Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eng4U-B Key Question 3

                Key Questions Lesson 3 b)    Many volume believe that to each matchless socialisation has profound identities that it is hard to relate or comp be to unitys that atomic number 18 different from yours. A Moslem woman who wears the hijab and a native woman who speaks about worldwide heatings effects on her tribe may seem analogous two different subjects, only when their stories and experiences be similar generous to influence their identities. In the essays of each woman you will shape how; their cultures influence their identity, how others take c atomic number 18 them, and how the view of others influence these women. Their powerful cultural ethnicities take a leak similar experiences so they will be a good match to compare. The contrasts are just tools to show how influential things can become to an individuals identity.     Cultures establish a major impact on our identities. Naheed Mustafa and Sheila Watt-Cloutier k now this because one is Muslim and the other Aboriginal Inuit. Naheed wears the hijab, a scarf that covers the head, neck, and throat. It is a Muslim tradition for women to interpretate it that their body is their own concern, and that physical traits should non coquet a role in social interaction. Sheila lived a traditional inuit life until the age of ten, but her experiences as a modern inuit child energise influenced her life so such(prenominal) that her career involves advocating the security measures of inuit life and reversing the effects of global warming that endanger her packs authority of life. These two women have absorbed their cultures and divulge their appreciaiton of the identities they possess by wearing the hijab, or by having a career vocalizing people about your proud heritage. though culture seems to be a major influence on identity, there are many other factors that contribute as well.     You may non think about it, but people from different c ultures have their own views about your iden! tity. Naheed mentions in the source of her essay that people might view her culture in a shun way due to popular belief,...If you loss to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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