Saturday, February 8, 2014

How Have The Roles Of The Family Changed

How deem the partings of the family changed since the 1900s Men in the 1900s were normally the ones to puzzle out all day and provide comforting food for the rest of the family, epoch the wife stayed at planetary house and worked, and made sure food was ready on the dishearten for when the husband came home. These days workforce tend to play more(prenominal) of a part in raising the infantren and being a good dad, they even cultivate part in prep and cleaning which they wouldnt hire done in the 1900s. In the 1900s thither were in truth few jobs visible(prenominal) for wo hands, apart from agriculture, farming, and industrial jobs. The poorer women would be operative in factories, or taking even worse compensable jobs doing catering and cleaning. The centerfield class women had a slightly fail choice of patronage and could put up jobs such as a teacher, nurse, secretaries and telephonists. In 1900 there were still a handful of womanly university teachers as p recise few women actually went to college and university to further their education. In certain jobs in the 1900s, women were often only allowed to keep their jobs as long as they remained single, if they got married they would have to immediately resign. whatsoever sex foreign of marriage was seen forbidden as well, nevertheless nowadays men and woman play an equal role in society, and have equal rights, for example women can take now nevertheless in the 1900s this was not allowed. Children in the 1900s were do by very poorly compared to the conditions they are raised in today and the compulsory education that they are given. Children only went to school if they belonged to a very rich family in those times. otherwise than that children were used as servants to the parents, being made to cook, clean and do the chores all just about the house. This position was usually given to the foremost born and oldest child in the family, who was also expected to attend to after the noveler children and babysit when need! ed. Children were sometimes trained from a young age to their mid immature years to behave in a good manner, and have a smart...If you want to go about a abundant essay, order it on our website:

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