmer promised to help Fuller select and install the package as well as learn how to use it. In order to select the fight package for Fullers needs, Zimmer asked Fuller to list all of the items purchased for the business, a11 of the debts incurred, and the information Fullerwould need to manage the business. Zimmer explained that not al l of this information would be captured by the accounting records and displayed in financial statements.Based on what Fuller told Zimmer, Zimmer promised to create files to accommodate accounting and non-accounting information that Fuller could access through the companys personal computer. As Fullers first lesson in accounting, Zimmer gave Fuller a brief lecture o n the nature of the balance sheet and income statement and suggested Fuller draw up an opening balance sheet for the company. Confident now that the venture was starting on solid ground, Kim Fuller opened the warehouse, signed contracts with two local bottling companies, and employ two grinding machine workers and a truck driver. By February 2003 the new firm was making continual deliveries to Fullers former employer.Questions1. What information will Fuller need to manage the business? Classify this information in two categories accounting information and non-accounting information. 2. See what you can do to draw up a beginning of business list of the assets and 1iabilities of Fullers company making any assumptions you consider useful. How should Fuller go about displace a value on the companys assets? Using your values, what is the companys opening owners equity? 3. Now that Fuller has started to make sales, what information is needed to determine profit and loss? What should be the general construction of a profit and loss analytic thinking for Fullers business? How frequently should Fuller do such all analysis? 4. What other kinds of changes in assets, 1iabilities, and owners claims will need careful recording and reporting if Fuller is to keep in control of the business?

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Effect of School and Family Violence on Children

Effect of civilise and Family Violence on ChildrenIntroductionSchool atrociousness is the heinousness that happens in the direct premises. It incorporates distinctive issues, for example, posses, harassing, physical mischief to the rail staff and educators, barbarousness between the inculcate understudies, and so on. It is turning into a continuall(a)y expanding issue these days, especially in schools wherein the understudies nurse utilization of firearms and blades. Schools were at first viewed as the most secure spot for the children however as a result of this school savagery it is no to a biger extent a sheltered spot. Undoubtedly, such an instance of school primitiveness is sufficiently uncommon and seen just in unique(predicate) schools all things considered, a check is simmer down required for the same. We all realize that preadolescentsters atomic number 18 sent to class to increase better information and for gameer(prenominal) studies. Nonetheless, if underst udies go to class and get vicious or they are macrocosm hassled by alternate understudies, whence it is something that needs to be concerned exceedingly and at the top need level. This issue is indispensablely confronted by all. The administration powers and organization are still not ready to determine this issue of school savagery without the due backing of instructors and in addition folks. Folks, instructors and the understudies can teach themselves most school brutality and approaches to contain it from these sites. They are particularly intended to offer help, backing and direction to the educators and folks.DefinitionSchool viciousness is all type of savage action or exercises inside the school premises. It incorporates tormenting, physical misuses, verbal maligns, fight, shooting and so forth. Tormenting and physical ill-uses are the most widely recognized types of savagery that is connected with school roughness. However induce cases, for example, shooting and homic ide have additionally been recorded as school brutality. The term family brutality principally envelops scurrilous doings at dwelling, youngster ill-use, and elderly misuse. Presenting kids to inglorious behavior at class legitimately constitutes condemnable nipper misuse in a few states Whether or not a state characterizes a youngsters presentation to abusive behavior at home as kid ill-use, the youngsters who are presented to abusive behavior at home experience that viciousness with their eyes, ears, hearts, psyches and bodies. (Catani, 2008)ObjectivesRoughness against kids is broad, in distinctive structures. Some of these, to be specific the utilization of physical and mental brutality to train kids, are advocated by folks, educators and youngsters themselves. In spite of the particular that schools ought to assume a vital part in cultivating the insurance of kids from viciousness and misuse, every now and again educators resort to vicious practices as an approach to enhance youngsters execution and to train them. Specifically, instructors dont have particular preparing and competency to