Thursday, April 18, 2019

Cultural Makeup Of China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cultural Makeup Of China - Essay ExampleIt is internal to outline that there is a significant set of cultural features affecting the duty behavior in China. China has a record tribe of more than 1.3 billion citizens (Fabbi 8). Due to hardworking nature of the Chinese society, a large portion of their population is involved the daily business operations. Based on this, Chinese have been putting most their cultural business practices into use. In addition, fifty-six (56) ethnic groups are officially recognized in the country. These ethnic groups include the Han and Zhuang. The Chinese nicety and civilization has been influenced by three principal(prenominal) religious movements, which are Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. In this sense, Chinas prominent religions thus include Islam, Christianity and Buddhism (Alon 24).The countrys demographic values reveal that about 10% of Chinas population lives on $1 a day (Fabbi 30). This small value has resulted into most Chinese doing thei r best to excel in business. 91.51% of the Chinese mickle belong to the Han ethnic group (Fabbi 12). Of the remaining 55 ethnic groups, only one has a population of over of 1%. This is the Zhuang ethnic group. In essence, the Han ethnic group creates the largest business oriented population in the country. In terms of religion, 2% of the countrys population is made up of Moslem while the Christian population stands between 3.2% and 5%. Additionally, Buddhism is practiced by 10% to 18% of the Chinese population. Lastly, 30% of the Chinese practice local folk religions. Since China is an atheist, it officially does not survey its people based on religion. On this regard, the Chinese culture does not consider religion to be of some(prenominal) effect on their respective business behaviors (Fabbi 128).The other sets of crucial Chinese cultural characteristics in business are about prosperous entertainment. A key part of Chinas business culture is that evening banquets are

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