Monday, May 20, 2019

Compared Writing Styles of Rowlandson, Bradford, and Byrd

The writing styles of Rowlandson and Bradford are very similar, season Byrds writing style is different from the other two. Rowlandsons journal is a narraritive of her captivity, and Bradfords journal is a narrative of his tour to and arrival at his destination in the New World. Byrds journal was was written as a satire, to fundamentally shuffling fun of Rowlandson and Bradfords religious views. Mary Rowlandson unbroken the journal of her captivity to inform future generations of her experiences spot being held captive and used as a slave by the Indians whom kidnapped her and her children.Rowlandons main purpose in this passage is to show how her experiences revealed Gods purpose. Throughout the passagee Rowlandson makes reference to how God helped her through this difficult time. She was very stong in her trust and her views on her faith in God. In the passage Rowlandson expressses her gratefulness that her belief in God unbroken her from committing suicide. I cannot alone hold back notice of the wondrful mercy of God to me in those afflictions, in sending me a Bible.The above quote is one of the many times she makes regerence to how appreciative she is of God in her tine of trouble. As Rowlandon writes, she uses six-fold strategies throughout her passage. On one many being allegory. Rowlandon uses allegories by placing biblical quotations to split symbolic inwardness to her experiences. William Bradfords writing techniques and purpose are very similar to that of Rowlandson. Bradford writes about his voyage to the New World and experiences that take place once they reached land.Just like Rowlandon, Bradfords writing is to inform future generations of his experiences in the New World. Bradford give account of his voyage to the New World on the Mayflower, landding in the New world, and the hardships that he battled throughout it all. Bradford, frequently like Rowlandon, talked about how grateful he was for God to provide fot him and bring hin throu gh his trials,. But it happy God before they came half seas over. In many instances, such as the above, Bradford gave God credit, and was very appreciative of it.William Byrd, unlike Bradford and Rowlandon, did not write a captivity nattatiive, but instead just kept an account of events. He did not give God credit for everything, but instead, used satire to make fun of Rowlandon and Bradford. Byrd was not saying that God meant nothing and he did not believe in him, but he did not constantly credit him with everything. As it is implied, Rowlandson and Bradford have very similar writing techniques, dapple Byrd had a different style than the other two.

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