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Research Methods Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Research Methods - Coursework Example While on the other hand a research hypothesis is also relevant to the formulation of the report. Thus it is referred to as the assumption made by a researcher about the possible outcome of the study. A hypothesis of a study must be simple, theoretically clear and specific (Kumar, 2005, p.75). Among the mentioned questions of the case, the least suitable for testing the hypothesis is the issue related to the opinion of the local population about the new facility. Hence the first question i.e. Q (b) is least suitable for hypothesis testing. The reason this has been cited as the least appropriate one is that the opinion of the local population is difficult to measure. Moreover it is also exploratory in nature. Hence a meaningful hypothesis cannot be formulated. Rather is must be guided by a clear sense of purpose. An Operational hypothesis states a quantifiable relationship among the variables. Therefore the operational hypothesis for the mentioned questions is illustrated below:- Opera tional hypothesis of Q a: - Increased road traffic has raised the number of road fatalities of large mammals because there is high pressure on the roads and less maintenance. Research Design for Q a: - Case study approach of qualitative research design can be used in this case for the purpose of evaluation. Case study approach has been chosen because it will provide an opportunity to have in-depth analysis of the matter within a stipulated time frame. Operational hypothesis of Q c: - The establishment of the factory will improve the conditions of the participating households, as they will be financially benefitted. Research Design for Q c: - Non-experimental design approach of quantitative research design can be employed for this purpose. It has been chosen because non-experimental design takes into account the reliance of one aspect on the other. The aspects are establishment of factory and the financial condition of the households. Operational hypothesis of Q d: - Improved mango v ariety will produce more pulp as it is scientifically processed. Research Design for Q d: - Experimental design approach of quantitative research design can be chosen to test it. This approach has been chosen because hypothesis is based on experimental testing. Moreover experimental design also tries to change the outcomes of the participants. Operational hypothesis of Q e: - Proximity of households to the road intensifies the supply of mangoes. Research Design for Q e: - In this context once again case study approach has been chosen to test the hypothesis. This will also reveal the fact that whether the closeness of road actually increases the supply of mango. (Word Count: 494) Q2: Protocol for an Experimental Design A research protocol can be defined as the detailed plan of a study (Rch, 2008). Hence every research study must contain a well defined research protocol. Now the case is about a company namely Country jams and Pickles who is planning to open a factory at a remote place for the production of pickles and jams. Consequently they will require adequate supply of fruits on time to maintain the flow of production. Therefore a study will be undertaken which will be principally focused to find whether supplying of free storage container to the farmers will increase the supply of fruits to the factory. Therefore according to the objective of the study hypothesis can be drawn as follows:- H0 –

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