Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 9 Lab

Systems of Non bilinear Equations and Inequalities This lab requires you to: * Solve a nonlinear plaque of equations using the addition method. * Solve a system of inequalities that describes a real-life application. * Complete review problems on linear equations, rational expressions, and gnarled numbers. Answer the pastime questions to complete this lab. Show either your land for each question to fall full credit. 1. Solve the retard nonlinear system by the addition method. 4x22y2= 2 y=3,-3 x2+4y2=40 2. The following system of linear inequalities describes a etymon congeal where a company earns a profit. y?x24y?3 Select the change by reversal graph that demonstrates the base set of the given linear inequality. The represent that demonstrates the solution of the linear equality is D Review: 3. Solve the following news show problem and show all your work to put 1 over full credit: The electronic store is having a sales agreement on laptops. You spent $520 on a new laptop. You bought it on sale for 20% off the master key hurt. What was the original price of the laptop? Show all your work. 520 is %80 of 650. %20 of $650 = $ one hundred thirty 520+130=650 4. alter the following rational expression, and show all your work: 140x55x 2xsqrt7x^5 5. Perform the indicated operation and write your result in modular form. 6+2i(1 3i)= 12-16i Submission Requirements: Answer all the questions include in the lab. You can submit your answers in a Microsoft book of fib document, or write your answers on paper and then sympathise and submit the paper. Name the file as InitialName_FirstName_Lab9-1_Date.If you want to scram a full essay, order it on our website:

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