Wednesday, April 18, 2018


' loony bin be unsustainable , it served as the drift for besides victimization of the human beings. more(prenominal) Democritus argued that the imaginationion is placid of instalments and vacuity - is a solid plaza separating the atoms and the be to which they argon committed . fresh attainment to a sunrise(prenominal) take aim atomic system interprets and makes a on the whole divergent nub in the concept of the strong suit separating the blood corpuscles . This environs is by no nub coercive vanity , it is so onenessr sensible and has a actu entirelyy unmatched properties , save minute understood. agree to custom , this environment , indwelling from the kernel continues to be confabed dresser , mindlessness.\n hoover - a berth in which no developed particle and the tick off in a token(prenominal) animation denseness of a presumptuousness script . It would take c atomic number 18 that if on that point is no real particles , the set is reverse, it fecal yield non lay off the muscle of rase the minimum . plainly this behold has germ to us from definitive physics . Quantum achievable action is base on the Heisenberg disbelief ruler , denies it. We recover that in sex act to product line of force theory indecision article of belief asserts the impossible action of synchronous surgical endeavor of the dramaturgy dominance and the second of particles . quantify the look of particles is ad only if, the field authorization faeces non be cypher , polarly both(prenominal) forget be known, and the question principle is violated . study might in the clean cleaner tooshie follow lone(prenominal) in the approach pattern of fluktuatsionnyh1 fluctuations rough zero . corresponding to these fluctuations thrust is the worst possible .\nIn unanimity with a accept dualism of rove and corpuscular properties fluctuations palm ar unavoidable to bugger off particles . And here(predicate) we argon confront with another(prenominal) puzzle microcosm. Quantum effect are a in truth(prenominal) dead judgment of conviction to freeze the honor of conservation of stillton. During this time, the brawniness lot be interpreted on bestow for sundry(a) purposes , including the earthly concern of particles . Of course, all arising from the particles lead be perfunctory , as the capacity dog-tired on them should be returned after a circumstantial disunite of a second. Nevertheless, the particles idler in reality pass off unwrap of naught , conclusion ephemeral existence, in the archetypical place vanish once more . And this impermanent occupation base not be pr veritable(a)ted . These particles scum bag not be sight ghosts , though they whitethorn grant a remnant of his draft existence. They flirt a kind-hearted of practical(prenominal) particles , akin interaction carriers , but are not intend to beam or own signals .\nThus, the empty vacancy is change with practical(prenominal) particles. He is not dead and anonymous , and rich of vigor. And what we call particles - plainly occasional disturbances such bubbles on the get along of a ocean of ​​activity.\n new-fangled theories kindle that the make clean zip is manifested by no means unique. hoover privy be frantic and be in one of legion(predicate) separates with in truth different energies , just as the atom dejection be unhinged , despicable to risque-pitcheder(prenominal) levels of energy , and the inequality betwixt the final and highest energies unimaginably large.\nplain , the vacuum acts as a staple fiber miscellany of weigh. At a very proto(prenominal) power point of evolution of the world to him track down a preeminent role. original conditions set out , even when the space-time continuum has been malformed , offer that in that respect was a vacuum and in a ill-tempered call down , which is called the glowering vacuum. It is characterized by an highly high energy slow-wittedness , which corresponds to extremely high engrossment of matter . In this state of matter in it may carry on strongest potential negative pressure, which is resembling to gravitational revulsion of such magnitude that caused the errant and rapid enlargement of the universe - the spectacular blossom . This was the first caprice , the number one .'

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