Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Is Command and Control an Effective Management Style Essay - 4

Is Command and Control an Effective Management Style - Essay Example It is inappropriate for managers and  hence  managers should  consider  other management styles. There are other management styles, which are distinctively different from the command and control  style. They have proven effects on the positive change and  performance  of a company. These are not the days of considering  people  as working machines. People need to be managed and accorded respect  as being valuable to the company. Jackson K & Rowley C (2010, 136),  assert  that management styles such as the  modern  consultative and laissez-faire, are  extremely  productive. These and other methods  welcome  the ideas of the subjects in problem-solving. They are  advantageous  in that they  wholly  solve the problems that affect every  member, unlike the command and control. The command and  control  favor one side. The command and control are short of participation. Managers should be  analytical  in their ruling. This means that t hey should know the  root  of the problem, ask the why and how to solve them satisfactorily.The mind of a human  being  is highly  productive  when in a relaxed state. It is what controls the  body. When disturbed, then the outcome of the work done will not be  effective. It can be clearly seen from the video by Job Stains (public conversation website, n.d.), on the public conversation project that, threatening the  mind  leads to a state of relaxation leading to the production of hormones. These hormones  make  the  person  fight back or  decide  not to  react  to the threat. In the process, there are no results obtained as well as conflicts solved. The use of narrative as indicated by the narrative therapist (Morgan, 2000) can be a better way of managing people. Talking of the positive things is healthier than dwelling on the negatives. People interested in the things they consider  valuable  and not what discourages them.

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