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Nikki Luciano AP English- 4 December 11, 2007 Analyzing and Interpreting Hamlet Act 1 1. The setting and events in Scene 1 establish a mood of prognosticate because both are key points in forming a Acherontic and skeptical scene. First, the setting of Hamlet is a dark pass night outside the castle in Denmark. The dark spend setting is relevant of somber measure because darkness is frigid of light, which would represent happiness, and in the scheme of seasons, wintertime represents death, and the King of Denmark has ripe dies. The first events in Scene 1 lead readers to add with Marcellus’ bring upment “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Bernardo, Marcellus, and Horatio are charge guard over the castle aft(prenominal) midnight, and they palaver astir(predicate) the deceased King Hamlet, and how Bernardo and Marcellus saw his ghost. Horatio is skeptical, but then believes them after(prenominal) the ghost appears that nig ht. The three hazard it is the ghost of King Hamlet, and although it does non talk to Horatio, Horatio thinks the ghost will talk to his son. These events foreshadow casualty because ghosts are normally a bad sign and crawfish out the person has not crossed over after death. This role player that something about his death has upset the balance of nature, and the future of Denmark is in all likelihood a dark one. 2. First Claudius lets his lead know that it is pass “To bear our hearts in trouble and our whole kingdom, to be contracted in one os frontale of woe.” This means that it is exhaustively to mourn, but life must go on. I think it was wise of his to tell this to his people on his first day as king because it is a console statement and makes the people more willing to accept Claudius as king. Later, Claudius notices Hamlet inactive trouble and calls it “unmanly grief” present he is a hypocrite because he just absolute telling his subjects that mourning is good. ! In his speech Claudius’ also tells Denmark that he married Gertrude and has the...If you pauperization to get a full essay, range it on our website:

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