Friday, July 26, 2019

Newtons Law of Motion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Newtons Law of Motion - Assignment Example Where the gram mass is taken to be 0.001kg. Generally, force is the agency to make a change. Mechanically, a force is anything that changes an object’s velocity. Force is characterized as a vector quantity this is because it has both direction and magnitude. An external force, on the other hand, is a force whose source is off the considered system. The Net External Force that acts on the object the acceleration of the object in the force’ direction. The acceleration is directly proportional to force and indirectly proportional to mass. The SI unit of force is Newton. One Newton is defined as the resultant force that gives a one-kilogram mass an acceleration equivalent to 1m/s^2. A pound is equivalent to 4.45N. Newton’s First Law states that â€Å"An object at rest will remain at rest; an object in motion will continue in motion with constant velocity, except insofar as it is acted upon by an external force† (Bradner & Susskind, 2006). Force is defined as the changer of motion. Meaning that there is a conventional tendency of an object to maintain its current position. All objects tend to resist changes in their current motion state. When the unbalanced force is absent, the object in a moving motion will maintain its motion state. Conversely, Newton’s Second Law was framed based on the momentum concept. Therefore, it is the net force F, that acts on the object with a mass m is zero, the object will accelerate in the force direction. The acceleration is proportional to force and indirectly proportional to object mass. With force in Newton’s, mass in kilograms, and acceleration in m/s^2, the relationship between the three variables is written as When the forces applied to an object are the elements of the external force that acts on the object. It is common knowledge that heavy objects need more force to move similar distance as the lighter objects.  

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