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Effects of television Essay Example for Free

Effects of video recording set canvas television system may be one focus to educate children but alongside of it is something that is very fantastic especi aloney to toddlers. Letting your children watch cartoons such as Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street and the likes is both beneficial and dangerous. At some point there argon things that need to be addressed by the parent when their children are watching television on their own. For parents whose child is under 2 years of old age, letting their kids watch television for the entire day would be very harmful. One way to prevent all untoward things to knock at a young age is to limit their screening hours.The Baby Center Medical circuit card Advisory wrote in their website Since your child is under age 2, its best to keep TV-watching to a bare minimum. If you aim to allow some television, break it up into 15-minute increments. Much more than that and your toddlers brain can shift to autopilot. Do away with letting your children watch television program of their choice as it may have uncultivated scenes. Researchers have found that when a toddler watches those kinds of programs, it is likely that they pull up stakes, sooner or later, imitates the scene or they will display an aggressive behavior.Also, letting children watch television all day would give them less clock to rent books, exercise, play outdoors and make friends in the neighborhood. If a child owns a television system bouncy console, there is a big chance that they will be hard to discipline. Parents will have to hole with calling their kids for dinner time and get no response since they are busy with whatever play they are playing. The promotions of different kinds of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, and illicit drugs are also harmful to children who watch television all day. Such kind of promotion makes the child think that using these products is good for everyone.Additionally, the meaning and ideals conveyed in any television p rogram may give children a different assureing of things that will eventually diverge the way they think and the kind of behavior that they will exhibit. A concern raised by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that, children are being subjected to much sexual imagery in the likes of music videos, television programs, and the advertisements. On the other hand, there are things that can be taught while watching television such as good moral values, following proper diet, other learning such as speaking, reading, wonder of arts and many others.Parents should actually guide their children when watching television. They should be able to explain to their children what is happening in the scene or if the scene is not appropriate for them. Also, having parents watch television with their children is one way of bonding. thither is a way where parents can restrict the shows that can be seen by the children through the help of the V-chip. V-chip is a device use to block programs that a re not suitable for children in a specific age bracket. Setting the viewing time limit of a child can contribute much to their growth.A practice such as letting children watch television program only after finishing their homework is one of the ways where they can be limited to watching or playing video games. More, watching television is risky for children since they prevail to arrive obese. A study presented by Harvard Medical work student, Sonia Miller, shows that the more a child sits in front of the television set, the more tendency of eating cankerous foods and taking in too much sugar. The study showed that for each additional hour of TV viewing per day, the children consumed 0.06 additional servings per day of sugar-sweetened beverages, 0. 32 additional servings per week of fast food and a total of 48. 7 additional calories per day, after adjusting for age, sex, maternal socio-demographics, race, body mass index, breastfeeding duration and sleep duration. Moreover, the more additional hours a child spent in front of the boob tube means that they have taken a number of fruits or vegetables that is required for their daily intake. However, Miller said that obesity and television watching is in any way not the same.Watching television all day and doing nothing physical is not a cause for a child to be obese at an early age, but unflustered the researchers are working out on the said matter (Lepage-Monette, 2007). However, for a working mother, she cannot just deliver her children to watch programs that she intends to watch. In a confession made by a working mother, she said that in found to have things done, she sometimes needs to turn on the television to catch the attention of her children and consecrate her with whatever work she has to do.The use of television in school is, on the other hand, one way to get the attention of a child especially those in their kindergarten. With the use of different educational DVDs, students become more intere st grouped in learning things. Using videos that have subjects like biology and history captures the interest of a student since they tend to understand more the lesson given that they are able to see it for themselves. In biology, the teacher can let their students watch a certain episode on National geographical or Discovery channel that is in reference to their upcoming lesson.In the Philippines, there are television programs that are intended to be used as an instructional media to students. There are programs for enriching the knowledge of students in Mathematics, Science, English, History and Literature and the Arts. For over 4 years, the Philippine government has agreed to use these media in order to teach students. Both private and public schools in the Philippines use the said media to let their students further understand the lesson. Personally, the use of instructional media like that in the Philippines is very beneficial to students.It does not expose the student to a l ong time of television viewing yet it helps them understand their respective lessons with the help of the videos. Letting students read thick books is something that they will not do and will only give them the idea of having an A-list classmate do the work and in the end the student does not learn anything. Whereas, with showing video clips or documentaries, they tend to be more attracted to the lesson and will later on research on things that is in accordance to what they truism and learn a thing or two from it.It is not bad to let children watch television programs, only there should be proper guidance from elders. And these elders should be able to explain if the scene is unfeignedly intended for students at a particular age or not.ReferencesBabyCenter Medical Advisory Board (2006, October). TV-watching guidelines for toddlers Milton Chen, Ph. D. (1994). The bright Parents Guide to Kids TV. KQED Books. Hanna D Margeirsdottir Jakob R Larsen Cathrine Brunborg Leiv Sandvik et al (2007, June). Strong Association Between Time Watching Television and Blood Glucose Control. Diabetes Care. pg. 1567.

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