Monday, July 29, 2019


REFORMING THE NATION, RESPONDING TO WAR, FAMOUS SPEECHES - Essay Example The war had far-reaching effects in all aspects of the lives of the German people both politically, economically, socially, culturally and environmentally. There were tremendous changes in the culture of the German people after the First World War. The Nazis developed a belief that individuals were not important and what they needed was a strong government. An ideology was developed that women were to be trained for childbearing and home keeping while men were to be equipped with military and working skills (Roberts, p.46). These beliefs brought about a lot of changes in the way of life, education system, and culture of the German people. In the post world war one Germany, all learning institutions become single sex. Ladies and young men were given different forms of training. The different trainings offered ensured ladies did not have careers but become housewives after marriage. Young people in schools sung about aggression, brutality, and anti-Semitism. Young people were encouraged to play with guns and take pleasure in fighting. During that period, women were encouraged to have more than four children and those who complied were aw arded gifts. The lives of women were to revolve around â€Å"family, church and food preparation†. In addition, they were expected to shy away from smoking and wearing makeup. A lot of ideals were also developed for German households. In contrast to how women were treated, young boys were trained majorly in science and arithmetic. Their training involved a lot of physical exercises, and it was compulsory that they join the labor service at the age of eighteen. The work there was mainly blue-collar which ensured that men toughened up for the military. It was after that a requirement that every man serve in the military for two years before joining the workforce (Roberts, p. 46). Women were laid away off their jobs to create chances for men. After the war, many soldiers believed

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