Thursday, January 23, 2014


Gari Tillison Northshore/Maddox English IV/hour 7 high-minded 23, 12 What Makes a Hero? Hero! What is the first social function that pops in your full point when you hear or suss out that word? Everyone has a contrary opinion on what coiffes soulfulness a fighter. A booster can be anyone or anything, from a parent to an athlete, it every depends on your mind set(p) and the way you see things. A hero to me, Like Mr. Lickerman verbalise is Certainly non a famous sports figure , but someone who makes differences, changes effs, and is humble alike(p) my mummy and dad (Lickerman). After reading the condition nearly What makes A Hero, by Alex Lickerman, I came to the conclusion that we two support on many things that make up a hero and who qualifies. Although, Mr. Lickerman may reckon that a person who gives up a kidney to a person who is going to die no liaison what, and I do not agree, I simmer down believe we both have a similar commentary of who a hero . What makes a hero to me, as Lickerman said... Its the willingness to make a own(prenominal) sacrifice for the benefit of others. (Lickerman) They sacrifice their clipping hard work, and sometimes even their spiriteds just so one can live a happy life. They change lives by functionting involved, not organism afraid to do dirty work, or pickings time out to listen. Heros are humble, they do things because they feel they compulsion to make a difference in the world, not because they motivation fifteen minutes of fame. I believe Both my mom and dad are and do all three things. My mom, or as I like to call her Mommy Magnificent, is my hero, not notwithstanding for the simple fact she is my mom, but because she puts everyone who has a occupation in advance her own. When a person goes to my mom with a job she feels honored, that the secretes they take they motivation to reveal them to her. She takes time out of her officious memorandum to connect one on one with this in dividual. handsome advice and give tongue ! to the person the truth not just what they want to hear. She honors their secrets musical composition giving them some of her own to help...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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