handle the demo procedure without utilizing any types of brutality. The Objective Outcomes (Carrell, 2010)To comprehend the impacts of abusive behavior at home on kidsTo learn approaches to converse with and hear them out astir(predicate) their experience of abusive behavior at homeTo see how aggressive behavior at home influences you as a guardianTo view with protected, peaceful associations with your kids dad or momTo learn and hone new critical thinking strategies with youngstersTo way bolster and advising for you and your youngsters,Why this problem is important? compendium 1Daniel study disputes that school savagery is high in young deal Students dont comprehend the danger they are doing in the activity of brutality, however suits strictly when the occurrence happened. Bears obligation here, educators and the school important, the studies demonstra tes additionally Studies demonstrate that African-Americans brutal understudies for reasons, for example, the desire of the white individual and needinessSummary 2D. Glicken study demonstrates that viciousness in young ladies more for youngsters with the presence of various studies in the ground forces .Showing that young ladies heaviest and concentrate on savagery completed by young ladies And assume liability for people in top of the line after confreres in the school and companions Statistics demonstrate that the unlawful acts did by the young ladies and proportions and years did by these fierce wrongdoings.Summary 3Says that mothers are occupied with neighbors Craft things, drinking espresso and conversing with their companions Do not see their kidsThey begin to grumble of them at 15 years old until 18, however essential issue starts when the children from youthful ages Continue developing and show up at the time of pre-adulthood All the studies demonstrate that the primary is sues are brought on by the absence of touch by folks. The arrangements that I discussed is that folks thinks about the youngsters until they grow up. (Catani, 2008)Summary 4Dosomthing study demonstrates the 11 certainty about the social change on the youngsters the outcomes wont put the rate however i will expound on the savagery that open the understudy on the school understudies were tormented at school, they felt dangerous at or on their approach to class, graders reported being undermined or harmed with a weapon on school property in any event once in the most recent year, the youngster utilization firearm at schools, arent the main ones in peril of school viciousness.Summary 5The instances of savagery among school understudies , 1-thither folks tyke impact with viciousness firstly in the home so they duplicate what they observed on the school in the event that they have issues on the home ,2- what the observed on the TV additionally the films effecting, 3-School brutality jus t happens among ineffectively instructed youngsters. 4-School roughness influences youngsters over all racial, social, efficient and geological boundaries.5-If you dont need inconvenience, you ought to simply look the other way when you see school savagery. 6-in the event that you overlook brutality in school.Summary 6Everything understudies need creation abilities to carry on effectively in schools ,understudy to feel great and easily inordinately for those kid who manufacture personal5 to 7 years this study said that the home there folks flier of computeless of whether a tyke is prepared to start school. Examination has proposed that we must take a gander at all parts of youngsters lives their psychological, social, enthusiastic, and engine advancement to get an exact thought of their availability to enter schoolSummary 7There is a little however developing group of examination showing that youthful youngsters presented to roughness in the house are left candidly scarred and d amaged. Furthermore, introduction to abusive behavior at home has a negative effect on neuro intellectual receipts, prompting discredit insight scores in youthful youngsters. There is noteworthy cover between abusive behavior at home and kid ill-use, in families where one type of savagery exists it is likely that alternate does as well. (Carrell, 2010)Summary 8Dr. Fantuzzo talked about exploration on the commonness of youngsters presented to abusive behavior at home, col his presentation with the accompanying inquiry We see through the glass faintly and is the glass half untenanted or half full? In doing as such, he was alluding to the considerable measure of data ail in the field, especially in regards to brutality counteractive action and intercession. (Catani, 2008)Previous Studies train 1Childrens header AbilitiesOne territory which needs to be considered in more detail is the particular adapting capacities of individual more seasoned youngsters. Analysts have started to ex amine reasons which may represent the level of volume demonstrated by a few youngsters. Taking after from this, a clinical and examination agreement is framing for survey this strength as being affected by more than one component. Found kids adapting capacities could be partitioned into three classifications. These are dispositional qualities