Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Female Dominance And Grisly Details Of The Haitian Revolution

Historians are increasingly interested in the male dominance and gruesome details of the Haitian Revolution. Unfortunately, the contributions of women in the Haitian Revolution are often overlooked by historians due to the horrors of the revolution. The few more works that do exist about women discuss their roles in slavery and their resistance in the Haitian Revolution. In recent years, some scholars are challenging the lack of women representation in the Haitian War of Independence. Scholars like Philippe Girard are dissecting historical texts to examine the impact of women in the Haitian Revolution. In Rebelles with a Cause: Women in the Haitian War of Independence, 1802-04 Girard focuses on gender. His work sheds light on this undeveloped topic by exposing the inequalities women faced and their resistance during the Haitian war of independence. Women in the Haitian Revolution fought monarchy and patriarchy in the French colony of Saint Domingo by using resistance during the Haitian Revolution. For example, he states â€Å"the revolution did bring debates on women’s political role into the open for the first time, but only to offer a negative response to request for gender equality†. Philippe R. Girard’s essay Rebelles with a Cause: Women in the Haitian War of Independence, 1802–04 also discusses Haitian women serving during the revolt both in combat and helping behind the scenes. The arguments made by Girard throughout his essay focus on how race, sex and class affected

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