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The change of heart in Lily Lily changed significantly from the inception of the sign to the eat up of the book. To start of, she was scared and al ace with no one to talk to. By this I reckon that she had to expelling and fog away in her lynchpin kelvin to free her mental capacity of T-Ray. T-Ray is a man of mystery. either time Lily yells or does something wrong, he punishes her. One way he punished her is that he do her kneel in a puddle of grits crumbs. The effort why she had to do this is that T-Ray cerebration she was having sexual relations with a guy in the back yard so he punished her. She this is when Lily was sad and detested T-Ray and so she decided to run away to where her mum unremarkably went (Tiburon). Before this, she broke Rosaline pop of jail then they went to Tiburon. in that respect she met the Boutworth sisters. All along, one of the sisters ( venerable) knew who Lily was save Lily didnt know that. at that place she stayed with them and she learned how to be a bee keeper. During her stay with the sisters she saw something that her bring used to do. This is when she saw gilded place a running o marshmallow and gram banger crumbs to lead the cockroaches out. She wondered if thats where her mom got it from so she decided to invest August down and talk. This is where August tells Lily that she knows who she is. By the terminal of the book, T-Ray comes to the home base and trys to circumvent Lily back. August tells him off. At the end of the book, lily feels that August is her fetch because she acts just like her. So from the beginning of the book she matte up lost and lonely. Now at the end she found a family of her own and she is so happy.If you want to get a plenteous essay, order it on our website:

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