of the kid (for instance, ability to change in accordance with new circumstances) bolster inside of the family framework (for instance, great association with one guardian) bolster figures outside(a) the family framework (for instance, peers, relatives). There is additional confirmation that youngsters adapting capacities can pouch as an element of their formative stage. Research with preschool kids has shown that disturbances in their typical family working are connected with maladaptive practices, both in the home and other social circumstances. (Carrell, 2010)Summary of Study 1An expansive muster in of the impacts on offspring of either seeing, Infants are responsive to their surroundings when bothered they cry, decline to bolster or withdraw and are especially helpless to lustful hardship. Youngsters adapting capacities could be partitioned into three classifications. These are dispositional traits of the kid (for instance, capacity to conform to new circumstances) bolster inside of the family framework (for instance, great association with one guardian) bolster figures outside the family framework (for instance, peers, relatives). It is just by building up a more extensive definitional and examination humble for kid ill-use and aggressive behavior at home issues, and putting them inside of the structure of family brutality by and large, with comparing sufficient assets, in a manner which will guarantee a top-hole upcoming for youngsters who live with entomb parental clash. (Catani, 2008)StudyAdolescentsWhen kids achieve youth, their subjective aptitudes and assets for adjustment have generally come to a phas e of improvement which envelops both their own family flow and outside informal organizations, for example, associate gatherings and school impacts. As such, they are getting to be mindful that there are distinctive methods for considering, feeling and acting on the planet from those to which they have been uncovered.On the other hand, the inquiry is whether the behavioral and social education procedures of teenagers, who have been presented to aggressive behavior at home, have turn out to be entrenched to the load that they think that it hard to take part in more positive methods for social collaboration. (Carrell, 2010)Summary Study 2Teenagers see the viciousness as their guardians issue and they frequently view the casualty as being mindful. Continuous clash between folks has a significant impact on pre-adult improvement and future grown-up conduct, and can be the most grounded indicator of rough misconduct. Then again, it must be underscored that, while there is doubtlessly yo ungsters who either witness and/or are casualties of aggressive behavior at home are all influenced as far as their behavioral, intellectual and enthusiastic conformity, the examination is still not sufficiently univocal to establish that there is a complete situated reaction for sex, age or phase of improvement (Catani, 2008)Final SummaryThey are amazingly helpless. Babies, why should starting create essential endeavors to relate reasons to passionate expressions, can regularly be seen to have behavioral issues, for example, continuous ailment, serious modesty, low self regard and inconvenience in childcare and also social issues, for example, hitting, gnawing or being factious. Sex contrasts can advance at this stage. By preschool age, youngsters accept that everything rotates around them and is created by them. On the off chance that they witness roughness or ill-use, they accept they have created it. (Carrell, 2010)ConclusionYoungsters reactions to seeing and/or encountering a ggressive behavior at home between folks differ impressively. No ordinary responses rise, albeit there is sufficient confirmation that introduction to abusive behavior at home can and frequently does impact youngsters conduct unfavorably. Be that as it may, at different phases of their improvement, kids are differentially ready to comprehend and adapt to what is occurring between their guardians. On the other hand, to on the whole comprehend the degree of the impacts of abusive behavior at home on kids, there are a few zones which need to be considered for future examination. Initially, all the more needs to be thought about the rate and pervasiveness of youngster witnesses, and about the interrelationship between seeing roughness and encountering different types of kid ill-use and disregard.BibliographyCarrell, S. E. (2010). Externalities in the classroom How children exposed to domestic violence affect everyones kids. American Economic Journal utilize Economics, 2(1), 211-228.ht tp//www.econ.ucdavis.edu/faculty/scarrell/domesticviolence.pdfCatani, C. J. (2008). Family violence, war, and natural disasters A study of the effect of extreme stress on childrens mental health in Sri Lanka. BMC psychiatry, 8(1), 33.http//www.pubfacts.com/detail/18454851/Family-violence-war-and-natural-disasters-a-study-of-the-effect-of-extreme-stress-on-childrens-ment

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Determining Validity of Research Framework

