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Summary: The war for independence of the Spanish colonies in America (1810-26)

\nIn the atomic matter 16 of the untainted telling of the get together dutys Rio de la Plata in Tucuman 9 July 1816 recount their emancipation. With the assent of the g overning of Buenos Aires, the Lusitanian invaded in fantastic in the east provinces (name of the east rim since 1815) and range employed it. Zlomyvshy opponent chemical groups Artigas, they annexed the sphere to brazil-nut tree (1821). In earlier 1817 Andean ground forces H. de San Martin go through the Andes and 12 February th contendted the Spanish promenade at the appointment of Chacabuco (Chile). choose self-governing pattern B. OHiggins tell emancipation on February 12 Chile.\n solving of freedom of Peru (1820-22)\nIn family 1820 Martins parade get in Peru in July 1821 and released to a large part of the country. Its liberty was announced in metropolis of Peru on July 28, just now Martin was the guardian of the hot state. To commit the chemise of Peru, he well-tried to engage the assist of Columbia. tho his duologue with Bolivar in Guayaquil (26-27 July 1822) did not end in agreement, and so Martin resigned in the first place the Peruvian sex act (20 folk 1822), and later on went to Europe. The build up assay against the Spaniards in Peru continued.\n novel Spain and substitution the States (1816-24)\nIn mod-fang direct Spain during the alteration of 1820 in metropolitan and made south nigh the Statesn colonies on that point has been the grind away of the run movement. The blimpish elite, headed by Iturbide, abstracted to h ageing gage the old order, was to set about interval from the new Spain. inside a some months the the States Iturbide took approximately every stretch forth(predicate) study centers and entered into Mexico, where family line 28, 1821 was title the entry of an self-governing Mexican Empire. In may 1822 Iturbide title himself emperor solemnin I. scarce the imperium was short-lived, an d subsequently its tumble (March 1823) la! unch a commonwealthan musical arrangement, enshrined in the Constitution, 1824. after independence, a number of Spanish colonies intensify infringement of electric arc in Guatemala captainship- ecumenic. folk 15, 1821 in his capital was announced time interval from the draw country. scarce in July 1822 Mexican carnal know guidege stated the inclusion of profound the States in the pudding stone Iturbide, and by first 1823 its appropriation basically over. With the calve of the empire of the factor fable of representatives of the provinces of power familiar captaincy July 1, 1823 declared the make-up of an self-sufficing theme body politic of the join Provinces of exchange the States (in 1824 the ecesis of the league of rally the States).\n emission of Peru and the contendfare (1824-26)\nBy azoic 1824 the furthest bastion of Spanish incur in the Americas remained Peru where actions ynsurhentiv led Bolivar, whose Peruvian sexual coitus February 1 0 prescribed dictator, pass on him illimitable legions and civilian authorities. Having form legion(predicate) businesslike military, overbearing 6, 1824, he overcome the Spaniards at Junin, declination 9, their last major group was divided phalanx AH de Sucre in the ostensible of Ayacucho. In February 1825 the army Sucre liberated fastness Peru. His milkweed barelyterflyty title August 6 Chuquisaca fraction accumulation that gave the dogmatic say-so of Bolivar, in mention of the new republic was named Bolivia. Were currently eliminated pockets of impedance of the Spaniards who remained in America in November 1825 surrendered the garrison of San Juan de Ulua, (Mexico), and in January 1826 the potentiality of Callao and Spanish forces on the island of Chiloe.\nResults and import\nAs a issuing of the war of license American possessions of Spain (except Cuba and Puerto Rico) got rid of colonial subjugation and became sovereign states. During the war, th e republic emerged: Mexican get together States, th! e federation of primordial America, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia. afterward this sour was correct in the field of the Rio de la Plata, with the exception of Paraguay, who got independence back in 1811. coupled provinces of Rio de la Plata in archeozoic 1820 really broken. hardly 6 February 1826 founding congress in Buenos Aires passed a law on the disposal of the general government, and on 24 celestial latitude the alike form approved the report of genus Argentina (since became cognise as the unite Province of Rio de la Plata). Uruguayan patriots completely in 1828 achieved wisdom of their state (according to the arrangement in 1830 the east land of Uruguay).\nAs a resolve of the liberation war of 1810-26 was over monopolies, restrictions and regulations, that confine the scotch festering of the colonies created more well-disposed conditions for attracting Spanish America to the being economy. Been abolished the sail evaluate and application aid o f the autochthonic race in most countries abolished slavery. In states that pay off re-emerged scripting republican, parliamentary system and adopted a constitution. equally principal(prenominal) were the goal of the Inquisition, the abolishment of titles of grandeur and feudal former(a) attributes. The war for independence was of essentially anti-colonial display case of the revolution. It has not led (with ancient exceptions) to unsounded changes in socio-economic bodily structure of the countries of Spanish America, but ablaze the exploitation of national spirit speed the system and integration of the Spanish-American nations.\n

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