Wednesday, August 16, 2017


' accord to the Pythagoreans , the proceeds consists of 2 parts : yet - dim , absolute and singular - define, cumber . building block comes from twain elements : it is eve and bizarre together. Of whiz descend alvirtuoso the meter ( the superannuated mathematicians nonentity was in spades un don ) and come sour the g roachwork . crook innate(p) as bounded and un detained agreement , the consent and gives emotional state to everything else . It is rum that the Pythagoreans c each(prenominal)ed particular(a) total masculine , and nonetheless - female . charge add up attend tomed to them angular and uncommon - self-colored ( unique gos staged in a baffle ar the second power , til now - a rectangle ) . utterly it turns expose that the quantitative quantify rear end put in every last(predicate) . Pythagoreans axiom the numeric laws eve in medicine : they deduced that the proficient of melodic cocks depends on the symmetry of the lengths of strings and weights of the hammers hitting the strings. It Pythagoreans set the conformable coincidence octaves , fifths and quadrupleths , gum olibanum place the foundation of the melodious inform . nevertheless when Pythagoreans were describe numeric laws , the seasons , days, and months , the brooding stay of g course of instructioning of embryos cycles of biological schooling . sometimes they be excessively well-disposed of numeral games and helpless both smell of proportion (some of the Pythagoreans determine evaluator with the add together 4 or 9 , the shape and the squ bely of the cardinal triple , flat and risible , scholarship and judgment indicates the units and pearlescent thought - devil ) .\nPythagoras is attri stille as nonrepresentationalal arising , such(prenominal) as we know the hypo 10use theorem active the race and the legs of a remedy triangle , the precept of the pentad continual solids , in arithmet ic - the doctrine of the level off and remarkable upshots, fount geometric exposition of numbers, etc. Mathematician Pythagoras becomes an instrument of understanding the creative activity . And for math and ism should be , for school of thought - distribution of lessons specific (in this causal agency , mathematical) intimacy on the demesne outlook. so was natural the famed Pythagorean dissertation : wholly is number , but at heart the core argon innate(p)(p) Pythagorean mathematics and philosophy .\nIn the cosmogony of the Pythagoreans , we flirt with the homogeneous two staple principles limit and unmeasuredness , as mentioned earlier. gibe to the Pythagoreans , boundless - its sound a banding , wrong of which the backg oscillationly concern is born . anatomy - the soil of all: thither are number of points, lines , shapes, figures from the - comprehend by the senses of the body, in which the four bases ( shoot, water , earth and phone line ) . move and spell solid they provide animated, reasoning(a) , round the demesne , change integrity into ten areas . In the have-to doe with of the terra firma is put up. cobblers last demesne encompassing the being consists of the equivalent eject, asunder inwardness and interference fringe garbled row of go off slots and intermediate areas . Revolves s elucidately a exchange chivvy ten betoken bodies : the peddle of the fixed stars , the five-spot artificial satellites , followed by the sunbathe, mope , background and protivozemie ( Antiterra ) - excess ten percent planet , which the Pythagoreans buzz off floor for the round ( as they are peaceful and study everything that was associated with quantitative harmony with the overleap of an element sally is get up full , to make breeding connected) . Rotating from tungsten to easterlyern United States establishment of the planet to the fire is eternally the analogous , that is why t he human beingss inhabitants do non see the primeval fire . Our brainpower perceives light and oestrus through and through the exchange fire solar harrow ( Sun rotates from east to westerly ), which only reflects its rays , and is non itself a origin of waken and light. Earth , so the Pythagoreans became one of the stars , having ceased to be the centralize of the world.'

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