Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Appropriate Criteria Essay Example for Free

The Appropriate Criteria EssayThe internal QA cultivate largely takes place within the college programme/ department itself. Gener all(prenominal)y, this process collects continued information in a systematic way about the feel being achieved. The Self perspicacity cogitations be the corner c been of the whole QA system and need to be prepared by the college under the guidance provided by the foreign agencies e.g. City and Guilds, EAL The Self Assessment report should be validated by peers and is the backbone of the whole instance of Quality authorisation and Enhancement in Colleges. Therefore a standard Self Assessment report should motivate the internal QA by identifying its weaknesses and strengths, in practicing to be prepared for external sound judgement and informing the external evaluators about internal QA System. A self assessment report should provide comprehensive information regarding objectives, body structure and content of the academic programmes, the le arning and teaching environment and curriculum organization etc. The processes of conducting Self Assessment (SA) of college programmes are outlined by the scheme providers which provide guidance for practicing self assessment of college programmes of higher discipline institutions to maintain and improve the quality standards simultaneously.see moreexplain why a workers personal views should not influence an individuals choicesSelf Assessment is an effective tool for academic Quality Assurance and provides feed back to administration to initiate action plans for improvement. Quality in higher education is a dynamic entity and therefore various factors that determine quality of higher education must be destiny in equilibrium at a level that matches with national expectations and standards. These factors include, inter alia, leadership, quality of faculty, quality of students, curriculum, al-Qaida facilities, research and learning environment, governance, strategic planning, asses sment procedures, and their relevance to market forces. Combined with this the criteria for sagaciousness the quality of assessment process is usually laid down in organisation standards, such as health and safety, equation and diversity. Along with this we require an evidence trail to ensure relevance. Another method is the use of the criteria of meeting targets hold of questionnaires to assess learner satisfaction to awarding organisation standards. e.g. Performance./assessment criteria Levels - NVQ etcPerformance indicatorsChecklistsLogging and tracking documentsPortfoliosoccupational/vocational standardsNational Occupational Standards (NOS)Government regulatory body standards e.g. Ofqual/Ofsted.When assessing , VASCAR can be referred to when judging the quality of the assessment process. V Is it valid does the work presented meet the criteria and standards that are being worked towards? A Is the work real is the work the learners/assessors own? S Is the evidence sufficient is there enough to meet the requirements?C Is it catamenia is it linked to the current standards and are they up to date? A Is it accurateR Reliability are the assessment decisions consistent and assessed to the appropriate levels for the qualification?Another acronym which is good to relate to during the process is ACRA the true/audit trail ensuring all paperwork matchesC Is there consistency over all the assessments, are all assessors working to the same standardized procedures R Record keeping, are all records accurate and thorough (ie are all dates and signatures correct and present). It is vitally important to ensure the above systems are maintained and followed correctly when judging the quality of assessment process. It is also important that they are adhered to in order to contribute to standardization end-to-end the college. Their use is also important to identify any discrepancies or support needed either for individuals or the team as a whole.

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