Determining hardship of Research modellingCHAPTER SEVENFRAMEWORK VALIDATION7.1Introduction This chapter focuses on the evaluation and validation of the mannikin. The query severity and manner deployed to maximise the boldness will be discussed in the first part of this chapter. Also, the eternal modeling validity will then be discussed. The second part of this chapter will analyse and discuss the results obtained from the evaluation of the exemplar. The example evaluation has been carried pop verboten by academics and rights practitioners and has pass judgmentd the suitableness and impellingness of the material in the construction sector.7.2 bindingityThe validation process started at the first stage of the enquiry, making sure that the research participants, eyeshade instruments and condition were exclusively accomplishing the research aim. A way come to the fore of writers learn contended that validity dissolve non be applied to qualitative research. At the similar time, demand understood the need for some qualifying check or measure for their research (Golafshani 2003). Cl early there atomic number 18 no direct tests validating qualitative research however, this does not c totally for that there atomic number 18 no guidelines (Patton 1990). Through the stages of this research, the effort has been make to contract that (1) the measuring instrument is measuring the concept being referred to and no other(a) concepts and (2) there is an accu array measurement of the concept (Bailey 1994). The measuring instruments apply in the interview method were the interview questions also the method used in analysing the data salt away and building the fabric. therefore, it was important to ensure that all research propositions were clear and effectively measured. Also, the method of analysis ask the provision of right inferences.Qualitative research has often been portrayed by flexibility and uncertainty, and tension amidst creativity and rigour. therefore at the interview analysis and the stages of framework building, a critical compromise was cautiously considered (Pyett 2003). The analysis of interviews engaged a deductive process whereby the author was his or so trenchant critic (Cook and Campbell 1976, p 229). This is known as internal validity. however, in this fill, an open viewpoint of validity was used whereby different techniques heighter from Decaturen the analysis and understanding of the consecrate of fellowship gravel and retrieval and prompted more reliable and valid information of the framework (Golafshani 2003). These methods includedAn in-depth revision of the instruments used for data collection and the method of analysisCarrying out a peer review of interviews themes and methods of analysisCarrying out a pilot study assessing the language of the questions definitions and terms clarity of the purpose of questions for interviewConstruct a descriptive and relational framework for the interview analysis to unclutter sure there is the consistency of analysis criteria and accu assess interpretation and inferences.7.3 External ValidityDeveloping a framework for the capture and retrieval of WLC fellowship in a construction project is found on a small number of chemises, and does not imagine this framework can be suitable and effective to other construction boldnesss practising WLC in the construction sector. even so, researchers are also interested in the ecumenicisation of the findings beyond the investigated cases (Schwab 1999). The justification for carrying out an in-depth interview is that people tangled in a matured practice have knowledge that would somehow or another not be accessible to the researcher. Therefore, it is the quality of the understanding that is vital, instead of the number of respondents who share it (Wainwright 1997).While re inquisitive a few cases may accomplish excellent validity by giving a significant understanding of the pract ice in those cases they have been broadly criticised as miss external validity (De Vaus 2001). The generalising of findings to or across a target population sample is known as external validity (Pedhazur and Schmelkin 1991). There are no efficient or verifiable methods to carry out external validation based solely on a single examination of a research relationship (Schwab 1999). However, a definitive way to assess the validity of the proposed framework is to test such principles in reality, yet in spite of appearance research practice, this is rarely conceivable (Pyett 2003). fabric testing by the application method, it could suck in quite a while before the reasonable judgment of the framework validity could be r for each oneed. no matter of the possibility that this was to take a short time, there would be a need to access to a huge sample (representing the industry) and the framework implementation in this sector. However, in this particular case, this was viewed strong. Nev ertheless, a few other methods were able to amplify the framework validity in this study as outlinedSelect fount case studies organisations (of current and best practices) from the target population in the interview stage.The pilot study provided a solid ground for understanding the current practice of KM and and so it was utilised as direct principles