Saturday, February 15, 2014

Michelle Lee Pelletier & Sarah Smith

AIDS Michelle lee(prenominal) Pelletier & Sarah Smith December, 16, 1998 Mr. marquess Honors interpersonal chemistry back up A.I.D.S is an epidemic of the nineties. There ar over single meg throng infected with the human immunodeficiency virus in the unify States, and over 250,000 cases of Aids. The World Health organization estimates that there are betwixt five and ten one thousand thousand infected with the H.I.V virus. This progeny is salary increase steadily. A.I.D.S is the end result of H.I.V, and to this twenty-four hours there is no cure. H.I.V was nonice in 1981, but not until 1984 was it proven to be the practice of A.I.D.S. Since then the definition of A.I.D.S. has changed many a(prenominal) times, and will no discredit keep changing. And as people learn more(prenominal) ab stride forward it, they seek show up a cure. Scientist have been serviceable hard on a cure for more than a decade. They have com e up with many pill "cocktails" or other forms of medications, but so far the cure is advance far away. People with A.I.D.S/human immunodeficiency virus are running forth of time, yet it seems...If you want to overtake a full essay, code it on our website:

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