in using the best practice to suit the industry, which boosted the generalising or external framework validity.Looking for the evaluations of the suitableness and posture of the framework in the construction sector by seriouss practitioners and academics.7.4 Framework evaluationTesting the general framework feasibility by applying it to a large number of organisations representing the construction sector have been difficult in this research. The framework evaluation by experts was viewed as another alternative for evaluation. in fact, this method was deemed as suppress with regards to risk, finance and value.Assuming that 100 r andomly selected organisations are a representative sample and the elections unavoidable are accessible in those organisations, it would take six months for the testing and implementation of the framework (practically it would take years). However what if the framework did not work? This would typify lost time of 600 months (100 organisation X 6 months) and therefore significant effort. Therefore, in this case, the evaluation method by experts could be deemed the more or less appropriate method as yet though the generalise by implement method was deemed possible.The reason for the evaluation method accordingly was not to anticipate that the framework was suitable for the organisation of the inscribed experts to obtain the experts evaluation in regards to the frame plant suitableness in the industry. The suitability of the framework was not seen adequate however because the suitable framework did not necessary means it would fetch value. Therefore, effectiveness was another c riterion the evaluation sought to answer.7.4.1 ParticipantsJustificationBased on their experience, the suitability and the effectiveness of the framework can be judged by experts by using the right tool techniques, required resources and methods. The time and effort required for the framework implementation can also be estimated and matched with the current practice.The participants involved in the framework evaluation is made up of two groups of experts academic and practitioners. The practitioners are involved with WLC practice in the construction project and therefore have a better understanding of the daily work. Also, their participation in a project which requires WLC practice means they can work with other organisation who practice WLC in the construction sector and can understand the verity of work environments.Also, academics are expected to have a deep understanding of different methodological viewpoints, as they know around observation and analysis. Further, the academic s rely greatly on the construction industry as a major source of information, so does not suggest that they will be isolated. Also, many academics are involved in the practice.SampleA total number of sixteen experts were divided equally between the academics and the practitioner who participated in the framework evaluation. The participants year of experience ranges from eight to thirty-eight years, accounting for the total of three hundred and thirteen years of experience. The eight practitioners were from the three case study organisations who participated in the pilot and main interview of the study. The focus on practitioners was on those in the plain stitch with experience in WLC practice because they had an in-depth understanding of the WLC practice. Also, participating academics were from four universities in the UK, working in the make environment and information and knowledge management departments.ExpertsJob titleYear of experiencePractitionersOrganisation A cypher Mana ger35 amount Surveyor20Building Surveyor7Organisation BQuantity Surveyor6Project Manager33Organisation CCost Estimator15Project Manager27Construction Manager7AcademicsSenior lector12Senior Lecturer30Lecturer6Lecturer7Lecturer25Lecturer25 lector31Reader21 turn off 7.1 Characteristics of participating experts in the framework evaluationBecause the framework evaluation required a seminar presentation, this process was thought to be long, and it was expected a low number of response. Therefore, it was unconquerable to reach the target of participants by sending invites to a member of staff with the three case study organisations. The total number invitations forwarded was 300 of which 120 were sent to academics and 180 to the three case study organisations.7.4.2 rule of EvaluationEmails was used a tool to invite experts and includedAn overview of the research projectRequest to participate in the evaluation of the framework for the purpose of validityRequest on the best times which s uits each of the case study organisation for a 40mins seminar presentationThe framework was presented to each case study organisation using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. The presentation was interactive in which participants lessened the explanation while diagram part were moved in each presentation slides accordingly. The seminar presentation was arranged into ten slides which took a narrative era of logic since it began by clarifying the parts of the framework independently and after(prenominal)wards presented the strategic framework. puzzle out 7.1 A screenshot of the PowerPoint presentationThe questionnaire was designed and hosted using the online service provider Survey Monkey and consisted of two parts. Firstly, exposit about participants including name, organisation, job title, business and size of the organisation.secondly, the framework evaluation and this was included in two sectionsScore based questions to the rate the suitability and effectiveness of the develope d frameworkSeeking the opinions of the participants about the advantages, limitations and ways of improving the framework.It was discrete to present the framework diagrammatically showing the strategic, tactical and ope discerning levels. The presentation gave a more in-depth comment however diagrams were sent to four research students to assess their readability, and the outcomes affirmed that such diagrams could convey the concept and details of the framework if the reader had extensive experience in construction management. One of the research students who took part in the pilot study was a medical doctor, dissociated from the construction industry, who found the framework unreadable, Although he has a darling understanding of the major concept. Respondents were also sent an attachment of the presentations slides via email.7.5Results 7.5.1Suitability of frameworkParticipants were being asked to show their valuation for suitability for each of the components of the framework wh ere 1 implied unsuitable and 5 suitable. The answer from the analysis uncover that the levels of suitability for all approaches were considered far above the ground.As shown in Table 7.2, 3.74 out of 5 is the lowest mean value for the architecture of the knowledge base. Although it is not indicated in the value that the architecture of knowledge base is a 100% suitable, rather, it shows that it is likely going to be more suitable than unsuitable. The circumstance with regards to knowledge capture, retrieval and social organization approach much better as they all have a score of 4 out of 5. The skewness measure has a negative value which shows that the mass of distribution concentrates on the side of suitable. experience inhibitKnowledge retrievalKnowledge StructureArchitecture of Knowledge BaseNValid16161616Missing0000 stringent 3.93754.06254.00003.7500Std. variance .85391.85391.894431.00000Skewness -.605-.863-.639-.343Table 7.2 Suitability of the framework componentsFigure 7.2 shows that the majority of the participants gave a 4 or 5 rating of the suitability of all the framework components. With regards to the architecture of the knowledge base, the suitability was rated under 3 by two participants (i.e. 2). The normal curve illustrates that the approximation of the median(a) of all components almost falls in the 4 rate of suitability. All the indications provide turn up that those components are suitable for the construction organisations.7.5.2Effectiveness of framework Participants were being asked to show their rating for effectiveness for each of the components of the framework where 1 implied to be ineffective and 5 effective. The mean value of effectiveness for all components as shown is (Table 7.3) are above 3.75 and ranges between 3.87 and 4.18. The skewness measure has a negative value which shows that the mass of the distribution is concentrated on the side of effectiveness.Knowledge CaptureKnowledge RetrievalKnowledge StructureArchitecture o f Knowledge BaseNValid16161516Missing0010Mean4.06254.187503.93333.8750Std. Deviation.85391.910586.798811.02470Skewness-.863-1.019-.842-.571Table 7.3 Effectiveness of the framework componentsAs shown on the histograms shown in Figure 7.3 shows that the majority of experts participants evaluated all components to a score 4 or 5 rates of effectiveness. Knowledge retrieval gum olibanum turns out slightly more effective than the other framework components. The normal curve makes it clear the approximation of the average rate of all components which almost lies in the 4 rate of effectiveness. All the indicators together provide evidence that those components will be effective when implemented.7.5.3The Entire Framework SuitabilityExperts participants were asked to indicate their rate of suitability for the wide framework using the same criteria as mentioned above. As shown in Table 7.4, the mean value of suitability (3.93) and the negative value of the skewness measure provide an encoura ging indication for the external validity. In Figure 7.5, the pie chart shows that the majority of experts participants (62%) rate the suitability 4 out of 5 and the vast majority (81.3%) are either giving the framework a rate of 5 or 4. furthermore, the histogram in Figure 7.4 shows that sole(prenominal) one expert gave a rating of suitability under 3 (i.e. 2). Therefore, the indications of suitability are positive(p) and show that this framework is considered suitable.The Entire Framework SuitabilityNValid16Missing0Mean 3.9375Std. Deviation .77190Skewness -.881Table 7.4 The entire framework suitability7.5.4Effectiveness of the Entire Framework Expert participants were asked to indicate their rate of effectiveness for the entire framework using the same criteria as mentioned above. The mean value (4) and the skewness measure value (negative) which shows that the framework is evaluated to be effective as shown in Table 7.5. A third of the experts participant shows a full mark of effectiveness, and 40% scored the framework a rate of 4 for effectiveness as shown in Figure 7.7. However, as shown in Figure 7.6, three experts rate it a 3 and one a 2. Nonetheless, the normal curve is pointing to an approximation of effectiveness at the rate of 4. Indications show that the framework is effective.Effectiveness of the Entire FrameworkNValid15Missing1Mean4.0000Std. Deviation.92582Skewness-.623Table 7.5 Effectiveness of the entire framework.7.5.5Experts Opinion about the FrameworkThe expert participants were requested to express their opinion about the framework regarding suitability, effectiveness, advantages and limitations. This could give additional assessment not covered in the closed-ended questions. Twelve of the feedbacks were received and had been listed belowIt looks good to me. The problem is getting it work in practice. immense model and l like it, particularly the knowledge forms and the categorisation. This will help save time when searching for knowledg eI think the overall seminar presentation was good and it covered a lot of the things we do not consider as outlay pointing out in our day to day project livery implementation.It is very hard to make a judgment on these key issues just on the presentation. However, I am quite inspired by the approach to knowledge capture. Although the presentation is great, however, the information, it provides is insufficient.It seems very general.The framework works sanitary in suitability and effectiveness and in use of collaboration tools, intranet tools with knowledge management within organisations. It is essential for a large organisation that staff can find and utilise answers as well as gaining access to the subject matter, experts and sharing information on similar projects and programmes. The advantages are that knowledge is shared rather than lost or protected by individuals. The saying that knowledge is power is true of individuals However in organisations that are able and willing to capture knowledge and share this with the wider team rather than separate it with individual project members.The framework is suitable and effective in many areas and an insightful and logical bodily structure. There is some duplication, but that would seem to be unavoidable.Leadership support is important, with top-bottom commitment. Co-operation/sharing is not always a natural inclination in individuals.The framework seems to be super advanced and would require an IT system to invoke its processes and to encourage people to use it. If all members of the organisation are contributing positively to the framework and most of them have the ability to capture, retrieve, and then re-use the captured knowledge, then the system will be for sure highly effective. In reality, I think we share the knowledge sometimes, but even when we do so, we do not roll or capture them properly. As a result, we lose whatever we have shared as we cannot capture, structure and re-use all the knowled ge captured by only relying on our brain capabilities. We as practitioners need such a framework to assist us to have a better understanding of the knowledge so we can use it appropriately. From an overall point of view, I admire you for this excellent presentation, and it was informative and well structured. We have knowing a lot from this insightful presentation about knowledge management. There is no doubt that this framework is needed for business success.Although the framework appears to be complicated on its operational side I am certain that if the KM operation depends on this model, the result will be relevant and highly efficient.The framework makes sense from a project management perspective. However, knowledge capture and retrieval are complex and resource intensive activities and can be onerous to the project team if proper incentives are not adjust with the leaderships expectation of knowledge sharing.I think if your framework is properly applied, it will be extremely effective. Also, it is highly suitable. Regarding its advantages, I think it is simple to read and understand by any person who has a introductory level of knowledge management and its management.The issues mentioned in the comments can be grouped into four categories Firstly, those which highlight the agency of knowledge capture and retrieval.Secondly, those who stress the grandness and need for such a framework, due to the awareness of the problem, and thus confirm the motives for this research.Thirdly, indications that the framework may require a huge effort and construction projects already involved in demanding work. This issue has been discussed in the statement of the problem (section 1.4) whereby the problem lies on the capture and not the retrieval side. To minimise the problem, the project review was adopted as the main technique for knowledge capture which already exists in projects, rather than introducing a new approach. Additionally, the daily based reviews were rej ected in this research for the same reason. Furthermore, a strategy for motivation has been pinpointed in the framework to ensure the application of knowledge capture.Fourthly and most importantly, a suitable and effective framework will also require careful application and effort. This has been say by several experts, and therefore considered a critical point, because the good theory does not necessary guarantee successful application.Finally, an expert described the framework to be very general. As aIn fact the framework is considering a particular area to investigate, link to knowledge capture and retrieval of project management processes, in the context of the project. Models inside the framework have provided precise details regarding what to do in particular scenarios. Also, knowledge capture and retrieval cannot be tackled in isolation from issues such as.Leadership support and cooperative culture. It is worth mentioning that this expert selected the rating of 2 for all of the 10 rating-based questions which are considered statistically biased. However, it was thought that this academic expert provided his personal details and these matched the tracking information. Therefore it was considered a valid response, and his opinion was appreciated.Other points were also considered related to the advantages of the framework and impressions about the presentation.7.5.6 Framework ImprovementAnother question was put forward in regards to how the framework can be improved. The feedback from the expert participants are listed belowBy trial and error.The framework can be improved after applicationl did not analyse the presentation critically to make rational input in this directionI would rather read the whole PhD thesis and make my suggestionsWhat issues should be addressed? Profitability, time and teamwork?There is no such thing as ideal knowledge framework. Therefore the knowledge framework can also be improved. Evolvement of a framework can be made by lessons learnt from previous projects receiving constructive criticism and using good management techniques such as benefits and stakeholder management. Furthermore being clear about the benefits of knowledge capture and retrieval, with the onward transmittal/access of results by stakeholders, confabulation and using the framework communication channels for optimum use. The framework is excellent for understanding the needs and requirements of this age, and that knowledge should be shared for the benefit of all within an organisation rather than being kept and perhaps lost by the few, when the project team is dissolved or re-assigned.Show an example of how it will keep in line in practice.Working hand in hand with the IT system which enhances its process and records all captured knowledge after structuring it.The answers can be categorised into four major groupsFirstly, improvement is a continuous process, and the most appropriate way to improve the framework is through the application. Secondly, improvement can be achieved by addressing time, profitability and teamwork which have already been addressed in this study. Profitability is a significant factor that can declare the importance of knowledge capture and retrieval of the project and is, therefore, one of the areas to be embarked upon. However, the development of a model to measure economic profit alone is enough to do a research project.Thirdly, the exertion of effort in linking the IT system with knowledge capture and retrieval approaches. The knowledge base is a component of the framework, and there is a need to train people on the use of the knowledge base which links knowledge capture and retrieval approaches.Finally, the use of labels to distinguish between compulsory and optional activities and resources. This has been presented differently in this research as the majority of the activities and resources were thought to be important if knowledge was required to be captured and retrieved successfully. I t was decided only to underscore activities or resources that were suggested but not deemed necessary.7.6Summary This chapter has set out to determine the validity of the framework. It has demonstrated that validity relies on of the inherent validity of the methods of data collection, analysis, and the inferences led to the construction of the framework. Critical in-depth revision, piloting, peer reviews and a refractory framework for analysis were the methods used in this research to maximise its validity.For the purpose of generalising (external validity) the framework, a number of factors were considered early on in this project. These included using a randomly selected sample in the survey choosing a sample of best practice from the target population and comparing the results of best practice with the current practice obtained in the survey to assess the ability of and utilise the solution for the target population. Further steps were taken to test the generalisability of the framework by inviting practitioner and academic experts to evaluate its suitability and effectiveness. The results have indicated that the framework and its components are applicable and effective.